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DWTS#7, Episode 5, ECST [View All]
Please keep all thoughts of what promises to be the MOST SHOCKING EPISODE EVER here until the west coast can pick their collective jaws off of the flo
64 messages
10-13-08 11:01 AM
DWTS#7, Episode 6, ECST [View All]
Please keep tonight's Night of Filler, including Jennifer Hudson here until the West coast gets to see if the Red Light Special comes out to play%
26 messages
10-12-08 07:39 PM
Dancing With The Stars PTTE Week #4 (temporary hold)
What does it mean when the only person who goes home did so for injury? Besides VFTW partying like they'll actually mean something for more than
0 messages
10-08-08 11:14 AM
Rants, raves about this year's show.
What are your opinions about the overall show this year? Like it? Loathe it? Meh about it? Of course, in true DAW fashion, I
Sagebrush Dan
15 messages
10-08-08 09:13 AM
10/6 - Who will be eliminated?
I hate to say it, really I do, but it's Cloris' time. Although I was thoroughly entertained by her dance this evening, I can't say that a
10 messages
10-07-08 04:58 PM
DWTS #7 Spoilers
Don't open if you don't want to know.
5 messages
10-07-08 02:03 AM
Dancing With The Stars PTTE Week #3
So with VFTW officially in play, does this mean your lists are being deliberately sabotaged from without? Dunno. Who do you know at VFTW who hat
3 messages
10-06-08 05:39 PM
Dancers more popular than the Celebs?
The celebs that appear frequently are doing so because they don't have a job, and would like to get one, but the dancers are now becoming more w
mocha madness
0 messages
10-03-08 06:18 PM
DWTS#7, Episode 5, ECST [View All]
Hark! I bring to you the third Red Light of Doom within a week! I also bring to you the second Night of Filler as well! Tonight we
28 messages
10-01-08 03:52 PM
Samantha Harris To-Do List
1. Learn the definition of "albeit" and how to use it properly in a sentence.
5 messages
09-30-08 12:40 PM
DWTS#7, Episode 4, ECST [View All]
Please limit discussion of tonight's Mambos and Paso Dobles here until the West Coast have either bleached their eyes from seeing what havoc Cloris
62 messages
09-30-08 02:40 AM
Dancing With The Stars PTTE Week #2
You know it's an official game when we can't get through the first week without someone cheating. :) Two people here started their lists [
2 messages
09-29-08 12:14 PM
DWTS#7, Episode 3, ECST [View All]
Tonight, someone else will see the Red Light Of Doom, after the Hour of Filler.
36 messages
09-26-08 04:22 PM
Behind the scenes clout of Corky Ballas.
Supposedly Ballas has enough influence to get good partners for his son and surrogate chidren, the Houghs. This might be fact or just an
2 messages
09-26-08 10:52 AM
DWTS#7, Episode 2, ECST [View All]
[b]Tonight[/b], 13 becomes 12. Those who did Latin (Cha Cha Cha) must do Ballroom. Those who did Ballroom (Fox Trot) must do Lat
67 messages
09-24-08 09:54 AM
DWTS#7, Episode 1, ECST [View All]
Please keep tonight's one gendered dancing here to a minimum, while we figure out who's dancing tonight, and how awful the music will be this
88 messages
09-23-08 05:25 PM
Presenting your DWTS Drinking Game!
OK I am counting on all you dedicated DWTS fans to take up the slack until I get the all clear to participate in this. I must live vicariously throug
4 messages
09-23-08 01:49 PM
Dancing With The Stars #7 Picks To The End Game
Can you predict dancing talent? Fanbase turnout? The never-ending ability of the DWTS camera crew to focus on each other at the exact moment so
15 messages
09-23-08 09:56 AM
Where is our DWTS Drinking Game???
Can't remember who starts this thread, but come on! We only have a few days left, and we have NOTHING to fall back on, people!!!
1 messages
09-17-08 06:09 PM
The DWTS #7 contestanrs are: [View All]
Lance Bass (singer/went out with the man who stole HD's life) Toni Braxton (singer/probably has an album coming out soon)
25 messages
09-10-08 12:46 PM
Time to 'name that star' again!
OK, we've heard rumors that Kim Kardashian will be on DWTS, and the cat will be out of the bag on the 25th of this month. BUT, just for the he
11 messages
08-26-08 08:33 AM
Actors, Singers, Athletes and now
Politicians looking to use up the last few seconds of their 15 minutes t-former-vp-dan-qu
2 messages
08-15-08 12:17 PM
Tom Bergeron is hosting the Emmys
I love Tom and Dancing with the Stars and I can't wait to see Tom host the Emmys on Sept 21! What do you guys think?
0 messages
08-13-08 04:24 PM
Question for DWTS Fans
How many of you would stop watching the show if the producers decided to cast a gay man or a lesbian on the show and paired them with a same-sex partn
11 messages
08-06-08 01:14 PM
Other Dancing Shows while DWTS is on Hiatus
this show is awesome. but, if you're looking for a little more variety in dance, check out America's Got Talent on NBC too! Burle
1 messages
06-14-08 07:09 PM
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