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a question: [View All]
What would have happened if the juror votes were tied 4-4?
25 messages
05-14-08 04:44 PM
Tie vote?????
Does anyone know what would have happened if it was a 4-4 vote last night? Say Eliza's pondering led her to vote for Amanda instead and we had a t
2 messages
05-13-08 08:11 AM
Another failure to close in TC [View All]
Once again, Amanda entered TC as the projected favorite to win but lost at least one vote based on her answers to juror questions. Cirie gave her t
XXL Survivor
24 messages
05-13-08 06:50 AM
Best Season In Ages! [View All]
Jeff said at reunion word was many fans are calling FvF best season since season 1. I wouldn't go that far but it was a [b]great[/b] seas
21 messages
05-13-08 03:22 AM
Micronesia finale - vote thread [View All]
Who do you THINK will win? Who do you WANT to win? I THINK Cirie will win. She's played a fantastic game and no one seems to be mad a
31 messages
05-12-08 06:19 PM
Voting record
Can anyone post the voting history from last night? It is not on They never said last night who Jason, James, Eliza, or Cirie voted
XXL Survivor
2 messages
05-12-08 10:41 AM
Survivor - Fans vs. Has-Beens Love/Hate List - Week #13
Thanks to everyone who participated this season!!! Well at least this F4 is not as bad as Pearl Islands, nevertheless this season c
14 messages
05-12-08 01:09 AM
The Biggest Disappointment [View All]
Iím not sure who I am most disappointed in, Erik or the girls. Erik, who embarrassed all men last night, or the girls for pouncing like a pack
30 messages
05-11-08 05:58 PM
Ozzy fans unite! [View All]
EPMB has just gotta find a way to give Ozzy the million this season! Here are a few badges of support for Ozzy! Feel free to take one
Scarlett O Hara
40 messages
05-11-08 01:51 PM
Parvati voted person who thinks they're in control, but isn't
When Parvati was voted as person who thinks she is in control, but isn't, who did the other people think was in charge? Cirie? D
14 messages
05-11-08 10:26 AM
in defense of "fans"
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-09-08 AT 07:33 AM (EST)[/font] I know I'm probably going to get clobbered here, but I just
8 messages
05-11-08 10:22 AM
Cirie is Amazing
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-09-08 AT 07:34 AM (EST)[/font] Was it just me, or did Cirie break down the 4th wall last nig
16 messages
05-11-08 10:15 AM
Erik is an idiot
They said it best at tribal. The stupidest move in Survivor history. Ciree deserves to win. Everyone keeps giving props to Amanda but a
12 messages
05-11-08 10:13 AM
What happened to the idols of Ozzy & Jason?
Ozzy & Jason both left the show without playing the immunity idol. I heard an interview with Ozzy in which he said he didn't even bring the idol
Gil Thelander
3 messages
05-09-08 09:05 PM
Passing the necklace as workable strategy move.
Is it possible to do it and [i]not[/i] pay for it as everyone turns on a suddenly-vulnerable player? Yes -- but just barely, and at lea
7 messages
05-09-08 04:23 PM
Question- are the faves as a group playing the game better strategically
Seems no one can stay in control for long, whether its Ozzy, Parvati, Cirie. (Not sure if Amanda can either though she might have an advantag
17 messages
05-08-08 10:19 PM
Amanda's play [View All]
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 05-02-08 AT 09:53 PM (EST)[/font] [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON
41 messages
05-07-08 08:50 PM
Survivor - Fans vs. Has-Beens Love/Hate List - Week #12
Too bad James Medi-Vac put a real damper on what was a really good Tribal Council. I was SOOOO waiting for the question of "Most Annoying" to come
17 messages
05-06-08 09:00 PM
Survivor - Fans vs. Has-Beens Love/Hate List - Week #11
Not a whole lot left to "love". Last week's list I appropriately assessed the "men" after the merge so I won't repeat that accurate observ
12 messages
04-30-08 10:40 PM
jason and james could have stayed [View All]
IF James told Jason what the girls were planning, he, Jason, Amanda (and I think they could have convinced Eric) could have voted for Parvat
38 messages
04-30-08 10:25 AM
Live Finale
Anyone know a way of scoring tickets to the live finale? Thanks in advance.
7 messages
04-29-08 11:00 AM
The Ponderosa Have any of you watched this yet? It's on the cbs website. Shows Eliza at Loser Lodge - which
20 messages
04-28-08 10:15 PM
Choo! Choo! Here comes the b*tch express and getting off? Natalie
Haha.. Who would believe it? She spends the entire game so far under the radar that the bugs don't even notice her. And then all of a sudden, in
8 messages
04-26-08 05:44 PM
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