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Conferences American Idol Individual Contestant and Judge Discussion Forum (Protected)
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2 messages
09-12-09 01:05 PM
whos this girl estee whats ur full name estee cauz i only know about one estee nd she was arrested 4 stealing da ambulance u heard about that
1 messages
09-12-09 12:24 PM
itsa meeee mario
where is the nxt auditions at please tell me asap thks
1 messages
09-12-09 07:04 AM
Kara re-ups.
As noted on VFTW, now Paula [i]really[/i] has to start pretending her own negotiations aren't going well, because the supposed (and
11 messages
08-20-09 12:57 PM
Bucky [View All]
I know that Bucky will not win American Idol (that title belongs to Chris), but I really like him. Unlike dimpsy Kellie and egomaniac Kevin, h
95 messages
08-13-09 02:40 PM
Early Simon Cowell Video Uncovered
Nigel Lythgoe challenged TMZ to find it, and they did. simon-cowell-just-couldnt-bu
4 messages
08-06-09 01:25 PM
Constantine does a Rock of Ages number on the View--link HU There was also an interview, maybe MJ will post it on her blog. It was humble Con
0 messages
07-31-09 01:23 PM
Alexis Cohen, found dead
AKA Glitter Girl. Tried out the last couple of seasons. l-contestant-found-dead/%0
2 messages
07-27-09 08:45 AM
Bats .078, gets paid for .325.
Ryan Seacrest just signed a re-up deal with [b]AI[/b]: three years, fifteen million dollars per year. Stupid pays. And no
7 messages
07-23-09 09:21 AM
Michael Johns ... he has "it" and he's hot! [View All]
Michael needs an appreciation thread. :) Here's Michael singing with his earlier groups: The Rising: "
83 messages
07-10-09 01:38 PM
Jeff Archuleta Arrested
David's Dad was arrested as part of an operation where they were watching a business that was not family friendly. http://www.sltri
4 messages
06-24-09 11:11 PM
Michael Johns CD Stream
Michael Johns' post-Idol debut CD comes out tomorrow i believe. AOL Music has the full CD streaming this week. [
3 messages
06-24-09 02:43 PM
Adam Lambert - Rolling Stone Issue [View All] ds/User_files/4a2e6c726d63e8c
22 messages
06-19-09 01:53 PM
Adam Lambert [View All]
He's a cutie, but he's not getting as much face time as some of the others. I must have missed the night he auditioned. Is he one of
136 messages
06-12-09 01:45 PM
Official gathering place for followers of the Antichrist. [View All]
Or if you just happen to think Danny Gokey [i]isn't[/i] working within a heaven-mandated script to prove himself as the greatest singer of
28 messages
06-11-09 07:52 PM
Kris Allen [View All]
I don't think we have any HUGE Kris fans here on the boards. I don't think we have anybody who dislikes him either though. What do you think his
72 messages
06-11-09 09:10 AM
Allison-Where's the love?
I know everyone is sick to death of OMG she's 16, but come on people, girl can sing. She has that beautiful smokey alto that I'm such a sucke
8 messages
05-27-09 03:24 AM
Simon Cowell being a kind judge?
This woman is no "package artist" but listen to her sing and watch Simon's reaction to her on "Britain's Got Talent": http:
13 messages
05-24-09 09:48 PM
Kara is HOT!!! [View All]
She has a more mature Kat McPhee look, and she's sassy! I love her! ds/User_files
27 messages
05-22-09 04:13 PM
David Cook's Brother dies
RIP Adam [i]Adam Cook died early this morning after a decade-long battle with brain cancer. David Cook announced the sad new
7 messages
05-22-09 09:56 AM
I think we really need to keep track of these, seeing as we get them so many shows From earlier in the season Six Words: fo
3 messages
05-20-09 10:14 AM
Matt Giraud!? When can he play the piano!?
I am anxiously awaiting the different weeks. Does anyone know the line up for competitions? What do they sing first?? Will they have diff
7 messages
05-08-09 08:52 PM
Big brother, little sister.
Was anyone else getting that vibe off Adam & Allison last night? ds/User_files/48df
10 messages
05-08-09 11:13 AM
Paula Abdul Interview
Guess what, she's been on heavy duty pain medication. [i]Determined to overcome her habit, she checked into the La Costa Resort a
7 messages
05-07-09 10:24 PM
Matt G coming home! :) 899&id=1074554482&ref=nf#/photo.php?pid=411040&id=1074554482 http%3
0 messages
05-07-09 09:08 AM
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