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DWTS 17 Ep. 2 ECST [View All]
Second week of judging, first week of sending people home. Let us see if DWTS learned from SYTYCD and if they will have to change things because tw
44 messages
09-24-13 01:01 PM
DWTS 17 Ep. 1 ECST [View All]
Another season another show another round of debating who is on the Z list and who we have to invent new letters for and what song was the band attemp
58 messages
09-20-13 10:58 PM
Start date of new season
A news item elsewhere on this site sez DWTS 17 will start on Monday, September 16th.
Round Robin
16 messages
09-11-13 01:45 AM
DWTS 16 Finally Night 2 [View All]
Keep a the filler, the people we had finally forgot why we voted them off, the inexplicable performances and the winner on this thread until the W
49 messages
05-22-13 11:51 AM
DWTS 16 Finally Night 1 [View All]
Keep all discussion of the finally dances, jidges comments, filler, and Tomisms on this thread until the West Coast sees it for themselves.
30 messages
05-21-13 05:03 PM
DWTS 16 Ep. 17 ECST
The Results, and the filler, oh so much filler.
16 messages
05-15-13 12:01 PM
DWTS 16 Ep. 16 ECST [View All]
One dance unlearned and one dance they let people who wander the twitterverse pick. Will we get From Len a Ten Happy Len or Grumpy Cat Len
21 messages
05-14-13 02:22 AM
DWTS 16 Ep. 15 ECST [View All]
As the dancers dwindle the poor abused and overworked filler will stretch and strain to fill the space. Keep the 3.5 seconds of results on
26 messages
05-11-13 04:14 AM
DWTS 16 Ep. 14 ECST [View All]
The numbers dwindle, soon we will have cheesy roses to replace the mirror ball. Who will survive as they start ramping up how many dances you do to
24 messages
05-07-13 07:10 PM
DWTS 16 Ep. 13 ECST [View All]
One couple is already safe from immunity, keep the rest of the results, the encore, the tear jerking and filler on this thread until the West Co
23 messages
05-06-13 12:08 PM
DWTS 16 Ep. 12 ECST [View All]
Veni, vidi, vici, vino! It is Latin night, not since Vatican II has will there be this much dead language on live tele... %0
25 messages
05-01-13 03:23 AM
DWTS 16 Ep. 11 ECST
Keep all discussion of tonight's filler, filler and filler here until the West Coast finishes headdesking and facepalming about the results.
17 messages
04-25-13 04:06 PM
DWTS 16 Ep. 10 ECST [View All]
So, this week, the blind man is going to watch the dancing, when he isn't singing, if they let him sing rather than have the band just butch
23 messages
04-23-13 07:42 PM
DWTS 16 Ep. 9 ECST [View All]
Keep all the filler the drama, the karma and the special performances here until the West Coast finishes whatever drinking game will get them throug
25 messages
04-19-13 05:01 PM
DWTS 16 Ep. 8 ECST [View All]
Hard to get in the mood for recapping the Dancing, but I probably need a break from the news at least for awhile. So keep all the glitz, sequins
23 messages
04-16-13 06:43 PM
DWTS 16 Ep. 7 ECST
So who's best year ever is going to lead to a bad night? Keep that result and all the filler here until the West Coast has finished won
13 messages
04-11-13 02:12 PM
DWTS 16 Ep. 6 ECST [View All]
I had the time of my li-i-ife. Theme is best years. Whose ego will explode all over the dance floor. Keep that and all else tha
23 messages
04-09-13 11:29 AM
DWTS 16 Ep. 5 ECST [View All]
Who will be King and Queen of the Prom and who will be sent to detention? Keep that and all the filler here until the West Coast falls as
21 messages
04-03-13 11:49 AM
DWTS 16 Ep. 4 ECST
Hang the cardboard stars from the ceiling, put on your powder blue tux, break out the wrist's PROM NIGHT!!! Keep a
20 messages
04-02-13 12:29 PM
DWTS 16 Ep. 3 ECST [View All]
Keep all the results, filler, filler and more filler on this thread until the West Coast finishes ranting about which star has some fan base they
30 messages
03-29-13 00:19 AM
Last night's episode?
Did anybody watch it? Does nobody give a crap about DWTS anymore? The lack of any posts about it is glaring. I know why I didn't post (too man
Round Robin
6 messages
03-26-13 09:44 PM
DWTS 16 Ep. 1 ECST [View All]
All new "stars", some new professionals, I won't be around to host live, I have a class tonight, so I may be around later, but keep al
28 messages
03-20-13 07:06 PM
DWTS 16-Handicapping the field
Keep waiting for one of y'all to post one of these threads, but nobody has, so here goes jack squat: Wynonna Judd & Tony Dovolani
Round Robin
4 messages
03-19-13 11:15 AM
Dancing With The Stars #16 cast revealed.
So what's the opposite of All-Stars? This. After seeing last season's ratings and realizing the audience didn't want to see people more than
12 messages
03-12-13 02:16 PM
DWTS-AS Finally! ECST [View All]
Two hours, one more scoring opportunity, and filler, lots and lots of filler. So.Much.Filler.
49 messages
11-28-12 07:25 PM
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