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The season 10 premiere is Thursday. I have never been more apathetic about a new ER season. I LVOE this show. But this past season did very little
28 messages
12-12-03 12:34 PM
I had to record the finaly and watch it last night. This is probably the worst HBO show I have ever watched. They drug us along for weeks trying to ma
6 messages
12-12-03 01:50 PM
WWE Mick Foley is BACK !
Talk about Kickin butt and takin names..Who else is glad to see the return of " SOCKO " ? lol http://community.realitytvworld.c
3 messages
12-17-03 06:42 PM
Barbara Walter's # 1
Hey Everyone: Just wondering if anyone watched the finale of the Barbara Walters special. I fell asleep before # 1, and have been dy
2 messages
12-18-03 07:10 PM
Steve Harvey Show(sitcom)
This isn't about his latest show but his sitcom currently in syndication on late night tv.My question is about the character of Levita,Cedric the
3 messages
12-23-03 01:48 PM
Great shows that nobody watches
I have a few. My current favorite is Becker. I'm just now catching it in reruns. I love the twisted humor. The first episode I saw, J
3 messages
01-08-04 04:55 PM
Line of Fire
Anybody else looking forward to this show? Looks like an FBI vs. mob kinda thing. The cast looks really good, with David Paymer and the poor dep
9 messages
01-08-04 05:14 PM
I hate Lauren Reed
Alias has been so good this season, but I hate Lauren Reed. She is not fit to be Vaughn's wife. I can't believe she did what she did tonight.
22 messages
01-13-04 08:13 PM
Another CSI
CSI: New York to premiere in the Fall... /nm/20040117/tv_nm/leisure_csi_d
1 messages
01-19-04 10:43 AM
Curb Your Enthusiasm
Right after SATC on HBO is a crazy show with Larry David, the co-creator of Seinfeld (he is the voice of George Steinbrenner and does a couple of
3 messages
01-20-04 03:52 PM
Anderson Cooper 360'
When Anderson Cooper left The Mole for CNN, I thought he was the most pathetic & wooden talking news head ever! Well, our boy has found his s
0 messages
01-20-04 08:35 PM
The L Word
Did anyone out there watch the L Word on Showtime Sunday night? I thought it was great. It says a whole lot about these actresses that are playing
0 messages
01-20-04 09:04 PM
Does anyone else admit to watching this show? They showed the season finale on TNT tonight, and wow! Just was wondering what everyone thought of
21 messages
01-22-04 10:43 PM
The OC
Ok, I wasn't so thrilled when my girlfriend dragged me away from my work to watch this show, but it's actually pretty clever. In a
1 messages
01-23-04 10:25 AM
Tru Calling
Watched last night, has potential. Though I think Eliza (sp) should have went with a spin-off of Buffy called Faith, but we'll see. For al
2 messages
01-23-04 11:00 AM
Your favorite SNL catchphrase
Just for fun, what was your favorite Saturday Night Live Catchphrase? ds/User_f
56 messages
01-25-04 04:16 PM
Karen Sisco
Anyone else watching this show? I like it so far. I guess Kelly from TAR was on it last week, but I didn't notice. Oops, bad me. ht
9 messages
01-30-04 11:56 AM
I know there used to be a huge Buffy contingent out there - count me in it - but Angel was beating Buffy quality-wise for a couple of seasons and this
Devious Weasel
2 messages
01-31-04 07:54 PM
Josh from Las Vegas
Did anyone else hear the news that Josh has posed nude years ago in his modeling days and now those pictures have come around on the internet? Has
2 messages
02-02-04 09:41 AM
Bring Me Some Vintage Knot's Landing
I watched Dynasty, I watched Melrose, I have no life and I've watched em all. But I'd LOVE to see the whole series of Knots Landing again. D
18 messages
02-03-04 09:48 AM
Time Travel....
Well,my son who watches this show with me,and is a really really genious in real life....asks about "Time Travel"....has it been done before o
26 messages
02-04-04 05:38 PM
I Want To Marry Ryan Banks
I saw this TV movie last night and would like to give it my thumbs up. The very quick plot summary: Playboy and struggling a-list actor Ryan Banks
5 messages
02-09-04 09:57 AM
I know at least a few of you are watching Ed since it showed up on people's non-reality tv (favorite) lists. I'm so happy that Ed a
21 messages
02-09-04 10:25 AM
Dark Shadows
Time-jumping vampire does it again! n/1,1002,271|86120|1|,00.html %0
7 messages
02-11-04 08:02 AM
Picked this up on DVD yesterday, the full series. How this show got lost in the shuffle, I don't know, as popular as the comic strip is. I%2
Draco Malfoy
3 messages
02-11-04 09:14 AM
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