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Cameron's pants
Okay, I think this topic deserves it's own thread. It has come up before, but last night...woo-ee babeee...those pants were almost sheer and I c
12 messages
11-14-07 04:58 PM
Jennie Garth
What's up with this woman. She is so fake, how she have been on a successful show(90210) and act like she is the shyest person on the planet.
3 messages
11-14-07 03:24 PM
What was Tom talking about when he mentioned 'newly love-birds Mark and Sabrina'??
Is there something going on there that I missed? I mean, I think it would be GREAT! But I've seen them on a few shows since she was (horri
3 messages
11-14-07 01:35 PM
Dancing With The Stars #5 Episode #16 East Coast Update Thread [View All]
Please keep all discussion of tonight's show on this thread until the show has aired on the West Coast. What drama will befall one of the
56 messages
11-13-07 09:31 AM
Judges inadequacy and riduclous removal of Jane from Competition.
I am disappointed in the truly inadequate judges you have on the panel. I know that they occasionally try to present themselves as true judges even a
12 messages
11-12-07 10:57 PM
When do we delcare a TV show cursed?
Do you require the events to be during the running of the show? Does the family of the cast count? Because I'm starting to wonder ab
11 messages
11-09-07 01:08 PM
Dancing With The Stars #5 Episode #15 (results) East Coast Update Thread [View All]
And now, a moment of silence for Marie's father. ... And now, a moment of silence for scripted television. ...%
37 messages
11-07-07 11:26 AM
I don't know
I really don't know who should leave tonight. Thought they were all very good, to Cameron did miss a step .
11 messages
11-07-07 09:42 AM
I missed last night
Who went home?
1 messages
11-07-07 09:22 AM
Marie over Sabrina
OMG.Are voters crazy?Sabrina-(and I don't care if she had dancing experience or not Brother Donny)is not a problem,as there have been others
happy feet
0 messages
11-06-07 07:49 PM
Dancing With The Stars #5 Episode #14 East Coast Update Thread [View All]
Please keep all sigpic free discussion of tonight's show until the people on the West Coast have a chance to watch the performances for themselves.%
57 messages
11-06-07 07:18 PM
Was Marie the only one NOT wearing a Cheetah tattoo?
I could be wrong, but I noticed everyone, including Jayne Seymore and her partner showing off their tat's for Sabrina at some time during the sh
2 messages
11-06-07 05:40 PM
Dancing With The Stars #5 Episode #13 East Coast Update Thread
Let's keep [b]all[/b] the discussions of tonight's show to this thread - and no sigs please. I'll try to recap - be gentle.
2 messages
11-05-07 08:07 PM
All of Sabrina's dances
I've collected all of Sabrina and Mark's dances to one page - and I made a poll trying to decide which one was the best. check out my own private
1 messages
11-05-07 04:48 PM
O my gosh!! [View All]
What is up with you voters. You have got to start voting for the best don't spread out your votes anymore. Vote for who you want to win. %0
25 messages
11-05-07 04:38 PM
NOt sure about anyone else...I am sick of hearing about Jane and how she can keep up with the 20 year olds....that is because she is filled with plast
12 messages
11-03-07 05:59 PM
What a shame the best dancer had to leave. I enjoyed watching her every week anxious to see what they did next. I think people just assumed she'd be
1 messages
11-02-07 08:54 PM
I was absolutely devastated when Sabrina was voted off. It was so obvious that she was definitely one of the best dancers, if not the best! I'am
1 messages
11-01-07 10:22 PM
Mark and Sabrina
I am outraged!!! Everyone knows she is the best dancer that has EVER competed!! I didn't even know who the girl was, but I did vote fo
6 messages
11-01-07 10:12 PM
Mark & Sabrina
I am disappointed that Sabrina was voted off the show. I will not watch the show for the remainder of the season. She was one of the best contestants
0 messages
11-01-07 06:50 PM
Of all people to eliminate she would be one of the last. Unless she wanted to go she is very good and exciting to watch. I think something is ve
0 messages
11-01-07 06:00 PM
Let's suggest some future "Stars"
I thought of this posting last night at the Baseball league championship, when Jonathan Papelbon (pitcher for Boston) was shown doing the Irish
9 messages
11-01-07 02:15 AM
I am fed up!
I can not believe that Sabrina got voted off! I am outraged!!! I like Marie Osmond, but oh PLEASE!!!!!!!!!! Sabrina was
2 messages
10-31-07 10:01 PM
Dancing with the stars
3 messages
10-31-07 10:00 PM
Dancing with the Stars
I am outraged with Sabrina being voted off last soon as that happen I turned the channel and probably will not watch the rest of this seas
2 messages
10-31-07 01:13 PM
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