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Thoughts on ALIAS???
Does anyone else think Lauren Reed aka Mrs. Vaughn is a spy??? I mean, look at how SHE is the one who is the main contact w/ Sloane adn she
15 messages
02-19-04 04:31 PM
The L Word on Showtime
If you didn't catch the premiere of The L Word on Showtime last week, be sure to watch this week. It is a great, touching, well written/act
29 messages
02-19-04 05:41 PM
Las Vegas? Any Takers?
Anyone watching the show? Likes? Dislikes? I watched the first two and it just seems a little out there for me.
25 messages
02-19-04 09:19 PM
Miss Match
Does anyone here watch Miss Match? They actually showed the show in December last and since then the website on NBC has been showing nothing about a
4 messages
02-22-04 11:30 PM
Sex and the City
I thought last nights episode was really good! I am so happy that Miranda and Steve got married! I love Steve- he is the sweetest guy (next to
40 messages
02-25-04 01:36 PM
The Shield
My husband and I just rented the 1st season of The Shield a few weeks ago and we were instantly hooked. The best thing was that we finish
3 messages
03-10-04 03:54 PM
Keep Boston Public
Hey all, Since fox cancelled Boston Public I've created a petion to help save BP. Email it to everyone you know; post it on other bo
5 messages
03-11-04 02:17 AM
Michelle's Cleavage
24 Fans, will the virus cause Michelle's boobs to explode? My FIL is so upset, he lives for glimpses of Michelle's cleavage! It is a goo
0 messages
03-16-04 08:37 AM
Significant Others on Bravo
Anybody watch this show? I caught a few episodes yesterday. These people are very funny. I think the regular episodes are on Tuesdays at 9:30 E
2 messages
03-16-04 02:28 PM
Judging Amy
Anyone else watch this show? Ive gotten hooked on watching it in the daytime on TNT. Over the last few weeks, Ive managed to see a couple of the
0 messages
03-23-04 08:30 AM
CSI - New York
Well, it looks as if they are really going all out with this spinoff. They've landed [ ry&cid%3
8 messages
03-23-04 05:49 PM
Touching Evil anyone?
I had never heard of this show until the other day but it sounds interesting. Found this review too
9 messages
03-29-04 01:16 PM
Anyone else see this? I missed it on Sunday but caught a Wednesday night repeat. I thought this was really good -- it's basically a We
2 messages
03-29-04 01:39 PM
Tripping the Rift
This vulgar sexy soft-porn cheeky and raunchy Internet short film (go ahead and Google it) is now coming out as a TV series! Unreal! I don%2
19 messages
03-29-04 11:46 PM
The Sopranos Season Premier Sunday!
Looks like Tony and Carmela's fighting leads to a separation. Should be some very intense scenes. Also very excited to see that Steve Buscemi has be
27 messages
03-30-04 08:06 AM
There Goes Grissom
According to my elevator (long story, don't ask), the actor playing Grissom wants out the minute his contract is up. I think it would be am
16 messages
03-30-04 04:00 PM
Kathy Griffin: D-list
oh my GAWD...if you haven't caught this show you have to. i believe it is on A and E...not absolutely sure...but she imitates anna nicole, sharon
1 messages
04-01-04 10:05 AM
Any of you @#%&*s see that @#$&* new show, Deadwood, lat night?
There was a bit of swearing involved. I liked it, though...thought the pacing was good (not too much bang bang you're dead have a dri
20 messages
04-05-04 01:10 PM
The Deadwood Widow
So now we're a few episodes into the season and comfortable in the knowledge that, with renewal, we will not have the show yanked out from under
4 messages
04-09-04 01:17 PM
I Don't Particularly Care But You Might: Angel Canceled
After a 5-year (really? this has been on for five years?) run, "Angel" is going to television heaven. http://com
5 messages
04-12-04 02:00 AM
Southpark Episode "The Passion of the Jew"
The actual title of the episode was noted in the Tuesday Daily News and it was "The Passion of the Jew". I think it did a good job of showing how
Big Al
7 messages
04-12-04 08:02 PM
The L Word
I noticed a thread about this a while ago. I watched the whole season (thanks to On Demand). I think this is a great show. What did you all thi
9 messages
04-16-04 04:59 PM
*The OC fans?*
Does anyone whatch the OC? I love that show even though its really like dramatic and stuff but thats okay!?
1 messages
04-20-04 07:41 AM
Wonderfalls on FOX
Did anyone see this new show on Friday night? It was about a young woman who works at a gift shop in Niagara Falls. It's kind
22 messages
04-20-04 02:21 PM
Anyone else like "Century City"?
L.A. Law set in the year 2030. Funny, but of the first three episodes, every one so far has had a "sex" case involved. Tonight, some guy is
6 messages
04-20-04 02:24 PM
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