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Good News for Ethan
According to this article, Ethan's cancer is in remission:,- 20369764,00.html
7 messages
11-17-11 11:18 AM
Survivor- S23 - Love/Hate List - Ep.9- Like Lambs to the Slaughter [View All]
As soon as you heard that this was going to be a double dip, you had to know that some predictable Zapping was coming. As I did la
38 messages
11-17-11 11:17 AM
Calling all Survivor Fans....
Here's your big chance. Your big chance to compete in a Survivor Obstacle challenge against BOSTON ROB! It will be held in Toronto, here is all
2 messages
11-16-11 11:28 AM
Survivor- S23 - Love/Hate List - Ep.8- The Bully Beatdown [View All]
With the merge equaling a 6 on 6 clash, we knew we'd have some fireworks. This episode did not disappoint and was the strongest of the seaso
23 messages
11-12-11 03:54 AM
Survivor- S23 - Love/Hate List - Ep.7
Okay, now this is happening. Very tumultuous episode as we continue to go back and forth between Savii and Upolu. 1. Ozz
9 messages
11-04-11 02:05 PM
Ozzy's plan
Still a little confused by Ozzy's plan. Especially why he gave the idol to Cochran. Does he trust him more than any other Savaii to give it back t
9 messages
10-31-11 03:28 PM
Rupert for Governor?!
Survivor Fan Favorite [b]Rupert Boneham[/b] has thrown his hat into the Governor's race in the state of Indiana. He's pursuing the libe
Scarlett O Hara
13 messages
10-30-11 10:33 PM
Bad Christians [View All]
I LOVE survivor and I find it amazing that these idiots who call themselves "good Christians" are praying to God to help them find idols and win c
23 messages
10-29-11 05:02 PM
Survivor- S23 - Love/Hate List - Ep.6
My first instincts appear to be the better ones as once again the editing looked very favorably on Savii. The long scene at reward bodes VERY we
19 messages
10-27-11 08:42 PM
Keith's pacemaker?
Does Keith have a pacemaker implanted in his upper left chest? DW noticed a circular something underneath his skin while he was sliding down the roc
3 messages
10-23-11 07:59 AM
Survivor- S23 - Love/Hate List - Ep.5
I would call this episode- The Turning of the Tide This well-edited episode was clearly the tale of two returning players: both hea
18 messages
10-20-11 01:39 PM
Survivor- S23 - Love/Hate List - Ep.4 [View All]
Okay, I'll get this week kicked off. It was cougar week on Survivor:SP! 01. Edna. Back up to #1 this week for gettiong a pro-ac
33 messages
10-14-11 09:12 AM
Survivor- S23 - Love/Hate List - Ep.3
Some semi-interesting challenges and a little eye candy is about all this week had going for it. Upola seems to have so little going
9 messages
10-11-11 10:56 AM
Survivor- S23 - Love/Hate List - Ep.4
There was absolutely nothing dramatic going on this week, but this was still a step up for the season so far. The editors did a good job of di
0 messages
10-09-11 02:25 AM
Jeff Probst's new talk show & HIMYM appearance
Loved Jeff's guest appearance on How I Met Your Mother last night. What do you think of his new talk show? Think it will be good? I'm interest
3 messages
10-05-11 02:25 PM
Survivor- S23 - Love/Hate List - Ep.2 [View All]
Alright, we're back by the demand of no one. Good move by production to go with the 90 minute opener. Very good move. Drama-wise, the firs
24 messages
09-30-11 02:39 PM
Survivor made in France
I just watched episode 1 of Koh-Lanta Palau, France's version of Survivor that is shown on a cable station in Montreal It's weird to
5 messages
09-27-11 09:34 PM
Survivors on the Amazing Race...
Just saw that Ethan Zohn and Jenna Morasco are going to be a team on the new season of the Amazing Race. Ethan looks great, sure hope they do well%2
5 messages
09-27-11 08:31 PM
S23 South Pacific PTTE Coded Green Entry
I would like to offer a game that has been played since season 3. It can also be played spoiler free. PTTE: The longest running game at
9 messages
09-27-11 02:41 PM
S22 Redemption Island: Spoiler-Free PTTE Game [View All]
I would like to offer a game to those of you who are spoiler-free. Itís a boot list game. Many have played. I will run it through pm%
36 messages
05-25-11 05:43 PM
Boston Rob Redeems Redemption Island [View All]
Ah... after a somewhat tedious journey, the majority of the Surviverse sleeps with a smile and perhaps an emptiness finally filled as Boston R
39 messages
05-20-11 07:07 AM
How would you play Survivor? [View All]
Would you take Rob's approach and view it as a game separate from life? Or would you take the approach of many Survivors and see the game as a ref
21 messages
05-19-11 10:39 AM
Why Jeff crushes on Boston Rob..he tells a good story
5 messages
05-17-11 07:36 PM
Survivor 22 Episode #13 Lvoe List
We finally had a somewhat dramatic episode as Ashley ruined Rob's masterplan by winning the IC. However, Grant was still the obvious boot at
8 messages
05-14-11 09:46 PM
Did Ashley Force Rob to Make the Right Move?
Even if he was in control, Rob faced a dilemma going into the end game. Not knowing when someone was returning from Redemption Island, we heard th
8 messages
05-14-11 05:50 PM
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