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Watch The Real Hustle Season 11 Episode 8 online (S11E08) - Full Video Streaming
Watch The Real Hustle Season 11 Episode 8 online (S11E08) - Full Video Streaming Click here to Watch The Real Hustle Season 11 Episode
0 messages
03-16-12 06:18 AM
Colton [View All]
In all of my years of watching Survivor I have never been so disgusted by a player as I am with Colton. This guy makes Naonka look like an angel. Colt
34 messages
03-14-12 07:22 PM
Chivalry and the Double Dare Duh
CHIVALRY: to be or not to be. That is the question repeatedly raised throughout the first 3 episodes. So, boys and girls, what
10 messages
03-07-12 04:56 PM
Was Jeff off his game last night
There seemed to be something distracting Jeff during last night's show. I got the impression that he was not very excited about being there. He just
10 messages
02-27-12 12:48 PM
The Epic Fail Play by Play
In a somewhat lackluster episode 2 we saw quite possibly the most unlikely and humiliating IC loss of all time. Consider this%
14 messages
02-26-12 05:27 PM
Reality Star Auction items
Reality Stars from many Reality Shows plus our awesome So Cal Surf dogs are offering auction items in an amazing selection for you, their fans all o
3 messages
02-18-12 02:40 PM
Episode 1 Love/Loath List
Hey folks...still shaking off the rust from my time away. I did post a Love/Loath List but it's in the Bashers Forum. Going forward I'll post in
0 messages
02-16-12 10:50 PM
Preseason Ranking
Hey folks...back from my sabatical. Making up for lost time with a preseason ranking list. Not much to base it on other than interviews and promos but
9 messages
02-16-12 06:39 PM
Curious [View All]
Who here on the boards has ever sent in an app for Survivor? I'm guessing since we're all fanatics that the number might be high.
22 messages
02-13-12 11:24 AM
Survivor One World Cast Revealed
On official CBS site: 2187925864/survivor-one-world-meet-the-cast http://co
11 messages
01-27-12 00:06 AM
NEW SURVIVOR BOOK l-Bible-Greatest-Reality/dp/1468150979/ref=sr_1_2?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1325619584%2
1 messages
01-03-12 06:29 PM
Did they cut something?
Here is the overhead shot of the last challenge: ds/User_files/4ef7ea9e728577fd.jpg %
0 messages
12-25-11 11:41 PM
No more torch snuffing??
I know I'm late here but what happened to the F3 going up the hill to snuff out the torches of their fallen comrades?? I missed that! h
3 messages
12-23-11 02:25 PM
Lost in Translation and the Million Dollar Tears [View All]
I am totally lost in the edit of this season. I am discombobulated, horsejacked. Why spend the first 3 episodes on the ultimately meaningless
25 messages
12-23-11 02:23 PM
"RE;Lost in Translation and the Million Dollar Tears"
This is my first post and I hope that I get it correct. I have been a fan of Survivor since the very first show. Things on the show have changed a lot
5 messages
12-22-11 07:52 PM
And the winner is?
My guess is Ozzy makes it back into the game but loses one of the next two challenges and is voted out. Same for Albert and its either Coach or Sophi
12 messages
12-19-11 09:39 PM
Survivor- S23 - Love/Hate List - Ep.13- The Snoresome Fivesome [View All]
Zzzzzzz.... whuh? what? whuh? .... zzzzzz.... What? Who dat? Oh, yeah, yeah, okay. Here we go. This week t
21 messages
12-17-11 00:06 AM
God's Will......
Stop me if you've heard this one..... A man is stranded on an island trying to survive and win a million dollars so he can take care of h
1 messages
12-16-11 11:39 AM
Ozzy and Edna
What, no mention of the preview that seemed to show Edna beating Ozzy on RI. What was that about? http://community.reality
3 messages
12-14-11 08:32 PM
Survivor- S23 - Love/Hate List - Ep.12- [View All]
Well, I have to give the editing credit because I didn't see this coming. I'm not sure why a guy finishing 7th would get such a large part
31 messages
12-11-11 01:35 PM
Boston Rob in Toronto
Boston Rob will be at the "outdoor show" next week...and yes I got tickets even though I have no interest in camping or fishing..will make a bee l
1 messages
12-03-11 03:12 AM
Survivor- S23 - Love/Hate List - Ep.10- Savii's So Long
So, after all the false leads and head fakes, there is no more Savii, which is all good. I would say things are about to
8 messages
11-28-11 11:39 AM
Good News for Ethan
According to this article, Ethan's cancer is in remission:,- 20369764,00.html
7 messages
11-17-11 11:18 AM
Survivor- S23 - Love/Hate List - Ep.9- Like Lambs to the Slaughter [View All]
As soon as you heard that this was going to be a double dip, you had to know that some predictable Zapping was coming. As I did la
38 messages
11-17-11 11:17 AM
Calling all Survivor Fans....
Here's your big chance. Your big chance to compete in a Survivor Obstacle challenge against BOSTON ROB! It will be held in Toronto, here is all
2 messages
11-16-11 11:28 AM
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