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Dancing With The Stars #6 Episode #4 (really) East Coast Update Thread (results)
Please keep the opening of our endless filler parade on this thread until the West Coast gets to see how the show plans on stretching out an hour befo
19 messages
03-26-08 10:46 AM
I think the show is fixed. The skater will win. Also, Matlin got sympathy points.
When Mario Lopez didn't win during a previous season, I thought that the show was fixed. Mario is a good dancer and very popular. I think he got t
11 messages
03-25-08 09:04 PM
Jason Taylor blogs with the stars
'tis the season: first Alexis nearly contract-violations herself out of existence, and now Jason goes online with just a little more paperwork
1 messages
03-25-08 03:18 PM
Dancing With The Stars #6 Episode #4 East Coast Update Thread [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's Superleg fiasco (extended competition, double elimination, and if you want to win, your legs had bet
62 messages
03-25-08 08:23 AM
Dancing With The Stars Love List V6.1
You've seen all twenty-four. Who do you love? Who do you loathe? Who will Bruno completely lose his mind over next, which isn't exactly a
16 messages
03-21-08 09:06 AM
Dancing With The Stars #6 Episode #2 East Coast Update Thread [View All]
[i]oh yes it's ladies' night and the steps are completely wrong the camera work still svcks oh what a night there ar
44 messages
03-19-08 01:03 PM
Dancing With The Stars #6 Episode #1 East Coast Update Thread. [View All]
Can you provide near-instant mini-summaries of typical Week #1 performances that hedge on the border of nightmare? Are you capable of not only id
62 messages
03-18-08 03:40 PM
How do they come up with the Pairings?
I've never heard it discussed how they come up with the pairings. Do they try to match up size, or just have a random drawing? I wonder how far
7 messages
03-18-08 12:31 PM
Kudos to Karina for coming back so soon after surgery!!
Geez, just seeing her on that floor last night, so soon after having a cervical disc procedure was making me cringe! I'm not sure e
2 messages
03-18-08 12:16 PM
It's that time again! Dust off your shot glasses! liques23.gif Yes, I have saving up my liver cells for a really special reason --
6 messages
03-18-08 09:20 AM
Note to Mel B and Maxim-after the fact
Just want you to know, Mel, that IMHO, American HAS embraced you, and you were and ARE an amazing dancer! I feel you graced that
2 messages
03-01-08 04:38 PM
DWTS 6: Stars Rumored to Dance [View All]
I thought I'd start a thread on the stars rumored to be participating in DTWS 6 in the spring. We've all heard that Donny O may be ther
21 messages
02-12-08 05:00 PM
Tony Dovolani and Elena!
I just saw the trailer for America's Ballroom Challenge. Tony & Elena are dancing with each other again! It starts January 30th on PBS. I can
0 messages
01-22-08 03:08 PM
Anywhere to learn dance?
Hi guys, I love hip-hop dance and I wish to learn but I donít know any good classes or academic. Anyone can introduce me to a place? Any r
1 messages
01-14-08 08:20 AM
My dream was to be a dancer when I was growing up. It constantly botheres me, and stays on my mind. I wonder if it is to late to start dancing now t
1 messages
01-08-08 09:03 AM
Sabrina and Mark
Sabrina and Mark are hosting a new Year's Eve Party at Citizen Smith in Hollywood that is open to the public. Mark's band with Derek Hough is als
0 messages
12-21-07 05:58 AM
who do you what too see do the show
who would you like too see do the show in the future at some time i have a long list of celebs that i would like too see do the show some day. %0
4 messages
12-13-07 07:46 PM
Jennie, Helio: personal lives, pushing products, talking politely about other dancers
I saw Jennie on a talk show. She said that she has three children: she said that's very important. The interviewer asked her if Marie's fainting
8 messages
12-10-07 09:59 PM
Comment from the moderators
Since this is a thread-based community, I've locked some of the duplicate threads. Please remember to play nice with other posters. W
1 messages
12-06-07 01:01 PM
RE: Donny O!!!???
The message boards over at DWTS are rampant with rumors that Donny Osmond wants to and/or will be on the Next season of DWTS. Your
13 messages
12-03-07 10:13 PM
Helio Leaves His Girlfriend - Are him and Julianne Together?
I read that Helio called off his wedding. He was engaged when he started DWTS and now he's not. Do you think Julianne has something to do with it. T
9 messages
11-29-07 02:44 PM
what was the song please
hi on monday 11-26 on the finale mel danced her second dance it was the freestyle i think what was the song? please someone tell me. its drivin
11 messages
11-29-07 01:23 PM
Dancing With The Stars #5 Final Results East Coast Update Thread [ [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's filler, filler, filler and results all two hours of it on this thread until after the show has aired on
66 messages
11-28-07 03:24 PM
Marie Needs To Be Kicked Off!!!
I can't stand her! Sabrina was doing, by far, better than Marie. What the hell is wrong with American voters on this show?! How about you
1 messages
11-28-07 01:43 PM
Marie was Such a Sore Loser!
Did anyone else think that Marie was an incredibly sore loser. I can't believe she called herself Cinderella! And nobody cares how old
1 messages
11-28-07 12:17 PM
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