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The O.C.
I watched this last night, and I really liked it. It has the same soapy feel that 90210 had, but it's much more intense. Peter Gallagher is so
24 messages
08-29-03 11:08 PM
Sex and the City EP1 --- Mon Cherie I know YOU watched it!!
Thoughts on last nights season premiere? LOVED IT! So glad it is back! [b]Carrie:[/b] The coffee date? HIL
19 messages
09-09-03 08:41 AM
Final Week to Cast Your Vote for Pilot Project TV
[h1]This is the FINAL week to cast your vote...[/h1] /machine
0 messages
09-15-03 02:24 PM
The O.C. - Sept. 9
Is Luke schizo. One week he is like a nasty boy the next he is totally cool. Poor Marisa. Her 'big' night seemed like a little bit of a downer.
6 messages
09-18-03 09:57 AM
I'm With Her
I saw the premier of Iím With Her last night. I thought it was ok but the one thing that really struck me was the chemistry between Patrick and Ale
0 messages
09-24-03 08:51 AM
ABC's Threat Matrix
OK, I've never been an awards show person, so I checked out ABC's re-broadcast on the premiere last night (re-broadcasting premiere's that
1 messages
09-26-03 11:28 AM
The OC
Did anybody see the episode on Tuesday night? The only thing I saw was Ryan carrying Marissa...what happened? Somebody please let me know.
3 messages
09-26-03 03:46 PM
The New Season
hey kids - now that the new season's in full swing, how you doing? I just thought I'd jump in here, and see what's up!
6 messages
09-28-03 07:11 PM
BBC America yanks Eastenders and ruins a perfectly good Sunday morning, to boot.
BF and I love drinking coffee and hanging around in jammies or equivalent and watching Eastenders. At the end of the last episode, at a pivotal int
0 messages
09-29-03 01:08 PM
Up coming new TV shows
The upcoming fall season is almost upon us and this summer we have seen all sorts of ads for the new TV shows. What ones interest you and what do you
25 messages
09-29-03 02:52 PM
The Practice
OMH I taped it on Sunday night because I was too tired to watch it and I watched it last night. I am so disappointed! I wish they had just taken it
0 messages
10-01-03 08:02 AM
What will become of "8 simple rules" ?
I say ABC has to cancel the show because John Ritter was the show. The timing couldn't have been worse for ABC. Its not like Coach on Cheers who die
7 messages
10-01-03 03:32 PM
Law and Order 10/01/03 episode
Spoiler warning for the Left Coasters... I just wrote a letter along these lines to NBC because of tonight's episode. I am so amazed by the outcome
0 messages
10-01-03 11:04 PM
Carnivale - HBO
If anyone else here is watching, please join in. I love this show, its only on episode 3 (but they repeat alot and next week will show the pilo
3 messages
10-02-03 00:09 AM
> boards/User_files/3f4e5b4328259df7.gif
0 messages
10-03-03 03:34 PM
Son of Commercials You Hate
Because hate can be a positive force for change, resurrecting topic. I hate the current crop of anti-drug commercials, in particular %2
17 messages
10-04-03 07:39 PM
2 NBC stations refuse to air "Coupling" -- and North Carolina isn't one of them! ory.asp?category=1401&slug=Coupling%20Controversy
8 messages
10-06-03 05:45 PM
"Whoopi" & "Happy Family" kick off the fall season strongly
5 messages
10-06-03 08:55 PM
Cold Case
Hit or miss?? I watched a little of it last night and thought it was ok but I like CSI also. What are your thoughts??
8 messages
10-07-03 10:37 AM
^3 1/2 hours until Alias starts!!!! I know I am not the only one psyched up for it. I wonder how pissed off Sidney will be that Vaughn go
8 messages
10-08-03 03:57 PM
Loving Spike
on Angel. In fact, I personally think they should change the name to Spike. I don't know what it is, but he is tres sexy, and witty and oh l
2 messages
10-09-03 03:12 PM
Xena Warrior Princess
I was just watching some Xena and looking for people to chat with! Actually I just purchased my copy of Xena Season Two on DVD! (From Best Buy%2
0 messages
10-15-03 04:16 AM
The Office Returns. Watch This Show.
I tried to post this previously and utterly botched my header so am reposting - WATCH THE OFFICE (if you get BBC America, anyway). The first se
2 messages
10-16-03 06:49 PM
Knight Rider (1982-1986)
One night in 1982 at Reno, Nevada, a police officer named Michael Arthur Long was investigating on a case with industrial spies. They had been rai
3 messages
10-20-03 04:01 PM
Tough Crowd
Does anyone else watch this besides me? ds/User_files/3ef7c59954c67a81.gif [link:
1 messages
10-24-03 01:58 PM
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