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Hi Tribe, No temptation for me this week. Bob Corinne Crystal Matty Randy Sugar
3 messages
11-13-08 01:41 PM
Please use this temporary forum for discussion while we work to fully restore the original forum's data. Once the original forum is ful
1 messages
11-13-08 10:00 AM
Lame twist [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-07-08 AT 08:17 AM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
31 messages
11-11-08 10:27 AM
Susie: Crazy bitch or savvy player?
Or both? It takes a special kind of chutzpah to be direct and say "I'm voting you out" right to Corrine's face and still remain i
10 messages
11-11-08 05:22 AM
The Crystal/Ken alliance.
This is one of the oddest pairings we've ever seen: the Olympic-class athlete and world-ranked gamer. Outside of the game, there's virtually
7 messages
11-10-08 07:36 PM
Another Survivor on HGTV (Matt from Amazon)
Matthew Von Ertfelda was on Designed to Sell this evening. I missed the beginning, but I think he was friends with the homeowner. I didn't recogni
0 messages
11-10-08 07:33 PM
Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.7
Well last week I "smelt" Anti-Darwin Snydrome...this week it's pathetically apparent with ALL my senses. If everyone is sick and tired of hearin
13 messages
11-10-08 07:25 PM
Best Friend/Cousin Relationship???
Personally I'm perplexed over this best friend/cousin relationship with Marcus & Crystal. Consider your own very best friend...if he or she had
10 messages
11-10-08 05:39 PM
Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.6
Best episode of the season IMO. Love the misdirections but the stench of Anti-Darwin Snydrome is in the air. OK, now all the petunias on the Board c
11 messages
11-08-08 06:04 AM
Matty Trivia
Here I am listening to TMZ they mention Matty from survivor while talking about his grandfather. His CBS bio says [i]"Matty Whitmore
0 messages
11-07-08 06:54 PM
This has got to be one of the worst tribes in Survivor history. They've already eaten almost all their rice. They've won only 2 of 10 challenges
8 messages
11-06-08 06:58 PM
Questions - Your Survivor strategy/preferences??
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-03-08 AT 11:50 AM (EST)[/font] 1. Exile I have read that Sugar has had an advantage by r
6 messages
11-06-08 06:44 PM
Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.5
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-26-08 AT 05:14 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
8 messages
10-28-08 01:15 AM
Jeff gets his dearest wish.
Instead of hanging around hoping for contestants to die, he gets to host a show where someone is [i]guaranteed[/i] to keel over every sing
1 messages
10-25-08 02:14 PM
prematurely voted off/worst voting mistakes
Season 1: Joel Klug: Joel made some comments that were interpreted to be sexist. Gervase made a comment that was definitely sexist. %2
6 messages
10-24-08 07:34 PM
Who's the 4th?
Historically, castaways like to make a tight alliance of 2 and a strong 4 person alliance. When 4 Kota castaways formed an allaince they looked like
4 messages
10-23-08 05:09 PM
if Kim J had voted off Ethan instead...
what do you think what have happened? I think Ethan, Frank and Tom would have kept in in the alliance to give Lex 3 votes. Brandon wou
0 messages
10-21-08 01:50 AM
who would you vote for if you were jury member?
Season 1: Rich vs. Kelly. Not much of a contest here. I do give credit to Kelly for winning 4 or 5 challenges in a row, but her flip-flopping on t
0 messages
10-21-08 01:15 AM
Luckiest (and most overrated) Champ ever [View All]
Todd Herzog 1. He gives away a hidden immunity idol to James, even though he gave James all the info he needed to get the other one (wh
XXL Survivor
23 messages
10-21-08 01:01 AM
Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.4
Well at least this season is not shaping up to be another [i]Skankivor[/i]. That's the only compliment I can think of right now. But havin
5 messages
10-20-08 07:06 PM
Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.3
Even though the Fang tribe sucks, I'm pretty impressed that they are strategizing with the assumption that Sugar has the HII. 1) [b
7 messages
10-17-08 12:36 PM
JPiddy Blogs Survivor: Gabon
It seems more appropriate to put this in Fanatics that Bashers. It appears that Jiffy will be blogging about each episode. Read it here:
Prof_ Wagstaff
8 messages
10-16-08 03:36 PM
Erik and Jaime Engaged?
I just read in an US Weekly during my lunch break that Survivor China contestants Erik Huffman and Jaime Dugan are engaged! Has anyone else heard th
7 messages
10-12-08 12:53 PM
Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.2
Not sure how many of these I'll be able to do this season but thought I would start it off for this week. 1) [b]CHRYSTAL[/b]
10 messages
10-10-08 10:18 AM
10/9 Episode **Spoilers**
Wow! The tribe-changing game came early this year, didn't it? It seems to have given Kelly a new lease on life, but she's quickly making
1 messages
10-09-08 08:19 PM
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