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Lyon's Den pulled for sweeps
Damn, I dunno about anyone else, and I know the story was slow-developing, but I was kinda enjoying the mystery...
1 messages
10-30-03 10:21 PM
Reno 911
Won't be everyone's cup of tea, but am enjoying this mockumentary-style series on Comedy Central (am I the only one who thinks HA! was a bet
11 messages
10-27-03 01:38 PM
Has anyone else been watching this? It's been pretty good so far, although I find it interesting that I keep rooting for the porn king to take
2 messages
11-05-03 05:23 PM
Is there any one else out there that is still watching this crap, or am I the only one... I pretty much just watch it for the gory surgery foot
15 messages
11-07-03 01:49 PM
Does anyone have any idea where this HBO show is going with the story?
Big Al
6 messages
11-08-03 04:46 AM
Rules for Dating my daughter
I watched this show a few times in the past and thought it was cute. I didn't watch any of the first four this season, but wound up watching last
10 messages
11-10-03 02:54 PM
Law & Order Special Prurient Unit
I watch all the L&Os, L&O "Classic", L&O CI - the Vincent D'onofrio Show (you know Vincent's gonna ask the tough questions when he
7 messages
11-10-03 07:52 PM
Coupling cancelled
Wow, that was quick... don't look now, but there goes any chance NBC had that it could keep its hold on Thursdays for next year. I'
21 messages
11-11-03 12:37 PM
Stunt Casting
I am getting *so* sick of the "guest-star-of-the-week" syndrome that is just infecting TV these days. Simpsons and Will and Grace are probabl
Draco Malfoy
10 messages
11-12-03 02:47 PM
One Tree Hill
Am I the only one who got suckered into watching this after innocently watching an episode of the Gilmore Girls and was too lazy to change the channe
2 messages
11-12-03 04:46 PM
I'm wearing my "Professor Chaos" T-shirt today honor of the new South Park season! Anyone else excited? nterface/
Tiger Lily
6 messages
11-13-03 03:22 PM
Boy, I sure hope I don't get my butt kicked for posting this..But, I forgot to mention in my introduction post that I'm a bit of a wrest
6 messages
11-18-03 07:29 PM
Star Trek ds/User_files/3fbfcb636ac8049e.jpg
16 messages
11-25-03 02:22 PM
Life After Reality (Yes I'm in the Right Forum) rds/User_files/3fb9493a427d7781.jpg [font size="1/16"] The mitzvah t
36 messages
11-25-03 06:40 PM
Tarzan cancelled
Well, it was interesting while it lasted, though it was difficult for me to really think of it as Tarzan. More like blonde wannabe Tarzan-like ur
2 messages
11-26-03 07:09 PM
Day 3: 5:00 PM-6:00 PM: Hour 5
A new thresd for tonight. ds/User_files/3f414a577bdc1efa.gif
Devious Weasel
12 messages
11-30-03 06:29 PM
Gilmore Girls
Anyone else a big fan? I love this show. Last night, Rory telling her date about the "urine mints"! Priceless.
15 messages
11-30-03 06:56 PM
CSI sucks
[font color="teal"] I just want to complain because I really cannot stand CSI. The bad acting, the bad writing, the bad lighting,
26 messages
12-01-03 11:32 PM
The Honeymooners
My third favorite comedy series of all time after Seinfeld and Fawlty Towers. Hello balllll. A string poloponies. RIP Art Carney.
Big Al
1 messages
12-01-03 11:37 PM
Shows that Lasted Too Long
Yeah, I stole the idea, so what? :) You know the shows Im talking about. They were great....and then died a slow, prolonged, painful-t
35 messages
12-01-03 11:39 PM
The Handler
Too bad this show is buried in the Friday at 9pm (10 eastern) time slot, because it's a fun little show. Joe Pantoliano (last seen getting
Draco Malfoy
8 messages
12-01-03 11:56 PM
New Horatio Hornblower Movies...
There are two new Horatio hornblower movies airing this week: [b]Horatio Hornblower: Loyalty[/b] Tuesday, December 2 %
2 messages
12-05-03 03:19 PM
Comedy Central Viewers
did anyone else catch The Hebrew Hammer last night? If you didnt, Im sure theyll play it again, you should watch! http://com
0 messages
12-09-03 01:54 PM
WWE : The Rock....Is....Cookin'
The Rock Showed up last night on Raw! Is he back for good? Maybe for a few episodes and back to Hollywood.... He signed the petition for Ston
0 messages
12-09-03 03:52 PM
Traffic the Miniseries
This looks cool from USA: /
0 messages
12-09-03 04:47 PM
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