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Anyone know about "Strong Medicine"?
[h6]They were filming today at the school where I teach (summer school session). Changed a nasty looking inner-city public middle school into
3 messages
08-23-04 03:02 PM
Good day live
Does anyone know what happened to Jillian Barberie? I missed the show for two days and she was gone. Pictures and all. They never mention her.
6 messages
09-08-04 10:55 AM
15 TV Shows That Should Be Cancelled Immediately!
Ah... here is my chance to vent at some of the worst shows I have ever seen. 1. Friends (NBC) I'm sorry, but Friends has no
24 messages
09-09-04 03:55 PM
I enjoyed the VMA preshow but the entire live show was wack. I mad Kanye West didn't win any awards. MTV hyped the viewers up so much....a
4 messages
09-09-04 03:59 PM
Shows That Died Too Soon
I'd like to honor some shows that I feel ended way too prematurely. Please join me in memory of some shows that I'm still bitter about the disappe
96 messages
09-10-04 04:31 AM
Babylon 5 on DVD
Since I do not spend enough time in alternate universes, I thought it would be a good idea to buy the Babylon 5 DVD set. I am on season two and I a
29 messages
09-12-04 01:05 PM
Help with the title of a reality show
OK, I have googled all the key words I can think of, but I cannot for the life of me remember the name of a reality show I watched a couple episod
2 messages
09-14-04 11:56 AM
Joan of Arcadia...
ok, this show has me! I was interested after the first one, but now I know for sure. The cast is amazing, and it has that magic all the time t
26 messages
09-20-04 12:38 PM
Did you watch it? Did you like it? I did to both which means it will get cancelled. Anyone else? http://community.realitytvw
7 messages
09-21-04 06:12 PM
North Shore
Did anyone watch it last night? What did you think? Overall I liked it. I liked the tennis player twist. I totally didn't see that on
7 messages
09-24-04 08:41 PM
One tree hill repeats?
I didn't watch the first season at all but I caught a few old ones over the summer and it's actually pretty good. Anyone know when the season sta
4 messages
09-28-04 05:56 PM
Early Edition on PAX
[font color=teal] okay so since i'm too cheap and never home to justify having cable, i have 7 channels. one of them is pax. and appare
5 messages
10-06-04 09:59 AM
Listen Up
Just wanted to say I finally got around to watching Listen Up the other night. I like it alot. Good writing, and they're using Jason
0 messages
09-29-04 11:42 PM
Anyone watching the mountain?
I must admit, it's a guilty pleasure of mine. It's really getting going now in terms of plot, anyone else watching?
0 messages
10-08-04 12:12 PM
Anyone watch the Nip/Tuck season finale tonight?? I almost fell off the couch. That's all I can say, since the west coast people have not se
6 messages
10-14-04 11:57 AM
Jack & Bobby
Just wondering if anyone else watched this and what they thought of it. I watched it mainly because of the producers attached to it and was a little
8 messages
10-22-04 09:39 PM
Ladder 49 this Weekend
A co-worker of mine went to a screening of Ladder 49 last week, and said it was really good. She said it was very touching, without being to
4 messages
10-28-04 00:45 AM
Conan to Take Over 'Tonight' in Five Years
[i]NBC Says Conan O'Brien Will Take Over for Jay Leno on 'Tonight' Show in 5 Years The Associated Press NEW YORK Sept.
3 messages
10-28-04 00:46 AM
Farscape - The Peacekeeper Wars!
Don't forget, this four part special, a new mini-series (with most of the old favorite characters back) begins on Sunday, Oct 17th at 9/
4 messages
10-28-04 08:06 AM
Who's watching?
2 messages
11-03-04 02:55 PM
Greg The Bunny on DVD??
Yep... I saw it's coming out on Oct 19th ... with 13 episodes, including two never-before-aired. I remember Fox cancelled the série before
3 messages
11-11-04 04:02 PM
t g it's the o c
last nights second season premier of the o c truly lived up to expectations: the writers followed the storyline perfectly ;they really
7 messages
11-11-04 04:37 PM
I'm assuming that EVERYBODY missed the end of tonight's (11/10) episode, but on the off chance that there were any peeps who got to find o
7 messages
11-12-04 08:52 AM
South Park!
Anyone watch the new ep last night? My response was this weird mix of laughing and crying. Kinda like when you trip and fall and you're in pain bu
Mon Cherie
2 messages
11-13-04 02:44 AM
New Fall Shows
Which shows do you find interesting enough to watch at least once this fall? I am looking at Clubhouse and Lost myself http:
36 messages
11-17-04 07:33 PM
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