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TAR15 Casino Game - Wk3 Results / Wk4 Entry [View All]
[h1]Toni/Dallas'd![/h1] It's such a bummer to see Zev & Justin go this week, especially after finishing first. They
45 messages
10-18-09 11:29 PM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 15.3
On this episode, teams set off to Sean Penn, Cambodia! Two teams were not going to get on the same flight as the others, but then during the c
20 messages
10-18-09 07:35 PM
TAR15 PTTE: Week 3 Results, Week 4 Changes, Tiebreaker #1
Another week of TAR has gone by, and this time it was Zev/Justin falling for the old "hidden passport" trick after being first to arrive at th
Max Headroom
9 messages
10-18-09 07:31 PM
Wow talk about a fun race. You guys want the picks, and the points well here ya go. RACE RESULTS 1 Sam/Dan 100 2 Herber
7 messages
10-18-09 07:30 PM
No prize for the 1st place team this week?
I noticed when Zev and Justin hit the mat first Phil didn't mention anything about a prize for coming in first place for the leg. I thought maybe it
2 messages
10-13-09 06:18 PM
Hats off to Justin!
I was impressed with Justin throughout the race, especially last night. He took all the blame for losing Zev's passport even though it wasn%2
8 messages
10-12-09 02:02 PM
TAR15 Casino Game - Wk2 Results / Wk3 Entry [View All]
[h1]Smashy Smashy![/h1] That Roadblock was interesting to say the least. Usually, on The Amazing Race, teams are rewarded
50 messages
10-11-09 10:52 PM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 15.2
On this episode, teams spent the night traveling by boat to Vietnam. Once there, they had to get to Ho Chi Minh City. In the city, they had to f
16 messages
10-11-09 07:58 PM
Elimination 15.3 Results/Elimination 15.4 Picks
Wow talk about an interesting and intense race. You could tell a mile away who was going to be eliminated. Thanks to the 6 of you returning. I really
7 messages
10-11-09 06:25 PM
TAR15 PTTE: Week 2 Results, Week 3 Changes
Week 2 has come and gone, and to few people's surprise, Marcy and Ron were Philiminated. TAR history has taught us well, that the "older"
Max Headroom
1 messages
10-07-09 10:54 AM
TAR15 Casino Game - Wk1 Results / Wk2 Entry [View All]
[h1]Mean Spirited?[/h1] ...Or good TV? This season of The Amazing Race started out with a bang, as they eliminat
49 messages
10-05-09 05:49 PM
Elimination Station
I haven't watched it yet. Hopefully I can tonite. e/video/?pid=_1_eD2wZZ
12 messages
10-05-09 01:11 PM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 15.1 [View All]
Welcome, welcome, welcome! ... to another season of TAR and another season of the lvoe list! This is so easy. All you have to do i
21 messages
10-04-09 08:37 PM
Elimination 15.1/2 Results, 15.3 Picks
[b]*DEADLINE OCTOBER 4, 2009, 8PM.*[/b] Thanks to returning for a another season of the Elimination Game. We had a turn o
6 messages
10-04-09 05:02 PM
TAR15 PTTE: Week 1 Results, Week 2 Changes
The race is off and running, and due to the jumbo two-hour premiere, that gave us two Philiminations. Eric/Lisa were a very popular choice to b
Max Headroom
2 messages
09-30-09 00:49 AM
Wanna Play? The Amazing Race Cartoon Race!!!! Episode 1) Brazil..
I've created 12 Teams that are from cartoon series. Each series can only be used once. Your job is to vote the order of arrival. There will 4 Female
0 messages
09-29-09 06:10 PM
TAR15 PTTE signup thread [View All]
Thatís right, itís that time againótime for a TAR15 PTTE (Picks To The End) signup thread. Just like the last few seasons, I, Max Hea
Max Headroom
23 messages
09-29-09 03:43 PM
Suvivor 19:Samoa -- Episode 3 Pre-summary
Previously, on Survivor: Episode 2 [link:// rds/DCForumID1/3979.shtml|Pepe] Episo
1 messages
09-29-09 08:00 AM
TAR15 Casino Game - Rules & Week 1 Entry! [View All]
[h1]We're Back![/h1] Do you like The Amazing Race? Do you like playing games? Do you like complimentary cocktai
49 messages
09-28-09 03:26 PM
Duck -- duck -- duck -- duck -- duck -- duck --
-- [i][b]GOOSE![/b][/i] -- um... that's another duck. Never mind. Duck -- duck -- duck --%
4 messages
09-28-09 02:33 PM
Elimination 15.0 Picks
*DEADLINE SEPTEMBER 27th, 8 pm EST* Okay now that I got your attention. You have exactly just under 2 weeks to get your picks in.
7 messages
09-27-09 07:42 PM
Fantasy Amazing Race
Last season I started a fantasy amazing race game online and had a great time and I am doing it again this season. All registrations, information%2
0 messages
09-24-09 10:48 PM
TAR auditions for next season
Hello I am a noob to these boards, but no stranger to Reality TV participation, with a long history of partial success on another major show audit
1 messages
09-23-09 08:26 AM
2 Hour Premiere Sunday -- 9/27
I don't think they've had two hour premieres the last few rounds: 5%2
8 messages
09-14-09 05:45 PM
TAR 15 Racers
Does anyone know when we will find out the teams in the upcoming race? I'm getting inpatient for some reason and getting excited about the upcomin
8 messages
09-11-09 10:03 AM
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