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Reasoning behind a Final Three [View All]
Has there ever been a time at the finale when there was a final three that a third person has even gotten even one vote? Everytime they have a fin
mia rules18
41 messages
01-08-09 04:59 PM
Most votes ever?
This question has been bugging me for a long time: Who has had the most votes against them ever in a single Survivor season? I remember
9 messages
01-05-09 08:40 PM
Next Season
Have any spoiler sites or other sites posted bios and photos of next season? Hope this is hte right forum as it really is not a spoiler yet.
1 messages
01-03-09 09:03 PM
Sugar's season [View All]
While she didn't win, or even get a vote at final TC, I feel like Sugar was the most memorable survivor this season, even more than the multi-
41 messages
12-20-08 12:32 PM
Anyone ever try going spoiler free?
Hello all, it's been a LONG time since I have been on the boards - I decided to try this season spoiler (and board) free to see what it would
8 messages
12-18-08 08:24 PM
Got a bug up my rear-anyone agree??
I have thought about this, after watching Crystal's boot and entrance to the Ponderosa. I really don't like the idea of the jilted ju
8 messages
12-16-08 05:14 PM
The PMS ratings: Gabon
Rank this season's contestants on a 1-10 scale in the following categories: [b]Physical[/b] includes: performance in activi
2 messages
12-16-08 11:08 AM
Sugar & cameraman?
I would think that if you were talking with the camera man all the time, wouldn't the other DAWs talk about it and want to get rid of you? How
4 messages
12-16-08 09:22 AM
Making the game too personal.
The ultimate (and oft-failed) argument someone in the F2 can present in front of the jury is 'It's just the game. You can't take it persona
8 messages
12-15-08 09:48 PM
who voted for who? and what was on the Early show?
I have been unable to find anywhere who the three were that voted for Susie. Since they showed so few last night, I thought it would be on the CBS w
9 messages
12-15-08 08:23 PM
So, what's going on with winning a car these days??
I hope this isn't a duplicate. I haven't seen anyone else post this-I know it's been mentioned in a few posts, but no one has had an answer.%0
4 messages
12-15-08 10:09 AM
Who's the second smartest survivor?
In Probst's blog he states the Marcus has the highest IQ of all the contestants. He goes on to say that you'd be surprised at who is second. Who
2 messages
12-15-08 10:01 AM
Media coverage on Bob's win
Here is the link to the article in today's Portland Maine Press Herald. php?id=227655
1 messages
12-15-08 08:51 AM
Sugar: Dumb blonde or saavy stragetist?
She pulls off some pretty smart moves, but there are times her opinions change with each person she talks to. Dumb like a fox? You make the call
17 messages
12-14-08 01:35 PM
Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.11
As repeatedly stated by several posters, this has not been the best of seasons. But at the very least this F5 will make me watch the Finale. %0
6 messages
12-14-08 01:13 PM
Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.10
This could shape up to be the second worst F4 ever (hard to beat the Pearl Island F4 of Lil, Sandra, Darrah, and Jon) 1) [b%5
11 messages
12-13-08 01:06 PM
I think Dan playing an amazing game.
4 messages
12-12-08 09:48 AM
Did this season have any gay people?
"ducks to avoid getting hit by objects thrown at head" I come in peace. This is not a hate thread. I have a perfectly legitimate ques
15 messages
12-05-08 09:01 PM
Survivor Finale Reunion Show
Does anyone know how to get a ticket for this? I'm in LA next weekend when it happens, but was wondering how to get tickets to this.
0 messages
12-05-08 05:44 PM
Randy - Gone but not Missed [View All]
Randy's big plan was to act like a jerk so the bigger alliance would all vote for him. How, exactly, would this be different than he's acted
29 messages
12-04-08 12:40 PM
Survivor Love/Loathe List v17.9
1) and Gone - Randy: Because he made the episode by outsmarting himself out of the game, with assists from Sugar and Bob. He wasted possible al
16 messages
12-02-08 09:25 PM
The Last 5 Tribal Councils Have Been Among the Best Ever
I mean goin back to when Dan got voted out from Kota as a shocker to Ace getting voted out after being betrayed by Sugar to Marcus getting dooped, t
10 messages
11-29-08 06:57 AM
Survivor Gabon eBay charity auction for finale 12/14 taping
Hey everyone - Jeff and the whole Survivor cast from Gabon are offering the chance to attend the finale show taping 12/14 in LA. 100% of the money
0 messages
11-29-08 01:30 AM
Funkiest tribal council
Hell Yeah. (And it matches my name). That is one of the funniest things I have seen in TC for a while. I can't believe Bob
5 messages
11-24-08 07:50 AM
Summary Sign-Up Thread [View All]
[/br]If you are interested in writing an episode summary for the upcoming season, please respond in this thread with your episode preference i
26 messages
11-22-08 03:27 AM
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