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Category 6: Day of Destruction
SCENE: CBS movie programming headquarters, May 2004. EXECUTIVE #1: Boy, that movie "10.5" on NBC did boffo ratings. EX
4 messages
11-18-04 09:12 AM
american dreams
anybody else watch it? I really enjoy it - love the music and the clothes and that I can actually watch it with my daughter. I'm total
10 messages
11-19-04 05:55 PM
Dallas Reunion
Anyone watching this? I am lvoeing it! Going back in time and seeing all these clips are cracking me up! http://community.reali
22 messages
11-29-04 10:06 PM
Smallpox - on fX
I saw a commercial for this show coming out on fX while watching some movie late one night last week. Has anyone heard anything about this show%3
0 messages
12-07-04 08:42 AM
KenJen returns to the left-side podium September 6th.
He's back. And he's had a chance to study.
23 messages
12-08-04 04:56 PM
South Park Spends an Evening in Paris
Anyone see last night's episode? It was about as obscene as SP can get, but I got a good laugh or two out of the whole thing. It's a salute
4 messages
12-09-04 01:58 PM
Has anyone heard about this mini-series coming out in December? I have seen the trailers, and I think it really looks good. Check
12 messages
12-14-04 05:56 PM
Worlds are Colliding !
When season 9 of StarGate begins, a bunch of Farscape people will be on it! Specifically, Ben Browder and Claudia Whatserface, aka as John Cr
2 messages
01-02-05 11:51 AM
This should be considered for a spoiling/speculation type of forum! Veronica Mars is GREAT. No one is watching this show, why? It c
4 messages
01-12-05 01:33 PM
Gordinyo - New Talk Show Pilot - What do you think?
Merlot here, Wanted some feedback on my talk show pilot. You can watch it at I think there i
7 messages
01-14-05 04:23 PM
"The Office" Special
Here's a link to the San Francisco Chronic Ill's television columnist, who discusses the impending special and describes the entire "Office"
18 messages
01-17-05 03:15 PM
Cold Case
Who watches? I love this show, but 60 minutes always creates havoc during football season, so I have to TiVo it. I love the way they
5 messages
01-25-05 04:37 PM
CSI Help
The episode is from a couple of weeks ago -- 1/13 I think. It was about the undercover reporter who was killed and the snake shoved in her mouth.
4 messages
01-27-05 03:15 PM
buena tv
On Saturday 29th at 6:30 pm/5:30 central, Mun2 TV is going to reveal the life of one of the most important and successful Spanish actors, Ja
0 messages
01-28-05 00:38 AM
R.I.P. Ruth Warrick
From Citizen Kane to AMC, a very classy lady. I'm an ex AMC fan (started watching during Viet Nam war, for heck's sake) and she was alway
1 messages
01-29-05 06:09 AM
NCIS help
On last night's (1/18) episode of NCIS there was a quick pan of a great sign (at the Navy Medical Center Computer Lab). Something about %2
3 messages
02-01-05 01:32 AM
Live long and prosper . . . or not ory&cid=797&ncid=799&e=5&u=/eo/20050202/en_tv_eo/15838 I guess
2 messages
02-04-05 07:10 PM
Non-reality's a good diversion
:-) Hello fellow www users, IMO old-time shows, such as: Gunsmoke, Green Acres, Golden Girls, Happy Days and Leave It 2 Beaver,
0 messages
02-10-05 11:14 AM
Well, I think everyone has watched Angel, at least once, right? It's one of the most commented tv series, everywhere... Angel
2 messages
02-15-05 07:55 PM
Point Pleasant
I had such high hopes for this show considering that Marti Noxon, exectuive producer from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer," was involved. It had th
4 messages
02-16-05 03:00 PM
Degrassi: The Next Generation
Just out of curiousity? Does anyone out there watch this show? I know it's childish and I shouldn't, but it's absolutely adorable and hi
4 messages
02-16-05 03:39 PM
Questions about Alias Season 4
I just finished watching the first three seasons on DVD, so now I need some details about where we are in Season 4. -How many new episod
Canada Girl
3 messages
02-16-05 07:36 PM
The Happy Days Reunion Special
Relieved that the entire cast is still alive, and therefore we were spared any weepy tribute montage, I watched a bit of this show last night. Th
10 messages
02-21-05 11:14 AM
The Greatest American Hero(1981)
This show was great fun. Old tv shows are awesome. This one is like a mix between superman and the green lantern. Its got a classic cheesy fe
15 messages
02-21-05 02:41 PM
Did anyone see the OC????
i usually watch, but was watching survivor instead. last week the promos said to watch for the last 15 minutes, that something exciting was going
2 messages
02-22-05 08:46 AM
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