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Lvoe List
1- Andrea: She was the only one to realize that Phillip's strategy could backfire. Sure, it could contain outsiders in case of a swap but it co
1 messages
03-11-13 09:41 PM
I'm guessing Phillip doesn't understand the concept of an "alliance"? When you're in an 8 person tribe, and you are in an 8 p
3 messages
03-08-13 08:02 PM
Lvoe List
If anyone wants to do this earlier each week, be my guest. I want to keep the tradition alive but I can't do it before Sundays. 1- Sher
2 messages
03-06-13 11:05 PM
Once Again I Can't Grasp The Fear...
of a hidden immunity idol... The main group has an opportunity to get rid of a hidden idol with 100% certainty...and they don't...becau
8 messages
03-06-13 06:03 PM
Lvoe List
Anyone interested in doing this? Here's my list: 1- Sherri: I really enjoyed the way she handle Shamu and got her way wi
3 messages
02-27-13 10:39 PM
Macolm gets a day job...
[ om-Freburg-1059965.aspx|It's so much nicer than Survivor!] Haven't watched B&B
7 messages
02-23-13 11:13 PM
Survivor: Player of the Season [View All]
Time to vote for your favorite player of the year! Go [ of_the_week/|here] to cast your vote.
49 messages
01-17-13 08:57 PM
S25 Philippines Episode 13 Love / Loathe List
Apparently, the theme of this episode is, “Denise wins Survivor.” Malcolm called it. Abi called it. So don’t be surprised if Michael wins it
6 messages
12-18-12 08:49 PM
S25 Philippines Episode 11 Love / Loathe List [View All]
Determining my rankings for this episode was rather difficult since I didn’t find anyone to be particularly unlikeable. I have to say though—I did
22 messages
12-14-12 05:52 PM
S25 Philippines Episode 12 Love / Loathe List
I don’t really have much to say about this episode. To me, at least, this is easily the most boring episode since the merge happened. Lisa final
4 messages
12-10-12 02:43 AM
Carter's Mom
[/br]... has got it goin' on.
3 messages
12-07-12 01:03 AM
Penner family member? Carter screws up.
I finally realized that Penner's loved one had to be there on the Island with the others. Although it seems like a week has passed for us, the rew
2 messages
12-06-12 07:11 PM
S25 Philippines Episode 10 Love / Loathe List
Eating my words seems to be the theme of my week. After I declared after Ep. 3 that this was the worst season since RI, I've gained much more appr
13 messages
11-30-12 06:08 PM
S25 Philippines Episode 9 Love / Loathe List
1. [b]Jonathan[/b] (10, 6, 5, 5, 6, 1, 1, 2) This was undeniably Jonathan's and Lisa's episode. From breaking the
3 messages
11-19-12 12:37 PM
Lisa Welchel Has West Nile Virus,- 20648388,00.html ds/User_files%
1 messages
11-16-12 10:36 AM
S25 Philippines Ep 7 & 8 Love / Loathe Lists
I hope I'm not stepping on people's toes by starting the thread, but we've had two of the best TCs of the season, and I would love to see so
5 messages
11-14-12 00:50 AM
S25 Philipines Ep. 6 Love/Loathe List
Let there be rice! Man, that was funny, all that angst over rice. Why funny? The astute student of the game, maybe even the odd returning
3 messages
10-30-12 06:01 PM
S25 Philipines Ep. 5 Love/Loathe List
Things are starting to take shape for the season, though some odd ignores in the edit. Matsing absorbed, it was a good week for Denise and Malcol
10 messages
10-26-12 05:02 PM
Mike knows that the enemy's gate is down.
I think Mike has read the book Ender's Game. His strategy last night in the reward challange seems to reflect that. He figured out first
1 messages
10-18-12 07:03 PM
Time to reshuffle tribes? Might be Denise and Malcolm's best chance to hang around a while. Especially if they would end up on the same tribe.
4 messages
10-17-12 01:41 PM
S25 Philipines Ep. 4 Love/Loathe List
Sorry to be so late getting this up, just not in the habit. Little movement this week. Like 01. Denise (1). 02
2 messages
10-16-12 05:54 PM
S25 Philipines Ep. 3 Love/Loathe List
And the Matsing collapse continues. The uneven composition of the three original tribes is really skewing this early game, and the editors are stre
17 messages
10-11-12 07:31 AM
S25 Phillipines Ep. 2 Love/Loathe List
And, unfortunately, with three tribes and only so much time in 40 minutes, divided by 5 celebs, well it wasn't a very interesting episode,
4 messages
09-30-12 05:57 PM
S25 Phillipinesd Love/Lloath List
V3 ds/User_files/4e46f78f850b5a49.jpg rob http://community.realitytvwo
12 messages
09-26-12 00:44 AM
Reunion show apologies
This year we had two people who apologized to America during the reunion show for their actions during the season. These were Colton for his bigotry
7 messages
09-22-12 07:54 PM
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