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The Wrong Move Vs. the Right Reason [View All]
Obviously, the majority of the Surviverse is in elation at finally seeing Russell shown the fricking door last night. Of course, Redemption
37 messages
03-12-11 04:14 PM
Survivor 22 Episode #3 Lvoe List [View All]
Hahaha... I love the smell of defeated Russell in the morning. So, we finally see the day, the glorious day, when Russell takes the walk
21 messages
03-08-11 07:14 PM
Survivor 22 Episode #2 Lvoe List [View All]
After 2 episodes, Season 22 seems to have been casted at least in the mediocre range with a decent enough mix of the entertaining, the likab
21 messages
03-03-11 11:26 AM
Boston Rob's BIG Move
Wondering why we can not get more talk about the actual game of Survivor on this site. All these games and no talk. Id go to other sites but do n
Wacko Jacko
13 messages
03-03-11 08:28 AM
S22 Voting Thread
Hi, all. I've been pretty much on a hiatus for the past month or so, various reason including having to fight with the computer, try to clean
5 messages
03-01-11 01:48 AM
Survivor 22 Episode #1 Lvoe List
Since my friend Aruba doesn't seem to be around, I'll start this list but with Iltarion also MIA, I hope we can get some people to jump in and
6 messages
02-23-11 02:50 PM
Boston Rob: Seasons past...
Thought I'd bring over a few pics posted at They bring back some good times for all of you Boston Rob fans.... http://www.
12 messages
02-22-11 11:55 PM
S22 Cast Revealed deo/?pid=j2zSAg7dC7jyMLV8IecgNWbLHzdyJ75u
8 messages
02-17-11 08:32 PM
A different Rob and Russell Discussion
Rob and Russel as an Amazing Race team... Are they a threat to win, or do their differences/arguments get in the way?
4 messages
02-16-11 08:47 PM
It's official [View All] now has a headline that says: Survivor: Redemption Island Rob and Russell Return Former castaways Rob and Russell return
21 messages
02-03-11 09:45 PM
The new 'no votes for non-medical quitters' rule. [View All]
Side A: It's arguably about time. If you have no interest in fighting for your place in the game, then why should you have any say in determin
30 messages
01-12-11 02:06 PM
Survivor Hall of Fame Inductees [View All]
xftv is announcing a new inductee every day this week. Parvati is the first, and no surprise, she got the most votes. I think she's
29 messages
01-03-11 06:57 PM
Jessica Sugar Kiper (Gabon/Heros) and her new girlfriend
So remember Jessica Sugar Kiper from Gabon and then Heroes vs Villains? I thought she was dating JT... but apparently she has a girlfrien
7 messages
12-30-10 04:40 AM
Congrats to the Fabs [View All]
I have to say that though overall this was a downer season, mostly because the cast was unattractive and unlikable but also aided once again b
28 messages
12-30-10 04:36 AM
Fabio's previous life with A & C
Who woulda thunk? ds/User_files/4d0f790f19acc03c.html
Sagebrush Dan
3 messages
12-21-10 11:42 AM
Survivor Trivia [View All]
Here's a link to some good Survivor trivia, at ia Does anyone w
25 messages
12-21-10 09:51 AM
How did this happen? I want [strike]Lebowski[/strike] Fabio to take the prize home. Has he won you over yet? http:%
8 messages
12-20-10 10:12 PM
Am I the only one
who found this interesting... Going into tribal, it was basically Fabio or Benry.... Jeff said something about the fact that o
14 messages
12-20-10 10:09 PM
Absentee Ballots S21
I've decided to just have one thread for these for the rest of the season, bump it up when it is time for voting. How's it going?
15 messages
12-19-10 07:32 PM
Love/Loathe List
I will be out of state and miss Sunday's Finale/Reunion show. Not that I'm terribly disappointed being this season pretty much sucked. I also ma
8 messages
12-18-10 04:01 PM
A tribute to Jane
I for one was pleasantly surprised by how successful Survivor's casting of Jane was, and how well it worked out this season. There were some uniq
5 messages
12-18-10 12:48 PM
S21 Love/Loathe List Ep12 (13 if you count the ReCrap)
It's fun predicting the outcomes of future episodes, but I would NEVER have guessed at merge that HALF of the F6 would be 40+ players! But I d
20 messages
12-16-10 04:47 PM
Spoiler Free for me (support group) [View All]
It will be tough. It will be rough. I pledge not to peek, but I am so weak. Who else is going spoiler free this seas
79 messages
12-16-10 03:10 PM
Is there a rule about talking after a
Challenge, reward, tribal? I keep on noticing that after all these thing, it appears that someone, as they get back to camp, starts on abo
1 messages
12-16-10 12:23 PM
S21 Love/Loathe List Ep11 [View All]
I figured I'd get this up quickly to start working on my Summary. The previews during the Sunday football games more than suggested the inevitabilit
45 messages
12-09-10 08:29 PM
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