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Conferences American Idol Individual Contestant and Judge Discussion Forum (Protected)
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Kat to tour with Andrea Bocelli
[font color="maroon"]Looks like somebody recognizes that she's pretty talented... From [
6 messages
06-22-06 09:51 PM
Constantine live in NYC this SATURDAY!
Hey everyone, Constantine is going to be performing live in NYC this Saturday at Ars Nova. Ars Nova is super small so buy your tickets through smar
0 messages
06-07-06 02:00 PM
NOT!!!! I think thats why Simon had a look of utter horror on his face after Chris was voted off! Imagine having to market a CD
29 messages
06-07-06 09:34 PM
Ding Dong The Wicked Witch Is Dead
No, no... you're not the one for me... Katharine, your 15 minutes are up.
19 messages
06-07-06 06:55 PM
Did Something Die on Clay Aikens' Head?
Need I say more? What the heck did Clay do with his hair? I know I wasn't the only one thinking this!
11 messages
06-03-06 10:42 PM
Support Kat
There is this website that needs all the Kat fans we can get together and vote for her. Everyone else seems to be voting against her and bash her. Ple
2 messages
06-02-06 01:26 PM
Constantine...Please go away!!!
Did anyone else see the many cut-aways of Constantine sitting with this years cast-offs? Everytime the camera came near him he just had to do his na
20 messages
06-01-06 04:47 PM
Anybody that has had too MUCH MCPHEEVER? [View All]
I myself am sick of Katherin. I feel like she was and still is a stuck up snob. She needs to go!!!!! Anyone else agree?
87 messages
05-31-06 07:52 AM
Anyone notice Katherine's face right before the announcement?
Did anyone notice how Katherine looked right before Ryan said the winner? It was this downward glance, like she already knew she hadn't won and
7 messages
05-29-06 04:22 AM
Taylor right at home on Leno tonight
He seemed really relaxed and had a great time. He sang a little of 'Let's Rock' as he came out. I suspect that he was cringing, however, whe
3 messages
05-28-06 03:05 AM
Talor will be the next American Idol
In some respects I agree with the words which have been said about Talor and Katherine, but if I am being honest then Katherine should have been gon
9 messages
05-25-06 10:06 AM
Would Talor accually be on MTV?
I mean not to disrespect him but hes the biggest geek on Idol. Those dances make him look like an idiot and they make Paula and Randy look stupid. Pau
10 messages
05-24-06 11:50 PM
Voting is open!
Who are you taking? Post here! Me? I'm voting for Kat.
12 messages
05-24-06 05:55 PM
Elliot Yamin is a Prince
He lost, but his comments about his musical journey were moving, and his singing was great last night. What a voice! I wish that they
10 messages
05-24-06 02:23 AM
For those who think Elliott should have stayed instead of Kat!
In my opinion, Kat messed up and Eliott did wonderful... so therefore he should of stayed... and of course Chris too. She messed up really bad and
0 messages
05-24-06 01:37 AM
Anyone watch Paula on Larry King?
When asked by Larry who do you think will be the next American Idol? She slipped and said "I'm not going to tell you, it's up to the america
5 messages
05-23-06 07:28 AM
Kat backlash?
Found this intriguing. 06/05/american_idol_c_3.html geekboy
12 messages
05-19-06 11:55 AM
Katherine is a look-a-like for Sally Field...
... Don't you think that Katherine McPhee looks just like the young Sally Field? She could be her daughter... Pepito
5 messages
05-18-06 11:50 PM
Somewhere over the rainbow--best song of the competition????
OK, she did well with the song, but claiming it to be the best of the entire competion was a bit much! What did the judges have in those cups?
8 messages
05-18-06 04:53 PM
2 messages
05-17-06 11:52 AM
Paula... [View All]
was she drunk last night, or does she just not care about this competition any more? She did not seem to be "with it" at all.
76 messages
05-17-06 11:23 AM
Randy, Please shut up
Please, please stop saying "yo man", "dude" and "dawg pound". Nobody believes you ever used these words before the show started, an
16 messages
05-17-06 11:19 AM
Elliott Fans Unite! [View All]
As I started to watch last night’s show, I still did not have a “favorite”. I think that I enjoyed Elliott’s performance the best. I thought
37 messages
05-17-06 10:59 AM
What has happened to Taylor?
I am a HUGE Taylor fan, and have been since i saw his audition. I knew he would go far. I must admit, i've been rather disappointed with his l
17 messages
05-16-06 11:46 PM
So Long, Pickle [View All]
There is a God. I LOVED that they gave her a "talk out," rather than a "sing out." The very idea that anyone would su
53 messages
05-15-06 03:45 PM
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