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Anyone else watch this last night? I was excited for it, but now not so sure. ds/User
8 messages
06-09-04 04:18 PM
Shuffle up and deal!!!
Celebrity Poker Showdown on Bravo on Thursday nights at 9pm. Anyone else watch? I'm totally sucked in again. I'm glad Michael Ian B
11 messages
06-15-04 11:54 AM
Never Mind Survivor, What About Deadwood?
That was a hard rain fallin on the two young cons...I was disappointed; wanted their story arc to continue a bit longer. Thought "Flora" was in
34 messages
06-17-04 11:24 AM
Queer as Folk
Am I the only QAF fan on this board????? :)
6 messages
06-18-04 01:59 AM
Any other Days of Our Lives peeps around here? I only get to watch it one day a week, which is enough, Jack, Abe and Maggie rea
138 messages
06-20-04 02:26 AM
Reno 911 Returns!
I can barely contain my excitement...Dangle, Jonesy and all the rest return (I believe) tonight. Watch out for the airbags!
20 messages
06-20-04 11:30 AM
As The World Turns -- Jordan Sinclair
Okay ATWT fans, are you out there? Just who is this Jordan Sinclair. I was too young to watch when Paul was a little boy, but I know there was
18 messages
06-20-04 01:01 PM
Watched the 2-hour premier, which repeats on Sunday, and liked it. That of course means it's doomed. :) Love Lori Laughlin, an
11 messages
06-20-04 02:09 PM
So Graham Norton (aka The Graham Norton Effect) ds/User_files/3f4e5b4328259df7.gif [font size="1/16"]The order of Banana deliver
2 messages
07-02-04 02:23 PM
Anyone seen the new Spiderman movie yet? Anyone downloaded the Pop Tarts software yet??
0 messages
07-02-04 04:37 PM
Sex in the City
Anybody plan on watching the edited reruns of Sex in the City? I heard that when they were filming the original episodes, they filmed the e
5 messages
07-06-04 09:17 AM
15 TV Shows You Should Watch
My Picks for the 15 Best Shows (in no particular order) 1. The Apprentice (NBC) The only thing NBC has going for it. Trump
24 messages
07-06-04 09:22 AM
Dead Like Me
Season 2 starts Sunday, July 25th. Anyone else waiting oh so patiently? [font color="blue" size="-2"]Fish and Game Off
2 messages
07-07-04 03:06 PM
Is anyone still watching The Sopranos?
And if you are, are you wondering why? Last night's episode was the biggest randomest waste of time EVER. Choppy dream sequences don't cut it
29 messages
07-07-04 06:36 PM
The Dead Zone
Anybody watching season 3 besides me? While I didn't really care for the first episode of this season, I really liked last nights epi
3 messages
07-07-04 10:34 PM
Nip/Tuck Season 2
I missed the premier but I'm sure they'll replay it. Anyone catch it? I know there was a few of us that couldn't get enough of the sleaze,
5 messages
07-10-04 03:23 AM
Reality and other show line ups
How come it seems like all the good shows come on at the same time on the same night. For those of us without Tivo or the DVR, this gets really frus
6 messages
07-19-04 02:51 AM
CSI veterans fired
TV Guide online's reporting the breaking news that George Eads and Gorja Fox were both just fired from CSI. Weird to think of CSI without these two
25 messages
07-25-04 01:18 AM
Fourteen-day Jeopardy champion?
He's up to $471k. Alex seems to be running out of interesting questions to ask him. I knew someone was going to make a run once they took the fi
35 messages
07-26-04 10:11 PM
Vote For Your Favorite Television Show
Here's a website you can vote for your favorite Television series. Reality, Sitcom, Action, Drama... [b]Now you can let the Net
0 messages
07-28-04 09:37 PM
North Shore on Fox
What happened to this weeks episode?,it wasn't on. Did they cancel this show too?Anyone know?
2 messages
07-30-04 05:08 PM
Did anyone see entourage on sunday? I thought it was pretty good, some very funny parts with some likeable characters. I'm already looking for
3 messages
08-02-04 10:50 AM
The Grammies Officially Suck (even more).
Where is the Deadwood nomination? WHERE IS IAN McSHANE'S NOMINATION? Cocksuckers. http://community.realitytvworld.c
6 messages
08-08-04 00:07 AM
Penn & Teller's BULLS...
The boys have started their next season with a bang. But I was just wondering, has there ever been any other show nominated for an Emmy that they co
1 messages
08-09-04 07:57 PM
anyone check out the GRID on tnt? only one episode left. /click.jsp?image=2740
1 messages
08-09-04 09:22 PM
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