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FINAL Love/Loathe List - Episode 13
I pretty much knew who the F4 would be before the episode aired, but Stephen's 15-second confessional stating he only wanted remaining players he
18 messages
05-18-09 01:00 PM
Interview question suggestions for Erinn Lobdell
Think you have a good interview question for Survivor: Tocantins castaway Erinn Lobdell? If so, here's your chance to get it answered. %0
4 messages
05-18-09 11:00 AM
Interview question suggestions for Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George
Think you have a good interview question for Survivor: Tocantins castaway Tamara "Taj" Johnson-George? If so, here's your chance to get it
6 messages
05-18-09 09:12 AM
Coach's assistant
On the CBS site there is about 2 minutes of video of the assistant coach who came for the family visit talking about Coach. One odd thing, is that h
14 messages
05-17-09 09:33 PM
Ponderosa is open!
[ eo/ponderosa.php|
18 messages
05-16-09 11:11 PM
Love/Loathe List - Episode 12 [View All]
Forget the blindsides; this has to go down as the season with the most castaways who had [b]NO[/b] idea they were being saved. Generally I
27 messages
05-14-09 04:59 PM
Final 2 or Final 3?
Sunday, May 17th is the final show. Will there be a final 2 or a final 3?
3 messages
05-12-09 10:43 AM
Love/Loathe List - Episode 11
First time this season I guessed wrong before the votes were read. I thought Debbie was going home. I had the same expression as Stephen when he saw h
19 messages
05-07-09 08:18 PM
Tyson gets knocked out [View All]
Tyson falls victim to the stereotype he probably never saw coming- Coach's belief that a southern boy like JT is honorable. And the infamous surviva
21 messages
05-05-09 01:09 PM
Love/Loathe List - Episode 10 [View All]
Well it had to happen eventually. Can't complain too loudly considering Episode 10 was the first time this season the Anti-Darwin Syndrone (ADS)
27 messages
04-29-09 03:58 PM
Tyson is on Twitter!
Hey ya'll! I just found Tyson on Twitter! He's definitely my favorite and it looks like he just signed up. I can't wait to hear what he says
4 messages
04-28-09 09:24 PM
crazy coach theory
ok. this came to me as i was going to sleep, so you know how that goes.... what was faking? i seem to remember that some people
9 messages
04-25-09 08:48 AM
Love/Loathe List - Episode 9
Every player this week gets a [b]ton[/b] of credit for being able to do something I wouldn't have had a prayer of accomplishing...keeping
19 messages
04-23-09 11:51 PM
The Curve Ball
Mad props to MB and the editing of the last two episodes for the triple-pronged curveball they just threw at us. I was convinced from the end of the l
9 messages
04-19-09 01:29 AM
Jaime & Erik, sitting in a tree chapel... Do you realize this show officially has a better matchup record than [b]The Bachelor[/b]?%
4 messages
04-17-09 08:59 PM
Survivor Look Alikes
Let me be the first to throw one out. Sandy and country superstar Jerry Reed e
Wacko Jacko
17 messages
04-17-09 12:57 PM
Love/Loathe List - Episode 8 [View All]
I predict several makeout sessions to occur on Reunion night. Although Tyson and Debbie's session may be the only one with passion. Erinn slobbering
33 messages
04-14-09 09:17 PM
And if it means we'd never hear from him again, let him go.
The funniest part here may be that the judge wants him put into mental health counseling. As if everyone here hasn't known he needed it for years..
0 messages
04-14-09 04:55 AM
Jaime and Erik's Wedding Photos
They had such an amazing wedding! [ dugan-and-erik-huffman-wedding-photos|Jaime and Erik'
0 messages
04-13-09 03:16 PM
Love/Loathe List - Episode 6 or 7 [View All]
Another tribute to one of the most popular Survivors ever - Yau Man. And another spectacle of castaways with the combined mental capacity to fit in a
26 messages
04-11-09 03:24 AM
I saw Jeff, I saw Jeff
Well, not in person or anything but . . . I was watching ANTM and flipping back to this other show during commercials. "I G
5 messages
04-07-09 01:36 PM
CBS accepting applications for seasons 19 and 20
Survivor is currently accepting applications for seasons 19 and 20 "on a rolling basis", versus the usual method where there is a deadline to su
4 messages
04-02-09 10:56 PM
Love/Loathe List - Episode 5
OK, did he REALLY [b]need[/b] that tooth??? Same exact occurrence happened to me in College. I lost half my tooth in competiton and
11 messages
03-21-09 12:27 PM
Damn they voted off Spencer
I bet I might be the only one on the forum to say this - I actually like Spencer and was annoyed he got voted off. One of the blokes apart from JT tha
3 messages
03-14-09 09:11 PM
Then he tried to talk the other camera operators into voting her off. t-comes-aid-of-seizure-victim-1016232.php
4 messages
03-13-09 09:48 AM
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