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Notes on S24 [View All]
As JP so enthusiastically pointed out, this was the first all female F5. However, of course, there would have been an all female F5 in Mic
29 messages
05-31-12 10:14 PM
S24 One World Ep. 5 Love/Loathe List [View All]
Tribal switch could not have been any more random than what we saw; but after all was said and done MB must have had a smile on his face wider than
30 messages
05-27-12 09:53 PM
S24 One World Ep. 4 Love/Loathe List [View All]
History was made with Manono being the first tribe to attend TC [i]after winning the IC.[/i] Several tribes before them also wanted TC, bu
24 messages
05-27-12 12:48 PM
S24 One World Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List [View All]
I didn't see chivalry dead in this episode...if anything I felt the men were more accommodating than anyone playing the game had the right to be. Wh
42 messages
05-26-12 08:51 PM
S24 One World Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List [View All]
We followed up what I thought was an above average premeir with a subpar second episode. Made this week's ranking more of a challenge for me...%0
56 messages
05-26-12 07:30 PM
The PMS ratings: One World. [View All]
I figured I'd make the argument numeric. Rank this season's contestants on a 1-10 scale in the following categories: [b]Physical
23 messages
05-26-12 07:14 AM
Ode to S24 and the Sweet Talkin Woman
There has been much ado about Troyzan's antics at FTC. Here is my suggestion for him. Since he was stealing Milli Vanil
5 messages
05-26-12 05:59 AM
CBS Looking For Survivor contestants.
CBS is looking for next season Survivor contestants. You can apply At The application is a lengthy one and you'll n
3 messages
05-21-12 11:08 AM
Kim & Chelsea vs Alicia & Troyzan [View All]
Thought Kim's final TC speech might have been perfect. Didn't ramble on but said what she needed to say: owning up to the fact that it was a ga
47 messages
05-19-12 11:31 AM
voting out Kim at final IC
Seems like best chance for someone other than Kim to win will be for one of the other five to win the final IC and vote her out? Who do you think i
6 messages
05-14-12 10:00 PM
Chelsea and Kim
Reward: So was Chelsea taking Kim on reward a good move or a dumb move? On the dumb side, it most certainly p!ssed off the oth
8 messages
05-14-12 09:27 AM
S24 One World Ep. 13 Love/Loathe List
Granted we had our fair share of characters this season, but with the exception of Kim and Troy, everyone else is/was just playing for time. Eve
16 messages
05-13-12 06:00 PM
Do women do better when tribes are divided by gender?
Just wondering; in Amazon tribes were divided by gender and the women had a strong season and the winner. Same this year, though to an even great
4 messages
05-12-12 10:45 AM
S24 One World Ep. 12 Love/Loathe List [View All]
An annoying episode for me to watch for the following reason: Sure, I'll agree with the overwhelming majority and say Tarzan & wife and C
29 messages
05-10-12 10:01 AM
Funny Survivor video
I LMAO at this video so I thought others may enjoy as well. yer_detailpage&v=ixIXc7
4 messages
05-04-12 01:57 PM
S24 One World Ep. 11 Love/Loathe List [View All]
As the Summary writer for this episode, I figured I'd get this out of the way first. For those who like "snark," sorry not a lot of sarcasti
24 messages
05-02-12 00:01 AM
Kim [View All]
Maybe it is just what I notice, but do we hear and see less of Kim than what we would expect from the winner of the season? Of the remaining play
29 messages
05-01-12 03:50 PM
Survivor Feud
Michel suggested this be in a thread of its own. Just for fun, do you agree or disagree with the consensus answers, what would your answers be?
10 messages
05-01-12 05:35 AM
Let's Get Lubed Up
So.... as I was watching Survivor last nite. Bored to death... and thinking back on the days of Colton, when I could at least have fun screaming at
8 messages
04-28-12 10:52 AM
S24 One World Ep. 10 Love/Loathe List [View All]
Well apparently the Frat Pack 4 were not the only ones who can't pass first grade math. Troy did not only paint Kim's F4...he framed it and hung i
62 messages
04-25-12 01:16 AM
S24 One World Ep. 9 Love/Loathe List [View All]
Com' on ask at TC "how did the men lose control?" It started when you casted Colton and decided on men vs. women putting the men do
42 messages
04-19-12 07:07 AM
Why Survivor Is Still Relevant In Today's Culture
What do you guys think about this? ivor-is-still-relevant/
16 messages
04-15-12 06:54 PM
S24 One World Ep. 8 Love/Loathe List [View All]
I just finshed watching the episode five minutes ago and got about an hour before I have to run, so I'm putting up the list now. The predicta
42 messages
04-11-12 05:07 PM
Survivo Slide Challenge
Best slide ever HU
4 messages
04-07-12 12:01 PM
S24 One World Ep 7 Love/Loathe List [View All]
I fear to say the second half of this season will probably be as predictable as getting spam in your inbox. Troy is the only wild card I see to challe
39 messages
04-05-12 00:11 AM
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