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DWTS 14 Episode #18 ECST [View All]
Keep all discussion of tonight's final performances until the West coast finishes using the brain bleach or the pillows from watching the free style
27 messages
05-22-12 10:32 AM
DWTS 14 Episode #17 ECST
Who will be in the semi-finals. The scores are tight even with mistakes and injuries so who did America really like/feel sorry for. Post
19 messages
05-16-12 12:34 PM
Season 15 All Stars....
At the upfronts they announced that we shall see retreads for Season 15. g-with-the-s
5 messages
05-16-12 01:27 AM
DWTS 14 Episode #16 ECST [View All]
Semi-Finals and the stakes are higher than ever. So, um, which one of y'all has been twisting the spine of your Derek Hough Voo Doo Doll?
27 messages
05-15-12 02:19 AM
DWTS 14 Episode #15 ECST
Double your schadenfreude Double your fun It's double elimination night. *Kermit Flail arms YEAAAAAAAAA* It is out of the j
16 messages
05-10-12 07:34 PM
DWTS 14 Episode #14 ECST [View All]
Two dances each (reportedly one ballroom, one Latin), two eliminated couples, a promised twist for the Latin Round...keep all that and more
23 messages
05-08-12 03:38 AM
DWTS 14 Episode #13 ECST
Oops,looked like I didn't get things set to 12 last night. So keep all the filler, results, meltdowns, injuries, and DWTS logo shots on th
13 messages
05-02-12 05:23 AM
DWTS 14 Episode #11 ECST [View All]
Since Gladys left Motown week what does it mean for Katherine that this is classical music week? Keep all the dances, filler and what n
36 messages
05-01-12 06:06 PM
DWTS 14 Episode #11 ECST
Motown, mo-filler. Keep all the filler, results, dance-duels, etc here until the West Coast shakes the last of the ringing out of their ears.
19 messages
04-25-12 04:42 PM
DWTS 14 Episode #10 ECST [View All]
It's Motown night with the DWTS band trying to kill off singers live and in person and they can't defend themselves with a mute button. %0
39 messages
04-25-12 00:35 AM
DWTS 14 Episode #8 ECST [View All]
It's latin week, who will forget to put on the rest of their costume tonight!
32 messages
04-20-12 06:02 PM
DWTS 14 Episode #9 ECST
Who will duel?
13 messages
04-18-12 10:46 AM
Melissa Gilbert has mild concussion and whiplash sa-gilbert-doing-alright-after-dancing-with-stars-hospitalization-13358.php I am assuming
5 messages
04-16-12 07:11 PM
DWTS 14 Episode #7 ECST
KISS having not hit rock bottom last night, will be back to perform, and we will get results, and maybe find out what the heck happened to Melis
20 messages
04-11-12 01:15 AM
DWTS 14 Episode #6 ECST [View All]
Rock Week, probably dancing either the Tango or the Paso. Brace yourself for what the band is going to do to these songs.
33 messages
04-10-12 01:09 AM
Urkel loses it l-white-kym-johnson-dancing-confrontation-completely-exaggerated-13338.php It was alluded
9 messages
04-09-12 10:19 AM
Elimination process changed
Looks like they're borrowing a page from STYCD to keep the better dancers around longer: [i]Due to all the criticism the show has r
Sagebrush Dan
3 messages
04-06-12 09:24 PM
DWTS 14 Episode #5 ECST
One hour of recapping the sob stories and dances before the live show. Keep all results, filler, fights, butt pats, and faked kisses on this
15 messages
04-04-12 11:29 AM
DWTS 14 Episode #4 ECST [View All]
Who will maintain the high standards set this season, who will falter, will America watch without any train wrecks or controversial dancers, wil
41 messages
04-04-12 03:34 AM
DWTS 14 Episode #3 ECST [View All]
An hour of recappage followed by the results show, which will probably be mostly recap! Keep all the filler, recaps, and results on this thre
26 messages
03-30-12 02:38 PM
Please help
I do not know English very well, sorry for the mistakes. Good day to you! This letter comes to my girlfriend, which currently require
2 messages
03-29-12 03:53 PM
DWTS 14 Episode #2 ECST [View All]
Talk about the take two dances here behind the West Coast's Back :). I'll be here about 9 pm, so y'all better be having some bi
50 messages
03-27-12 11:13 AM
DWTS 14 Episode #1 ECST [View All]
Hey folks, getting things started.... Keep the lively debate hear before the WC folks can experience the greatness. And no sigs, please
53 messages
03-20-12 03:50 PM
DWTS 13 Episode #17 ECST [View All]
Its the Semi Finals! Keep all discussion of the final four's dances, costumes, breakdowns, and what the band does to the music this week on
63 messages
03-17-12 05:22 PM
Buddy Schwimmer suffers heart attack
From Benji's FB page [i]Dear Friends: As many of you may know my dad suffered a heart attack this past Saturday and is c
2 messages
11-30-11 04:18 PM
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