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TAR Lvoe List Volume 17.7
This week, teams set off from the pit stop, St. Issac's Cathedral, and traveled to Abtobo Circus for the detour - circus band - play a piece o
17 messages
11-14-10 07:54 PM
TAR 17 PTTE: Wk 7 Results Wk 8 Changes
[center] zing_race/photos/The_Amazing_Race_Season_17/ar17_cast.jpg [b][font size%3
1 messages
11-10-10 02:24 PM
TAR 17 PTTE: Wk 7 Changes & Tie-Breaker Questions
[center] zing_race/photos/The_Amazing_Race_Season_17/ar17_cast.jpg [b][font size%3
7 messages
11-08-10 06:21 PM
TAR17 Casino Game - Wk6 Results / Wk7 Entry [View All]
[h1]Good Detour![/h1] I was very impressed by the production of this leg, particularly in terms of the Detour options. Both
39 messages
11-07-10 11:19 PM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 17.6 [View All]
This week, teams bunched up on a train and airplane to get to St. Petersburg, Russia. Once in St. Petersburg, the next clue sends them to the de
23 messages
11-07-10 08:15 PM
TAR17 Casino Game - Wk5 Results / Wk6 Entry [View All]
[h1]No Bunching?[/h1] Those episodes of The Amazing Race where they don't have any bunching can be rough on those teams in th
37 messages
11-01-10 08:59 AM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 17.5 [View All]
This week, teams drove from Kiruna, Sweden to Narvik, Norway where they had to ride a gondola to a mountaintop. Nat & Kat, arriving first,
21 messages
11-01-10 07:54 AM
TAR 17 PTTE: Wk 5 Results Wk 6 Changes
[center] zing_race/photos/The_Amazing_Race_Season_17/ar17_cast.jpg [b][font size%3
0 messages
10-29-10 07:12 PM
TAR17 Casino Game - Wk4 Results / Wk5 Entry [View All]
[h1]First to Last[/h1] I wonder how often that seems to happen? Probably less than the average would be, but it's still in
44 messages
10-25-10 10:35 AM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 17.4
This week, teams flew from Accra, Ghana to Kiruna, Sweden. They were given airline tickets, but a few savvy teams searched for an earlier flig
13 messages
10-24-10 07:36 PM
TAR 17 PTTE: Wk 4 Results Wk 5 Changes
[center] zing_race/photos/The_Amazing_Race_Season_17/ar17_cast.jpg [b][font size%3
4 messages
10-24-10 07:09 PM
New twist
Considering it can only be once, good or bad addition to the race. Remember teams have already used the fast-forward yet came in last.
Earl Colby Pottinger
12 messages
10-18-10 08:27 PM
TAR17 Casino Game - Wk3 Results / Wk4 Entry [View All]
[h1]Stupid is as Stupid Does[/h1] Well, that middle section of the leg was an absolute mess. DIRECTIONS: Transfer
39 messages
10-17-10 09:07 PM
TAR 17 PTTE: Wk 3 Results Wk 4 Changes
[center] zing_race/photos/The_Amazing_Race_Season_17/ar17_cast.jpg [b][font size%3
4 messages
10-17-10 08:00 PM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 17.3
This week, teams remained in Ghana, so there was no airport bunching (that will probably change next week). Once teams set off fro
18 messages
10-17-10 07:16 PM
TAR17 Casino Game - Wk2 Results / Wk3 Entry [View All]
[h1]Glasses in Ghana[/h1] Sales tasks are usually some of my favorite ones on The Amazing Race. Usually, the most interaction
35 messages
10-10-10 07:58 PM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 17.2
This week, teams had to fly to Accra, Ghana and there was only one flight, so any lead was wiped out by bunching. Once there, teams
17 messages
10-10-10 07:52 PM
TAR 17 PTTE: Wk 2 Results Wk 3 Changes
Express Pass: Entry will only cost you 4 points this week only! [center] zing_race/phot
6 messages
10-10-10 00:12 AM
Phil got detained in the Ukraine
They didn't think he had the right paperwork and luckily they got it straightened out in time for him to make it to the mat http://
0 messages
10-07-10 04:22 PM
TAR 17 PTTE: Entry Thread
Welcome to a new season of The Amazing Race! [center] zing_race/photos/The_Amazing_Race_
16 messages
10-06-10 12:47 PM
BTAR 17.2 - Kustom Koffins & Shades
After a quicky kiss for a lucky tractor driver we're off to Ghana. Magic bunching point - whacky taxi trip - all to brief local history l
0 messages
10-04-10 10:32 PM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 17.1 [View All]
Welcome back to another season of TAR! This week, teams had to fly to the country of London, then find the stone hedge. Next up, th
24 messages
10-03-10 07:57 PM
TAR17 Casino Game - Wk1 Results / Wk2 Entry [View All]
[h1]Have Fun Storming the Castle![/h1] Oh, England. The Americans still think you're stuck in medieval times. A
39 messages
10-03-10 07:54 PM
That has GOT to hurt..
A clip from one of the road blocks in the upcoming season... re-a-watermelon-out-of-a-hug
12 messages
09-30-10 09:24 AM
I'm always late, I thought I would post my PTTE list and found no game. I would be willing to host the game if no one else wants to.%0
11 messages
09-28-10 08:41 PM
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