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Showtime -- QAF and OOO
Just checking to see if anyone watches Queer as Folk and the new series Out of Order. I have watched QAF since the first season, and I th
3 messages
06-17-03 05:04 PM
The Wire !!!!!
Anyone watching this show? It's on HBO on Sunday nights. It's a terrific cop show. It just started it's second season. I did not wa
3 messages
06-18-03 04:14 PM
Dawson's Creek
Okay, so I know that there are people on the West Coast who are watching this, so don't come in here because I will spoil it. I just watched th
18 messages
06-18-03 11:26 PM
Thanks Webby
For adding this non-reality forum for some of our favorite tv shows *hugs* ds/User_fi
Schnookie Palookie
4 messages
06-19-03 02:37 PM
Will and Grace....
I am soooo glad there is now a place where we can discuss other shows. Will and Grace for example. :P I know the show is in it's off se
8 messages
06-21-03 03:07 AM
TV Poll
Ok peeps, I thought I would take a poll here on last years TV season. I will list the categories, and I thought you all could email me your answe
3 messages
06-25-03 01:56 PM
I have a not so new love
and his name is Adrian Monk. Im NUTS for this show. Last friday night was the season premire. Its on Friday nights at 10 on the USA network. Tell
5 messages
06-26-03 02:29 PM
Need Help From CSI Watchers
Hey all! It's nice to be back after my week away from the boards. I'm planning to give you a nitty gritty play by play of my trip, but I hav
28 messages
06-28-03 09:55 AM
World Poker Tour
Last night, I was trying to find something, anything to watch other than Paradise Hotel, so I stumbled onto the World Poker Tour Championships o
3 messages
07-08-03 07:47 PM
The Smoking Gun comes to CourtTV
Mo Rocca from The Daily News with Jon Stewart (the only news show worth watching, IMHO) will host. Never thought CourtTV would get onto my favor
0 messages
07-09-03 11:19 AM
Dead Like Me
This was in interesting new show. It is on Showtime. I want to check out a few more shows to see what it is like. The first show got me. What did
2 messages
07-13-03 05:38 PM
This is actually a movie that seems like a reality show. Itís about a bunch of skaters who want to become famous and go on a road trip. The cast inc
0 messages
07-20-03 05:10 PM
Ok, that T.V poll got me thinking.... Does anyone else Frelling miss this show? I can not believe those Frellnics at Sci Fi took it of
5 messages
07-21-03 10:34 AM
Beverly Hills 90210
I want to know who watched it. I grew up with them and I consider myself an expert. I would like to know your opinions on some very important 90210
13 messages
07-23-03 12:58 PM
Fall shows...or in my world Autumn shows
From the previews what shows are you anticipating? I'm really hoping Miss Match and Coupling hold up to expectations. http:/
6 messages
07-24-03 11:03 AM
Stargate SG-1 season premiere...
is over just now... that must mean that the FARSCAPE season premiere is about to air, no? No. Fuc[]king SG-1 premiere repeats now. Damn,
9 messages
07-24-03 12:08 PM
Nip / Tuck
Saw it tonight... (mostly by accident) -- seemed like it belonged on HBO or Showtime... some kind of wierd mix of "Out Of Order," "The Sop
14 messages
07-30-03 05:48 PM
Does [ ry&cid=638&ncid=762&e=1&u=/nm/20030724/en_nm/leisure_nbc_dc|this] i
Devious Weasel
10 messages
08-05-03 12:38 PM
I heard an advertisment, something about a new tuesday on the channel with Gilmore Girls and Charm. Then they showed a clip of the new Gilmore girl
4 messages
08-05-03 09:32 PM
Keen Eddie !!!!!
Did anybody else see this show last night? I loved it. It's really fast paced, really funny dialogue, great cast and an all around
7 messages
08-06-03 03:10 PM
American Choppers
I love this show! I like Monster Garage, too (and I'm sooo not a gearhead!), but I think I like AC a little better. The family interac
3 messages
08-07-03 01:55 PM
Monster House
Anybody watching this show? It's like While You Were Out kinda, only on crack :) Actually, they do much better quality work, making su
7 messages
08-07-03 09:54 PM
Daily Show with Jon Stewart
Apparently there are many of us who feel this is the only place to get TV news these days so I thought I would start a post. His interviews often do g
12 messages
08-19-03 12:52 PM
I get to be Penny.
I even wrote Angela Cartwright a fan letter when I was 7. I want to work in the hydroponic garden. I want to use Dad's jet pack. I w
3 messages
08-25-03 01:20 PM
Lifetime Movie Channel Displays Heretofore Unsuspected Sense of Humor
Caught the Helen Hunt version of the Pamela Smart movie - this is the true story of the teacher who had an affair with a student and convinced him to
2 messages
08-26-03 04:15 PM
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