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Are lifts allowed this season?
I am only watching on and off this season but the other night I saw Brooke do a routine filled with lifts. Carrie Anne mentioned something about her
18 messages
11-24-08 05:00 PM
DWTS#7, Episode 19, ECST [View All]
It's time for the Semi-Finals Result Show! Tonight the filler will be super-sized because they plan on doing two hours starting with th
41 messages
11-19-08 11:29 AM
DWTS#7, Episode 18, ECST [View All]
So we're here at the Semi-Finals. Two dances again this week, plus they get a taste of Len's Master Dance Class, so that guarantees that one
46 messages
11-18-08 03:02 PM
Dial Idol predictions
Not sure how many voters really use this for DWTS so no idea how accurate these will end up being. Early in the season usually is much worse than lat
19 messages
11-18-08 09:04 AM
DWTS#7, Episode 17, recap
This is what happened on Tuesday, if you happened to miss the show while we were down: The Encore Dance was Warren/Kym's "Peter G
10 messages
11-17-08 01:50 PM
DWTS#7, Episode 16, ECST [View All]
So, we're now down to 5, and this week they're definitely gonna do two dances [b]as couples[/b]. However, in the Latin dance, t
69 messages
11-10-08 10:25 PM
DWTS#7, Episode 15, ECST [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's filler and vote results on this thread until the West Coast gets to find out the race was called before they
44 messages
11-06-08 04:27 PM
DWTS#7, Episode 14, ECST [View All]
Oh Clorky????? *drop, kick..... it's good! Victory dance!* Clorky's finally gone, VFTW has sworn revenge, but probably
62 messages
11-05-08 02:28 PM
DWTS #8, 11/3
The team dances really broke the scores into the top three and the bottom three. It's a shame, but I think Cody is up for elimination this week.
2 messages
11-04-08 11:30 AM
Dancing With The Stars PTTE Week #7 (and bonus game)
Our long national nightmare is over -- wait: Election Day is [i]next[/i] week. Okay, the [i]other[/i] long nation
11 messages
11-03-08 08:10 PM
DWTS#7, Episode 13, ECST [View All]
All right, Clorky got, by far, the worst score of the week, and produced one of two pitiful performances in the group Hip-Hop Dance number. C
32 messages
10-29-08 09:08 PM
Can we keep Michael Flannery Forever???
Please, please, double please?? I'll even VFTW, if that helps!! (Maybe...). Love his attitude, his accent, his FA
9 messages
10-29-08 03:29 PM
JEERS to DWTS casting people.
JEERS to the DWTS casting people. I watch DWTS to see people grow as dancers AND the trill of seeing professional dancers performing. I don't watc
0 messages
10-29-08 12:13 PM
I can't believe Cloris is still there
So between the judges artificially inflating her scores and the public at large thinking it's really cool to see her stay, at the expense of those
20 messages
10-28-08 06:44 PM
DWTS#7, Episode 12, ECST [View All]
Another week, another chance for Clorky to cause carnage via VFTW and, if you believe a "source", voters from the other networks to bring th
45 messages
10-28-08 03:26 PM
Paige Jones
The DUI doesn't surprise me. Dig a little deeper. Did her dance resume include the fact that she previously danced in a club?? Also, check out
2 messages
10-27-08 04:09 PM
It's time to go....Cloris was one of my favorite actresses...but now she is like Phyllis Diller!!! Really hate to see her act in such a disgus
1 messages
10-25-08 03:19 PM
cloris leachman
She's going WAY beyond whats necessary or needed to make people laugh...she's really OBNOXIOUS! She should have been off the show already.
1 messages
10-24-08 10:24 PM
DWTS#7, Episode 10, ECST [View All]
Tonight, we get to see four new dances. West Coast Swing, Hustle, Jitterbug, and Salsa. If anyone gets the Hustle, it's a safe predictio
47 messages
10-23-08 05:01 PM
DWTS#7, Episode 11, ECST [View All]
So, Len's gonna leave us for a week, is he? And we get to find out who's gonna take his seat for the week? Hoo boy. Oh.yeah.
32 messages
10-23-08 04:54 PM
Dancing With The Stars PTTE Week #5 (and bonus game).
The first person to try saying anything about how Rocco's departure will lead to Cheryl losing the sixty unnecessary tons will have five thousand pe
4 messages
10-17-08 09:13 PM
A few observations....
I am not happy now....NOOOOO Edyta for the rest of the season!! I just love her dancing! I am really sorry to see her gone so soon. I
17 messages
10-15-08 05:42 PM
DWTS#7, Episode 8, ECST [View All]
Another Night of Filler, another Red Light of Doom. Keep it here until the screams of Clorky being saved yet again hit the west coast....
23 messages
10-15-08 11:39 AM
DWTS#7, Episode 7, ECST [View All]
So, Rocco was Dead Fricking Last last week and would've probably been eliminated if Misty May was well enough to dance and not have to withdraw...
45 messages
10-14-08 07:01 PM
is any one else sad they will not see max ,,,,
I am sooo disappointed that Max's run was so short. Sorry about Misty's injury, but no MAX!!! Get rid of Cloris, thank goo
2 messages
10-14-08 04:02 PM
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