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please please please i hope phil gets sent packing tonight! don't let him be on the american idol tour...its all he wants and he makes
16 messages
05-03-07 11:37 AM
i was reading an article on this site and it was talking about chris richardson and lauren conrad dating. except it had the wrong ages for both of the
0 messages
05-01-07 10:34 PM
Final two if it were up to the judges
Wondering if I'm the only one here... but i'm starting to get the feeling that the judges would like to see Jordin and Phil in the fina
8 messages
04-27-07 07:40 PM
Britney and Sanjaya Duet?
According to this article, it appears that Britney wants to take advantage of Sanjaya's popularity. I love the suggestions at the end of the arti
9 messages
04-26-07 02:57 PM
Kelly Rocks Again!
Check out her new single. It kicks you-know-what. 13/shes-back-kelly-clarksons-br-ne
4 messages
04-23-07 12:43 PM
35 messages
04-19-07 00:08 AM
No, he didn't ....did he..? ...WTF!?? HULA??!!! [View All]
For those fortunate enough to have missed it, in his "please warm up to me, America" video, Sanjaya revealed a talent of his which voters ma
26 messages
04-16-07 00:23 AM
Standout performance from Jordin last night! She turned a not all that good No Doubt song into a really great display of her vocal range and talent
uglier than sarah w
5 messages
04-16-07 00:12 AM
LAKISHA! [View All]
Holy Crap! WHAT AN AMAZING PERFORMANCE. I rewound it on TIVO, recorded it and watched her again! I wonder if the actresses competing again Je
25 messages
04-15-07 09:56 PM
Intriguing Sanjaya theory [View All]
I was talking today with a colleague who also watches Idol. We were both impressed with Sanjaya's performance last night and agreed it was his best
30 messages
04-15-07 01:21 PM
Haley is my new Kat [View All]
Okay, so she's not as talented as Kat. She has more of a Broadway voice, which I find marginally interesting. But the girl is HOT!!! I thi
69 messages
04-14-07 05:39 PM
craig ferguson makes a crack on mario
"Mario Vasquez, the contestant voted most likely to win has left "American Idol", he's left for personal reasons, translation, he brok
10 messages
04-11-07 08:26 PM
What about Gina she is my new fave [View All]
I do not see any threads for Gina so thought I would start one. Hate this board though you never know when you will get locked. I personally find it
34 messages
04-11-07 08:18 PM
New Bo Bice song/video
The theme from "Blades Of Glory" This is why Season 4 was so dang good.
4 messages
04-11-07 03:51 PM
the first fan thread for Blake? really? his hometown paper, the Seattle Times, finally realized they have two of the To
4 messages
04-10-07 09:19 PM
Chris Sligh [View All]
So did you see Chris Sligh perform last night? He nailed Seal's A Kiss from a Rose. He was the short guy with the big fro. Very funny and self-dep
40 messages
04-05-07 06:20 PM
I was in shock last night-Phil really DID sound like Sinatra!!!
Paula caught it, too, although the other two judges disagreed. But I totally agreed, and said to my husband during his song, "wow, this gu
8 messages
04-05-07 12:58 PM
Sanjaya Malakar and What Good Karma Looks Like
Sometimes in reality shows we see examples of spiritual principles played out dramatically. And it appears we have something like that happening this
Richard Salva
5 messages
04-05-07 12:52 PM
Did I hear Tony Bennet correctly? HE is a FAN of Sanjaya???
Well, GEEZ! No wonder our wonder-boy is staying week after week! If a historical icon like Tony Bennet loves him-we might as well throw in the
6 messages
04-04-07 09:52 PM
Is Sanjaya really good, or just a VFTW joke?
If Sanjaya is really all that good, why is HE one of the hottest topics on VFTW and here as well? His ability to sing or perform, seems to be th
2 messages
04-04-07 01:34 AM
Bucky Covington
Hey everyone.... I don't know if it is just a rumor but would appreciate any feedback, if anyone knows. The word aorund he
6 messages
04-03-07 07:16 PM
Chris Sligh's Video
I dont normally post this type of activity, but his video for his band is at: %
0 messages
04-02-07 02:36 PM
Finally. Why Mario dropped out.
This is how it starts: "A.I." Contestant Accused of "Masturbating" in Lawsuit Former "American Idol" finalist Mar
17 messages
04-01-07 02:49 PM
Separated at birth
[font color="maroon"]Sanjaya ilbone/sanjaya_malakar_001.jpg Hect
8 messages
03-29-07 10:46 AM
voting for the worst? or the best?
So one of my male co-workers is on this kick (thanks to Howard Stern) to vote for the worst. He's been making his wife mad by voting for Sanjay
4 messages
03-28-07 02:55 PM
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