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New Reality Series
We are a new reality TV program that is putting its foot down and changing the unrealistic and unattainable standards of the fashion and beauty
0 messages
10-26-15 09:31 AM
TAR 27 under way
Just heard on local radio. Teams started out from Venice Beach this morning in an open-to-the-public start (like they did earlier at Times Square)
4 messages
07-19-15 08:19 PM
Teams of TAR 26
I find myself liking most of the teams in this race. So far aside from the team that got lost I find myself liking the other teams alot.
Earl Colby Pottinger
3 messages
03-13-15 03:17 PM
TAR 25 Cast
This season includes a twist, with six pre-existing couples and five who meet for the first time at the start line. Should be interesting. %
11 messages
02-25-15 10:45 AM
Does anybody like any of the remaining teams?
Between * Candy Girls who are nice enough but has basically lucked up into being in the finals over their own incompetence. %
4 messages
01-13-15 04:23 PM
Betheny, the Beast.
Only one arm, and physically she has the rest of the racers intimidated. What a woman. [breast mode] http:%
1 messages
12-08-14 07:22 PM
-Are you trying to change your nationality or identity ? -Do you need work papers to apply for a job? -Do you want to travel and you don
1 messages
12-08-14 02:29 PM
Important TAR Casino Game announcement
Hey everyone, I wanted to give everyone on the TAR Casino Game. I was kind of alluding to this in the finale thread from last season, but I feel
10 messages
10-21-14 10:22 PM
10 Time Emmy Winner
The most honored reality show in television history should get more respect that being relegated to a Friday night dead zone time slot.
0 messages
08-26-14 10:46 AM
Not sure if TARA or TAR OZ is my fave, both are tougher than TAR with TARA being stupidly more physical at times, but the thing that I really like
0 messages
08-06-14 05:58 AM
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0 messages
07-02-14 10:37 AM
Reality Television Tourism
Hello Members! I am a doctoral student at Texas Tech University that is obsessed with all things pop culture and reality television. I a
1 messages
05-26-14 03:51 PM
TAR24 Casino Game - Results! ds/User_files/5305adeb214badfd.gif [h1]Fix My Lights[/h1] Since t
10 messages
05-23-14 11:33 PM
Productions: Semi-Stars Claps & Slaps [View All]
For notes on leg construction, task design, course layout, camera work, and the other elements which go into the actual assembly of the Race.
80 messages
05-21-14 09:05 AM
TAR 24 (All-Stars) Detours [View All]
Sorry this thread took so long, I was unable to log in to the site for some reason, and finally just had to register again. So I know some of thes
26 messages
05-19-14 12:23 PM
TAR24 Casino Game - Finale Entry! ds/User_files/5305adeb214badfd.gif [h1]On the Bubble[/h1] Those p
16 messages
05-18-14 07:50 PM
If I could change how the race is ran.
We have gone down this route before, but the more races we see the more we think about changes to make. My choices: 1) No
Earl Colby Pottinger
7 messages
05-17-14 05:38 PM
Thoughts on TAR moving to Fridays in Fall 2014?
I like that it won't be constantly delayed, but Fridays? Really?! -lineup-2
6 messages
05-15-14 05:28 PM
How About Some LVOE?!!! - Finale
[b]Show Me Some LVOE!!![/b] I miss the LVOE list : ) And I am guilty of being an infrequent poster in the past couple
1 messages
05-15-14 08:13 AM
Airline tickets and such
It's been mentioned over and over about the teams actually having to buy 4 tickets instead of just 2 so production can stay with them. I%
10 messages
05-13-14 07:01 PM
TAR24 Casino Game - Wk10 Results / Wk11 Entry ds/User_files/5305adeb214badfd.gif [h1]The Pointless Alliance[/h1] %
14 messages
05-12-14 00:13 AM
TAR24 Casino Game - Wk9 Results / Wk10 Entry ds/User_files/5305adeb214badfd.gif [h1]Shut Up, Dave: Part Deux![/h1]%
16 messages
05-04-14 07:55 PM
TAR24 Casino Game - Wk8 Results / Wk9 Entry ds/User_files/5305adeb214badfd.gif [h1]Shut Up, Dave.[/h1] I ca
19 messages
04-27-14 08:00 PM
Express Pass Strategy
So I'm curious what you all think about the Cowboy's Express Pass strategy? Ultimately it worked, and I don't think it was terrible, but I
3 messages
04-22-14 03:23 PM
TAR24 Casino Game - Wk7 Results / Wk8 Entry ds/User_files/5305adeb214badfd.gif [h1]There Were Rocks in the Way[/h1]%0
19 messages
04-20-14 07:55 PM
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