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Next season cast [View All]
Hey, I figure if a facebook campaign could get Betty White to host SNL, we could use our collective powers to get . . http://
60 messages
03-01-11 09:13 PM
DWTS 11 Episode 20 ECST [View All]
It's time for our Finale (Finally) Results Night!!!!!!!!!! Christina (Xtina) Agulera will be performing tonig
66 messages
12-01-10 08:47 PM
I give it a TEN!
Have you seen this yet? Had to post it: Dancing with Hands! yg %0
1 messages
11-27-10 11:29 PM
Preggers? [View All]
Is the “star”/abstinence spokeswoman preggers? Discuss. Sept. 16 ol+Pal
21 messages
11-26-10 06:33 PM
Bristol Bashing Thread [View All]
Sorry, I just can not contain myself anymore. There is no where to acceptably bash anyone on this show, so I might as well just post it right up f
50 messages
11-25-10 01:08 AM
DWTS 11 Episode 19 ECST [View All]
It's Finale Performance Night! *woohoo!* Tonight we get to see the Freestyle, and one other of their four dances... %0
53 messages
11-24-10 07:25 PM
Presenting your DWTS 11 Finalists
The purpose of this thread is to show you the important information about our finalists going into Monday's Finale Performance. There will be a sub
8 messages
11-24-10 06:59 PM
Is this cuz Qwerty's fed up with their tangos?
[i]LOS ANGELES (AP) - A threatening letter with white powder was delivered to the "Dancing With the Stars" production office Friday, but
Sagebrush Dan
4 messages
11-23-10 08:49 PM
DWTS #11 Dial Idol [View All]
and/or other polling data. Dial Idol seems to be used less and less as more people have computers without modems or use other ways to vot
33 messages
11-23-10 07:34 AM
DWTS 11 Episode 18 ECST [View All]
Tonight we find out who our Finalists are! Who will be eliminated of Bristol, Jennifer, Brandy, or Kyle? Tonight is also the Des
61 messages
11-20-10 02:57 AM
Are you freaking kidding me!
DWTS lost us when Bruno did not apologize on air to Michael Bolton. I recognize that they are the experts but you have to give a bit of honey with an
1 messages
11-18-10 10:47 AM
Oh goodness Bristol
This is becoming ridiculous. Bristol is a very bad dancer. Why is she still on the show?!?! She just performed her first dance on this seasons
2 messages
11-17-10 11:43 AM
DWTS 11 Episode 17 ECST [View All]
Tonight is the Semi-Final Performance Night. Tonight's show is *only* 90 minutes, so maybe less filler tonight jammed in? Hopefu
40 messages
11-16-10 07:22 PM
DWTS 11 Episode 16 ECST [View All]
Tonight we will find out our Semi-Finalists. We are approaching mega-filler capacity with each elimination... and then the Finale....*sh
41 messages
11-13-10 01:27 PM
20 minutes? Or 45?
It seemed like they were making a deal out of how much more time Kyle had than Jennifer and Bristol. They said Kyle had 45 minutes, while for other
3 messages
11-09-10 09:37 PM
DWTS 11 Episode 15 ECST [View All]
Tonight, a new twist gets unleashed: The Instant Dance... They will know what [i]kind[/i] of dance they'll be doing... but
66 messages
11-09-10 08:58 PM
DWTS 11 Episode 14 ECST [View All]
After they get past the local election updates.... Tonight we have mega-filler because the results show is 90 minutes long and about to sta
42 messages
11-05-10 12:04 PM
DWTS 11 Episode 13 ECST [View All]
Tonight marks their 200th episode! *woohoo* With that in mind, 50 Stars will be on hand tonight, 6 of which will be guest judging them doi
66 messages
11-03-10 00:51 AM
DWTS 11 Episode 11 ECST [View All]
It's time to crank your volumes up to 11, it's Rock and Roll Theme Night!!! Tonight, they will be doing two different dances.
79 messages
10-28-10 09:33 AM
DWTS 11 Episode 12 ECST [View All]
It's time for the Rock and Roll theme week results show. Heart and Kylie Monogue will be our musical guests tonight.
28 messages
10-27-10 02:29 PM
How to get Guaranteed tickets to DWTS
From what I've seen & heard, the only way to get guaranteed tickets to watch a DWTS show is through charity auctions & the like. The general
0 messages
10-24-10 04:55 PM
DWTS cast irked by Jennifer Gray???
I thought this article was interesting, esp. since Jennifer seems nice: -dancing-cast-c
3 messages
10-21-10 01:38 AM
DWTS 11 Episode 9 ECST [View All]
Tonight has tremendous potential for a major train wreck... It's TV Theme Song night, in which they will somehow, some way attempt to dance to
65 messages
10-20-10 10:49 PM
DWTS 11 Episode 10 ECST [View All]
Tonight, for one couple, their season will be on the DeathWatch... as we eliminate another couple as we head to Rock And Roll Theme Week, in whi
24 messages
10-20-10 02:53 AM
DWTS 11 Episode 7 ECST [View All]
All righty then... it looks like the song spoilers have dried up, so hopefully they'll continue to tell us the song during the video packages bef
93 messages
10-14-10 07:24 PM
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