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TAR Lvoe List Volume 16.12 (Finale)
[h1][center]…and the winners are: Dan and Jordan!!![/center][/h1] Well, well, well... I can’t believe
14 messages
05-13-10 11:37 AM
TAR 16 Roadblock Tally [View All]
Hello again! Another season of TAR, another set of tasks that only one team member may perform. [b]Episode 1: Walk Cable[/b%
45 messages
05-10-10 09:58 AM
TAR16 Casino Game - Finale Entry! [View All]
[h1]Language Barrier[/h1] It's been awhile since they've had a language barrier problem like that. It was so bad that it lit
23 messages
05-09-10 07:58 PM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 16.11 [View All]
[h1][center]Under Pressure![/center][/h1] On this episode, teams continued to race around Shanghai. When they left
25 messages
05-09-10 07:23 PM
TAR 16 Detours [View All]
This thread has died out the last few seasons, but I thought I'd try again. Which detour would you choose? I'd definitel
24 messages
05-07-10 10:33 PM
season 16
I'm also a big fan of the Amazing Race. Anyone else feel like this is definitely not the best season?
0 messages
05-06-10 05:05 PM
TAR16 PTTE: Week 11 Results, Week 12 Changes
Not much to say here-- after eight philiminations, [b]louislam[/b] is still the man to beat, with a perfect score. Great picks!
Max Headroom
0 messages
05-05-10 10:50 PM
TAR16 Casino Game - Wk10 Results / Wk11 Entry [View All]
[h1]Of Pasta and Puzzles[/h1] That was an interesting leg, having two Roadblocks instead of doing a Detour. It would be kind o
22 messages
05-02-10 07:47 PM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 16.10 [View All]
[h1][center]Double Trouble![/center][/h1] On this episode, teams left Singapore destined for Shanghai, China. On
24 messages
05-02-10 07:14 PM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 16.9 [View All]
[h1][center]Stupid Is As Stupid Does, Sir![/center][/h1] On this episode, teams rode a bus then a train from Pen
32 messages
04-25-10 10:41 PM
TAR16 Casino Game - Wk9 Results / Wk10 Entry [View All]
[h1]Death By U-Turn[/h1] Well, if there's been anything we've learned about this show this season, it's that a U-Turn c
27 messages
04-25-10 07:52 PM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 16.8 [View All]
[h1][center]Reversal of Fortune![/center][/h1] On this episode, teams flew from the Seychelles islands to Penang%2
27 messages
04-19-10 01:59 AM
TAR16 Casino Game - Wk8 Results / Wk9 Entry [View All]
[h1]Mirror Image[/h1] That was a pretty weird episode. It featured quite possibly the greatest comeback ever in Amazing Race his
39 messages
04-18-10 12:24 PM
TAR16 PTTE: Week 9 Results, Week 10 Changes
Maybe I'm in the minority, but I haven't liked this season very much. One thing's for sure, [b]louislam[/b] is liking this season
Max Headroom
0 messages
04-15-10 10:17 PM
I like Brandy & Carol. [View All]
I have a dark suspicion whispering that I may be the only one who does... Part of it is probably that I've been waiting for this team for
34 messages
04-13-10 08:44 PM
Lvoe List -- Congeniality Based Rankings
Hi All. Recently, I have noticed that the Teams that rank highest on the lvoe list are generally Teams that stay clear of the cattiness/bitternes
1 messages
04-13-10 04:37 PM
TAR16 PTTE: Week 8 Results, Week 9 Changes
I've been on vacation all week, so this will be short and sweet. [b][font size=4]0 - louislam[/b][font size=2]
Max Headroom
0 messages
04-11-10 12:10 PM
TAR16 Casino Game - Wk7 Results / Wk8 Entry [View All]
[h1]Comedy of Errors[/h1] Wow, that was a trainwreck of an episode. Of the five teams that performed the Coconut Detour, thr
43 messages
04-05-10 07:17 PM
Hey, so you’re an ‘Amazing Race’ fan huh? Well, did you know that the latest eliminated cast members are joining us in a live chat this af
0 messages
04-05-10 01:05 PM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 16.7 [View All]
[h1][center]I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts...![/center][/h1] On this episode, teams flew from Champagne,
25 messages
04-04-10 07:44 PM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 16.6 [View All]
[h1][center]Sour Grapes![/center][/h1] On this episode, teams drove themselves to Reims, France to search for No
23 messages
03-28-10 10:17 PM
TAR16 Casino Game - Wk6 Results / Wk7 Entry [View All]
[h1]Bare Bones[/h1] This thread is going to be a bit "bare bones" this week, as I'm going to be away for a lot of this we
41 messages
03-28-10 07:59 PM
Take my survey! urvey Please fill it out, it only takes two minutes! Thank you!
5 messages
03-26-10 08:57 AM
TAR 16 PTTE: Week 6 Results, Week 7 Changes
Does this season remind anyone else of the Family Edition season? While I'm not a big fan of bunching, that's three legs in a row with few op
Max Headroom
3 messages
03-26-10 08:00 AM
Less chance to catch up?
It seems like this season and at least the last season it seems the destinations are in the same country or close enough to take transportation other
5 messages
03-23-10 08:12 PM
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