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Jenn Lyon Passed away
After a long battle with cancer, Jenn Lyon died last night.
20 messages
02-10-10 09:24 PM
Colby The Sexiest Survivor
Of all the guys on Survivor, Colby to me is the sexiest. He's filled my fantasies ever since the Australian Outback. So all you mature women who w
1 messages
02-08-10 06:37 PM
Good for Natalie! [View All]
I'm glad that finally a jury decided that 'playing the game' does not equal the player who evidences the most odious behavior; behavior that i
26 messages
02-06-10 08:03 PM
Hello Survivor Fans
[table][tr][td id="welcome"]To All That Read This Post: I hope I am not being too forward here, but I would like to t
4 messages
01-29-10 01:23 AM
CBS *almost* gets it right
On the CBS/Survivor website, you can upload your audition video. The top 10 will be selected, and the fans will get to vote. The win
0 messages
01-25-10 02:24 PM
Survivng Survivor
Just a heads up that CBS presents "Surviving Survivor" on Thursday, Feb 3 (one week before the 2 hour premiere of S20). [i]A
1 messages
01-23-10 12:20 PM
Survivor 20 - Players most likely to win
Based on previous All-Stars and Fans/Favs' thinking player's with the best chance to win are those like Amanda or Cirie. Players who aren't o
0 messages
01-15-10 07:09 AM
Time to increase the prize?
I'd love to see Castaway Productions make a "suprise" announcement increasing the winner's prize from 1,000,000.00 to 5,000,000.00...%
17 messages
01-14-10 07:07 PM
Premiere Date? [View All]
I dont get it.... Why isn't CBS premiering the show following the SuperBowl? Why hold it an extra 4 days, when you could put it on f
22 messages
01-14-10 03:52 PM
Season Theme Idea [View All]
I would love to see a season where all the players that were forced out of the game for medical reasons were brough back. Maybe call it "FALLEN HERO
26 messages
01-12-10 09:34 PM
The Jury Got it Right! [View All]
There have been a few jury decisions that haven't been accepted by many fans: Colby losing to Tina, Mariano losing to Amber and Amanda losing to
48 messages
01-11-10 09:34 PM
Survivor's 10th Anniversary Party
Survivor held a reunion part for its 10th anniversary There is an article about it at realityblurred: http://www.reality
6 messages
01-11-10 06:55 PM
All-Stars 3 on the way? archives/survivor_21/2010_Jan_05_future_plans If what this article says is true, Su
0 messages
01-06-10 05:44 AM
Quick off-season question
I was late to the party. Does anyone know of a good online site to watch the Survivor Africa season? I think that is the one where Ethan won. %
9 messages
12-26-09 01:50 PM
Impressions on the Merge:
For such a crappy season overall, we had quite an interesting merge episode. I'm not sure where I'd rank it but it would have to be up there wit
19 messages
12-24-09 01:53 PM
The PMS ratings: Samoa.
Rank this season's contestants on a 1-10 scale in the following categories: [b]Physical[/b] includes: performance in activi
8 messages
12-23-09 08:56 PM
Greatest Player Ever?? [View All]
with this whole talk of how good of a player russell is it got me wondering. So who do people think is the greatest player in the history of survivor.
56 messages
12-22-09 11:55 PM
"If you think you have what it takes..."
Next to "the tribe has spoken" and "wanna know what you're playing for," the most recognized phrase uttered by Jeff is at the end of the R
1 messages
12-22-09 06:46 AM
Survivor Love/Loathe List v19.FINAL
I was brought up with a religious background. I'm also pretty much up on current events. That being said I truly believe the Lord has more pressing
14 messages
12-22-09 01:44 AM
I didnt see that coming at all.
Who would have guessed that the foa foa team would vote of Shambo like that. I realize they want to stay the foa foa 4 some but I thought they would h
3 messages
12-21-09 04:36 PM
Decention in the ranks [View All]
Man did Monica stir up the pot or what? Russel is so rattled right now, and that is something he doesnt need. It will take his focus off the game%
72 messages
12-19-09 08:38 PM
What would you do if you were John? [View All]
After watching this past episode, I wonder about whether John made the best decision for himself in the game. In fact, right after it aired, it
66 messages
12-18-09 11:36 PM
Survivor Love/Loathe List v19.13
WAH, WAH, WAH...All he did was find HIIs. BOO-HOO. I guess the LA Lakers didn't [i]deserve[/i] to win because all they had was Kobe Br
20 messages
12-17-09 07:12 AM
Is Shambo stupid, gullible, or delusional? [View All]
Okay I've been watching her for a while now, and it seems to me like Shambo just doesn't get "it". It's like she doesn't see the "end
25 messages
12-14-09 06:12 PM
Has anyone else wondered.
I have loved Russel from Day 1, and when he found the hidden Immunity Idol, I was very impressed. Then I heard him say that he doesnt need the mon
11 messages
12-10-09 04:52 PM
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