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Documentary about reality TV....Survivor stars
Check out this upcoming documentary that peers into the crazy world of reality television.
0 messages
11-22-13 00:17 AM
B.B. Andersen, Rest in Peace,- 20751663,00.html [i]B.B. Andersen, one of the first contestants to compete
3 messages
11-11-13 01:56 PM
Made A Survivor Minecraft Series
Hey guys, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind checking my own Survivor show I created through Minecraft. I love Survivor and on the o
0 messages
10-10-13 07:24 PM
Erik Reichenbach's Caramoan Comics
Found these at DeviantArt. 30/b/d/survivor_caramoan_comics___phillip_by_erikreichenba
2 messages
09-08-13 07:21 PM
Survivor Amateur Series
Hey everyone! Five years ago, I hosted my own Survivor series. It was actually an All-Stars edition featuring players from previous games. I'm f
0 messages
08-31-13 11:42 AM
The little boy who cried bully...... [View All]
Seeya later Coch-a-doodle-DUMB
24 messages
05-22-13 05:00 PM
Taking a Look Back...way back!
Could someone help me locate an interview that would confirm Tina's inclusion in the Ogakor5 alliance? I linked Ayak's post, "Notes from a M
6 messages
05-20-13 08:13 PM
TDT calls out Probst
... and this is something I wholeheartedly agree with, point by point: htm
18 messages
05-20-13 03:28 PM
Hello Friends!
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2 messages
05-20-13 02:55 PM
Special Announcement!
Take a good look at my latest game, now up on the Survivor Games sub-forum: ds/DCForu
Belle Book
0 messages
05-16-13 06:05 PM
The Hantz clan has been blacklisted by CBS.
Let's party.
5 messages
05-15-13 12:43 PM
I know it's a game but how low! Brenda give up her family, picked dawn to go with her and then let dawn win that last immunity. I sure hope da
5 messages
05-13-13 12:11 PM
Lvoe List 26.13
This game sure takes a toll on the players, breaks them down in so many ways. Like, they are away from their family for six weeks in a fantastic
2 messages
05-12-13 02:37 PM
Lvoe List 26.12
Hot dog, what a week! And two boots! One knew it was coming. The other was a total complete blindside! Except it was set up well by the ed
13 messages
05-08-13 07:51 PM
Lvoe List 26.11
Well it was a fun week on the island. Survivor Auction is always interesting. And we actually got an idol clue this time, Yay! All season they%
7 messages
05-01-13 10:23 AM
Lvoe List 26.10 ds/User_files/4dd30c2c68848c07.gif What a wild wild Tribal! Great one, shook every
9 messages
04-24-13 05:59 PM
Brett Clouser Kickstarter
Hi, I really am not trying to spam here, but I am a friend of Brett Clouser (of Survivor: Samoa) and he has launched a kickstarter for a new
2 messages
04-24-13 05:44 PM
Lvoe List 26.9
I'll start it this week: 1- Cochran: This is the guy we're supposed to root for? Yes, he is playing a smart game and it's fun
5 messages
04-16-13 08:44 PM
Was Malcom trying to get rid of Reynold?
Evidence 1: He voted for Reynold when (at least based on the edit), the plan was for Stealth-R-Us to split the votes between Reynold and Eddi
3 messages
04-15-13 09:34 AM
Lvoe List 26.8
If this season has an underlying theme, it is that those who can't control their emotions will be ruled by them. And perhaps doomed as well. Bra
4 messages
04-08-13 08:23 PM
It Was Bound to Happen Eventually
Haven't seen this posted anywhere else around here. Thought it would be of interest.
1 messages
04-04-13 03:12 PM
Lvoe List 26.7
Well, maybe if we get these up sooner some more folks will turn back up to play. This forum is much too unlively lately. 01. Cochran (
7 messages
04-01-13 08:39 AM
Lvoe List 26.6
Since Michel didn't start one for week 6, alright, I'll give it another shot. Lot of movement this week again as the game actually picks up a
1 messages
03-26-13 10:06 PM
Lvoe List
This season is really hitting new lows as far as participation is involved. I mean, Survivor jumped the shark way back in Cook Islands but it still
5 messages
03-19-13 09:06 PM
Can't find this season's clips of the Ponderosa. Anyone see these? ds/User_f
6 messages
03-18-13 09:17 AM
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