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TAR23 Casino Game - Wk3 Results / Wk4 Entry [View All] ms02/TARCasinoBanner-1.jpg [h1]What Could Have Been[/h1] This w
25 messages
10-20-13 07:46 PM
New Podcast
Hey everyone I'm new here and I was hoping to shamelessly plug my podcast were my friend and I recap the latest episode of the amazing race. Oh also
0 messages
10-14-13 01:00 AM
TAR23 Casino Game - Wk2 Results / Wk3 Entry [View All] ms02/TARCasinoBanner-1.jpg [h1]Stripping for Salt[/h1] Putting
30 messages
10-13-13 07:44 PM
TAR Lvoe List 23.2
[center][font size=5][b][font color=green][font face=papyrus]Welcome to The Lvoe List[/center][/b][/font fac
3 messages
10-11-13 06:26 PM
TAR23 Casino Game - Wk1 Results / Wk2 Entry [View All] ms02/TARCasinoBanner-1.jpg [h1]And We're Off![/h1] Gotta sa
28 messages
10-06-13 08:46 PM
TAR23 Casino Game - Shuffle Up and Deal! [View All] ms02/TARCasinoBanner-1.jpg [h1]We're Back![/h1] Yes, we h
28 messages
09-29-13 07:50 PM
Photos of all previous cast
Does anyone have cast photos from every season? If so, can you post them or send them to me? I found the recent seasons on their site,
1 messages
07-08-13 08:26 AM
[b]NEED YOUR OWN REALITY SHOW!?[/b] [i]Is your life a living sitcom?[/i] [b]Do your friends always
1 messages
06-08-13 03:56 PM
TAR22 Casino Game - Results! ms02/TARCasinoBanner-1.jpg [h1]A Capital Finish[/h1] As someone
8 messages
05-13-13 11:09 AM
Production: Claps & Slaps [View All]
For notes on leg construction, task design, course layout, camera work, and the other elements which go into the actual assembly of the Race.
86 messages
05-11-13 10:40 AM
TAR 22 Detours [View All]
Apparently I labeled last season's thread as TAR22 Detours as well, but this really is for Season 22. For those of you who are new, o
23 messages
05-07-13 07:05 PM
TAR22 Casino Game - Finale Entry! ms02/TARCasinoBanner-1.jpg [h1]Kilting Me Softly[/h1] [font si
15 messages
05-05-13 07:01 PM
TAR Lvoe List - I know, I know
[center][font face=jokerman][font size=5]The Lvoe List[/center][/font face=jokerman][/font size=5] %0
2 messages
05-01-13 00:02 AM
TAR22 Casino Game - Wk9 Results / Wk10 Entry ms02/TARCasinoBanner-1.jpg [h1]But the Danger Must Be Growing...[/h1]
14 messages
04-28-13 07:57 PM
TAR22 Casino Game - Wk8 Results / Wk9 Entry [View All] ms02/TARCasinoBanner-1.jpg [h1]That's Love[/h1] It's been aw
21 messages
04-21-13 07:54 PM
TAR22 Casino Game - Wk7 Results / Wk8 Entry [View All] ms02/TARCasinoBanner-1.jpg [h1]Sadface[/h1] I'm mad at this s
22 messages
04-14-13 08:00 PM
Sorry to see Winnie and Pamela go
They were smart, cute, and very quotable. I hope they come back on an allstars or a Fav's season.
0 messages
04-05-13 01:08 PM
i finally have something to say
Hello my fellow voyeurs. Been a while since I posted. I have been content to just watch last couple seasons and enjoy and scream at the show in privat
4 messages
04-03-13 05:43 PM
TAR22 Casino Game - Wk6 Results / Wk7 Entry [View All] ms02/TARCasinoBanner-1.jpg [h1]Making Fire[/h1] ...Is not so ea
29 messages
03-31-13 07:59 PM
TAR22 Casino Game - Wk5 Results / Wk6 Entry [View All] ms02/TARCasinoBanner-1.jpg [h1]Much U-Turn About Nothing[/h1] L
34 messages
03-25-13 01:52 PM
TAR22 Casino Game - Wk4 Results / Wk5 Entry [View All] ms02/TARCasinoBanner-1.jpg [h1]In Case of Emergency[/h1] For th
31 messages
03-17-13 07:44 PM
TAR22 Casino Game - Wk3 Non-Results / Wk4 Entry [View All] ms02/TARCasinoBanner-1.jpg [h1]Hobbling Along[/h1] It's such
26 messages
03-10-13 07:52 PM
TAR22 Casino Game - Wk2 Results / Wk3 Entry [View All] ms02/TARCasinoBanner-1.jpg [h1]Just Switch![/h1] It's such
25 messages
03-03-13 08:58 PM
TAR Lvoe List 22.2
[center][b][font size=5][font face=jokerman]Season 22 - The Lvoe List[/center][/b][/font size=5][/font fac
6 messages
03-03-13 03:21 PM
TAR22 Casino Game - Wk1 Results / Wk2 Entry [View All] ms02/TARCasinoBanner-1.jpg [h1]Sand Castle Luckfest[/h1] Whenev
28 messages
02-24-13 08:54 PM
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