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Pro Dancer/Star Taunting thread
Since we're already seeing shots fired across the bow of other couples in the news, I think it might be a good idea to consolidate them this seaso
6 messages
03-19-09 04:56 PM
DWTS#8, Episode 3, ECST [View All]
Hopefully after a recrap of the first two weeks, they won't have too much filler, especially since they're hyping the heck out of the new "D
22 messages
03-18-09 02:26 PM
DWTS#8, Episode 2, ECST [View All]
Please keep details of this week of "As the Disco Ball Turns" here until the medics take the last person off of the dance floor on a stretcher.
78 messages
03-17-09 04:06 PM
The #1 paddle exists.
Which brings up the question 'Exactly what does a contestant have to do before they get one?' http://community.realitytvworld.c
2 messages
03-17-09 08:14 AM
DWTS#8, Episode 1, ECST [View All]
Please keep all comments of those who had time to dance, those that are too hurt to dance, and those who have had no time to practice to dance her
87 messages
03-10-09 10:51 AM
DWTS 8 Cast Revealed [View All]
First about the stunt casting. Second response...really, these are the biggest stars you can get...anyway on to the cast %0
35 messages
03-10-09 09:46 AM
Dancing With The Stars Picks To The End II: The Precogs Strike Back.
Are you foresightful? Do you find yourself calling off the end of people's sentences before they even start them? Do you win the lottery every
7 messages
03-09-09 04:46 PM
Jewel has injury issues
From the frontpage of the site: She went to the doctor, and first told her myspace page th
10 messages
03-09-09 10:56 AM
DWTS - Bachelor 's Melissa - the one who Jason left for Molly!
Okay, now that she may be on the show, I might just watch the show this season!! The only reason I would have tuned before in was t
1 messages
03-08-09 09:11 PM
Helio? Dicque. Dicque? Helio. Now play nice you two!
Granted, the income in question is from his racecar driving days, but the sentiment is the same........
4 messages
02-09-09 10:54 AM
Max and Karina engaged???!?
Wow, didn't see this one coming!!,- 20249902,00.html
5 messages
02-05-09 06:00 PM
Who will be on next season?
I heard on TV that there is speculation that Stevie Wonder will do DWTS this season. He is supposedly in talks with the show because he wants to do i
17 messages
02-05-09 11:59 AM
This site is a discussion forum. If you are simply posting here to plug your own site/blog, your posts will be deleted and your posting privileges
0 messages
01-23-09 09:31 AM
Dancing With The Stars PTTE: Final Results.
So who saw Brooke & Derek coming? ... ...okay, other than 'just about everyone who watched the first episode', at le
8 messages
12-03-08 09:21 AM
DWTS#7, Finale Results ECST [View All]
Well, here we are again. Time to end this thing, and present the ugliest, gaudiest trophy in the history in RTV. Brooke has the lead
69 messages
11-27-08 00:19 AM
DWTS#7, Finale Performance ECST [View All]
Tonight, we will see our Final 3 in two dances. The first one, all 3 will dance the same dance to the same music. The second one, is usually F
41 messages
11-25-08 12:41 PM
Are lifts allowed this season?
I am only watching on and off this season but the other night I saw Brooke do a routine filled with lifts. Carrie Anne mentioned something about her
18 messages
11-24-08 05:00 PM
DWTS#7, Episode 19, ECST [View All]
It's time for the Semi-Finals Result Show! Tonight the filler will be super-sized because they plan on doing two hours starting with th
41 messages
11-19-08 11:29 AM
DWTS#7, Episode 18, ECST [View All]
So we're here at the Semi-Finals. Two dances again this week, plus they get a taste of Len's Master Dance Class, so that guarantees that one
46 messages
11-18-08 03:02 PM
Dial Idol predictions
Not sure how many voters really use this for DWTS so no idea how accurate these will end up being. Early in the season usually is much worse than lat
19 messages
11-18-08 09:04 AM
DWTS#7, Episode 17, recap
This is what happened on Tuesday, if you happened to miss the show while we were down: The Encore Dance was Warren/Kym's "Peter G
10 messages
11-17-08 01:50 PM
DWTS#7, Episode 16, ECST [View All]
So, we're now down to 5, and this week they're definitely gonna do two dances [b]as couples[/b]. However, in the Latin dance, t
69 messages
11-10-08 10:25 PM
DWTS#7, Episode 15, ECST [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's filler and vote results on this thread until the West Coast gets to find out the race was called before they
44 messages
11-06-08 04:27 PM
DWTS#7, Episode 14, ECST [View All]
Oh Clorky????? *drop, kick..... it's good! Victory dance!* Clorky's finally gone, VFTW has sworn revenge, but probably
62 messages
11-05-08 02:28 PM
DWTS #8, 11/3
The team dances really broke the scores into the top three and the bottom three. It's a shame, but I think Cody is up for elimination this week.
2 messages
11-04-08 11:30 AM
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