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TAR14 PTTE: Week 4 Results
Debacle. I haven't checked Jims02's casino, but the departure of Amanda/Kris wreaked havoc with the scores over here in the PTTE ga
Max Headroom
3 messages
03-19-09 10:15 AM
Dear Jiffie, [View All]
Until and unless you bother to provide visual proof, Phil is now officially in better shape than you. Sincerely, Estee & t
22 messages
03-18-09 07:46 PM
If you go here l.amazing.2.952261.html Its March 21, 2009 from 10-4 pm. %0
0 messages
03-18-09 08:48 AM
The Amazing Race... Rebooted?
Y'know, it's amazing what some new editing can do for a TV show. It's weird. This season's premiere seemed really fresh and nove
18 messages
03-17-09 11:35 PM
TAR14 Casino Game - Week 4 Results / Week 5 Entry [View All]
[h1]Siberian Jenga[/h1] Watching those teams stack those blocks of wood was, like, the most exciting thing ever. Even better
55 messages
03-17-09 07:42 AM
Elimnation 14.4 Results/14.5 Picks
Wow talk about an interesting race. Who wants to do the bobsled. I know I sure would. Also as you can see this week was nobody was eliminated...And it
15 messages
03-15-09 06:45 PM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.4 [View All]
[h2][center]You Go Girls!!![/center][/h2] This week, teams had to travel to Siberia from Romania. They had to
24 messages
03-15-09 06:23 PM
My Strange TAR related dream...
ok, I had a really vivid dream about The Amazing Race, and needed to create an account to post a specific point about the dream. So,
6 messages
03-15-09 03:45 PM
The Bonnie Hunt Show
As I type this Amanda and Kris are on the Bonnie Hunt Show.. [img] /boards/User_files/499
0 messages
03-12-09 11:32 AM
TAR14 Casino Game - Week 3 Results / Week 4 Entry [View All]
[h1]No Risk![/h1] I can't stand it when a team gets stuck in an airport. It doesn't make for a very gripping episode. I m
66 messages
03-10-09 03:34 PM
Some say the Detour will end in fire...
And some say in ice. Of the two, it really doesn't matter which you pick, because both are nightmares, which will suffice. %0
1 messages
03-10-09 03:04 PM
TAR14 PTTE Week 3 Results, 1st Tiebreaker
Separation. At last we have a little separation in the results! Few people were surprised by Brad/Victoria's early departure, but not everyo
Max Headroom
18 messages
03-08-09 06:55 PM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.3 [View All]
[h2][center]Gymnasts, Gypsies and [i]Dracula[/i]?[/center][/h2] YOU.GUYS.ROCK! It's great to see so
31 messages
03-08-09 06:34 PM
Elimination 14.3 Results/ 14.4 Picks
Talk about a bad leg for some of the contestants, and some of the players. Alright I'm going to go ahead and give you the scores.. I'
15 messages
03-08-09 06:27 PM
My close encounter of the Jodi, Arthur & Anita kind!
Woo Hoooo!!! I got to meet Jodi Wincheski and her boyfriend, as well as Arthur & Anita Jones from TAR 13! [b]'Amaz
4 messages
03-08-09 05:54 PM
A moment of silence for Mel White.
Who, by openly declaring in front of a camera that his deity has better things to do than save his pulled groin, just lost the support of every se
8 messages
03-03-09 01:24 AM
TAR14 Casino Game - Week 2 Results / Week 3 Entry [View All]
[h1]American Clowns![/h1] I'm sensing a theme for this season. Humiliate the contestants in as many countries as possible.
55 messages
03-02-09 00:08 AM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.2 [View All]
[h2][center]Is There a Beer Challenge?[/center][/h2] [center][h3]'cause I need one![/h3][/center] %
31 messages
03-01-09 07:51 PM
14.1 Results/14.2 Picks
Wow talk about a fun amazing race this season. Its going to get rocky here with all these close finishes. Alright here we go lets get to th
13 messages
03-01-09 07:28 PM
TAR14 PTTE Week 2 Results
One is the loneliest number. It's also a very popular score this week, as a vast majority of players thought this week's eliminated t
Max Headroom
1 messages
02-24-09 05:15 PM
FYI--the Travel Channel reruns episodes Fridays at 7 PM CST. msg
Ya'll have made me laugh so much, especially the recaps. Thinking about the Romber season post about the airport with "photos" that looked sus
0 messages
02-23-09 03:12 PM
TAR14 Casino Game - Week 1 Results / Week 2 Entry [View All]
[h1]Like a Rolling... Cheese!?!?![/h1] </Bob Dylan> A new season has started an the same old crap happ
52 messages
02-22-09 08:01 PM
TAR Lvoe List Volume 14.1 [View All]
[h2][center]Willkumm!!![/center][/h2] Welcome back to another edition of TAR and the Lvoe List! If you don't
28 messages
02-22-09 07:28 PM
TAR14 PTTE Week 1 Results
Let me open by saying that we have 26 players this season, a great turnout! Here's hoping everyone has as much fun playing the game as I do hos
Max Headroom
8 messages
02-22-09 06:19 PM
Elimination Game 14.0 Results/14.1 Picks
Welcome you all back to this years Elimination game. This was a new start for The Amazing Race. We had a total of 14 players. Thats more than any othe
15 messages
02-22-09 05:24 PM
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