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Antonella Barba Photos
Well, it's pretty obvious now that those semi-nude, partying, topless photos of Antonella Barba are certainly helping. Her singing abili
1 messages
03-03-07 05:32 PM
This is my official, Sabrina will make it to the season finale. I predict she gets stronger as the show runs and will not make the mistakes li
2 messages
03-03-07 05:43 PM
Antonella Barba
she def should be out what she did is dumb there were other contestants that tried out and i think were better than her and wanted the spot more than
1 messages
03-05-07 08:25 AM
Antonella Barba might be seeing a stage hand
I live in Indiana we have a local radio station in Indianapolis 93.1 that does this thing called war of the roses for people to catch there mate
0 messages
03-08-07 08:47 AM
Did anyone else notice last night that while Jordin was singing her last note, she put her microphone down? Yet the note kept going. If anyo
6 messages
03-08-07 06:54 PM
Sabrina - Big time dissappointment
I was real high on Sabrina, my posts here show that. So I was real dissappointed when she got axed. I think it was undeserved as did Randy.
4 messages
03-10-07 08:11 PM
Simon Cowell on 60 Minutes this week
Did you hear that Simon Cowell’s going to be on “60 Minutes” this coming Sunday? I work at CBS and heard it’s quite some piece, i.e. Cowel
1 messages
03-12-07 06:24 PM
Ryan Seacrest [View All]
Here I go again... Ryan totally ruins the show for me! You would think he would be better at his job after so many seasons. He constantly seems unpr
29 messages
03-10-07 08:46 PM
kelli pickler's implants
does anyone have any pics of kelli's "new" bod? Sorry if this is posted elsewhere already - I couldn't find it anywhere - and I heard it was
16 messages
03-10-07 07:45 PM
Antonella: Scandal? [View All]
Not nude pics, but this isn't exactly something that American Idol would seem to enjoy. Considering they booted Frenchie for past nude pictures an
48 messages
03-10-07 07:41 PM
Opera Girl
Like her too. She's talented. She just looks and acts weird. I'll be watching her.
Jadens Mommy
17 messages
03-10-07 06:23 PM
Sanjaya & Antonella need to go home [View All]
It is very frustrating that both Sanjaya & Antonella are rating so high with the callers. Anyone else feel this way? They might both be cute, bu
27 messages
03-09-07 07:01 PM
Spoiler Spoiler
Warning read only if you don't mind finding out what the surprise is. %
3 messages
03-08-07 04:05 PM
Paul Kim (Warning - Spoiler!)
I used to be involved in spoiling Survivor, but I've turned my attention these days to Idol more. WARNING - Do not read this post if yo
7 messages
03-05-07 03:30 PM
Randy Jackson
Is Randy Jackson stuck in the 70's or what? Simon is the only one who can talk on the show. between Randy's dawg and pitchy and his br
4 messages
03-04-07 02:39 PM
Jennifer Hudson wins Oscar!!!!
I guess all of those who doubted Jennifer's talent are today eating humble pie. Especially Simon and the other Idol folks. Who cares that she didn%2
5 messages
03-03-07 09:55 PM
Antonella exsample of another pretty girl, good body no talent.Whats up with the show Antonella? You kicked frenchie off because of her pictures%2
2 messages
03-02-07 06:44 AM
Anotella Barba
I don't think she should be disqualified for some photos. Hasn't everyone done some things in the past that they regret? I think they should l
2 messages
03-01-07 12:23 PM
There have been a few other contestants on previous shows that have been found to have had a bad thing come out on them. Some are kicked off the show%
0 messages
03-01-07 09:17 AM
See, We Jennifer Hudson Fans Knew It All Along [View All]
She's getting RAVES in the movie version of "Dreamgirls" - and this amused me: "After seeing Hudson perform on The Oprah Winfrey
24 messages
02-20-07 12:30 PM
standing in line for nothing
whats the deal with standing in line for 3 days ??? 4 of my friends and my self went to Seattle (we live in spokane,wa 6-7 hours away) ,
3 messages
02-16-07 04:01 PM
The worst auditioners of american idol
the first auditioner of american idol was ion or something like that was horrible!!!!!!!! he made that state look bad. all he did was
3 messages
02-16-07 03:57 PM
No Fuel for Chris [View All]
Chris Daugherty has decided to be the author of his own fate rather than sing for a pretty successful band that fits his muscial style. htt
39 messages
02-08-07 05:39 PM
Help Paula Abdul Get over her Drug Problem thats the site you need to go to help the best person in the world
0 messages
02-06-07 06:31 PM
Idols on Larry King
When the idols were on Larry King recently, talking about reuben, Latoya, Kelly Pickler etc Larry King read them a quote from Essence Magazine t
1 messages
02-05-07 12:00 PM
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