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DWTS#8, Finale Performance, ECST [View All]
Time once again to almost end this thing. We will have another "everyone dance the same kind of dance, to the same song, almost at the same tim
25 messages
05-19-09 04:57 PM
DWTS#8 Dial Idol Predictions [View All]
So being as I like numbers and data and all that I'm going to do some analysis of the dial idol stuff again this year.
33 messages
05-19-09 09:07 AM
Samantha Harris is guest-hosting Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.
Sometimes the punchline is in the title. ds/User_files/48dfe4d259f93962.gif
0 messages
05-14-09 11:34 AM
DWTS#8, Episode 18, ECST [View All]
Tonight, we find out who our 3 Finalists are. Also tonight, we see what carnage the interactive dance voting will reap this year.......
22 messages
05-14-09 10:40 AM
DWTS#8, Episode 17, ECST [View All]
Here we are at the Semi-Finals again. Of the four couples that remain, Ty/Chelsie is the couple that is probably the most surprising, especiall
50 messages
05-12-09 01:14 AM
DWTS#8, Episode 16, ECST [View All]
We are heading to the Semi-Finals, people! The wannabe's have Cody, Maurice and Lisa Renna to deal with. Dance Center is tonight. And a few
27 messages
05-08-09 10:12 AM
Can anyone explain to me ...
... why Julianne absolutely turns my stomach this season when I used to enjoy her? ds%2
11 messages
05-08-09 09:51 AM
i wish dayanarra torres can join dancing with the star next season
i wish dayanarra torres can join dancing with the star next season
0 messages
05-07-09 06:58 PM
DWTS#8, Episode 15, ECST [View All]
Time for the teams to learn two dances as a couple. They didn't say anything about there needing to be a solo, unlike last season, so that's
63 messages
05-04-09 11:42 PM
DWTS#8, Episode 14, ECST [View All]
Time for another results night. Melissa was the lowest on the judges leaderboard last night, mainly because she got injured earlier in the day. Su
24 messages
05-01-09 01:49 PM
DWTS#8, Episode 13, ECST [View All]
*sigh* Another week, another blast from the past. This week they brought back the Team Dance. This time, it's Team Tango, vs.
37 messages
04-28-09 11:50 AM
DWTS#8, Episode 12, ECST
We will start the process of crowning a new professional dancer for next season. We will also have performances by "Burn Up the Floor"%
17 messages
04-22-09 03:36 PM
DWTS#8, Episode 11, ECST [View All]
*holds icepack to head* Oi. Bad enough to suffer the craziness of my mom's car the end of last week, now this? The
54 messages
04-22-09 09:21 AM
Love Shawn!!!
I just love Shawn Johnson! She is really such a great role model and seems like such a sweet caring person! I saw this interview of her with these
2 messages
04-19-09 01:32 AM
Gowns worn by Samantha Harris!!!!
Samantha Harris has worn several Dalia gowns on the show in the past and will be wearing three more this season! Check out some pictures of her and
0 messages
04-16-09 08:52 PM
Foot insertion into someone else's anatomy=comedy. (Or at least publicity.)
Sounds like David's been just a little upset about his ouster. Or he's trying to get jokes out of it. Jokes that sound like threats. Completely
0 messages
04-16-09 06:37 AM
DWTS#8, Episode 10, ECST
Rascall Flatts, West Side Story......... Hmmm. Sounds like "Life is a Highway" and "Maria" or some such will be in our future tonight....
20 messages
04-15-09 04:38 PM
And now it's Last Dancer Standing.
Steve Wozniak has a broken bone in his foot and Steve-O has torn back muscles. Anyone want to place a bet on who goes down next? http:
10 messages
04-14-09 07:20 PM
DWTS#8, Episode 10, ECST [View All]
Here we go again. Another hot Latin dance for Gilles to set the floor on fire, but the Ballroom dance this week is the Jive, which could make thi
62 messages
04-14-09 07:16 PM
Judge Favoritism
Afternoon Guys... Maybe it's just me, but has the judging been a little more biased this year than normal? It's pretty obvious that
0 messages
04-13-09 04:02 PM
Name of song and by who ?
Please help, what was name of songand by who that Lacey and Lance danced to in 08, that had a countdown theme to it, started with 10, 9, etc
2 messages
04-12-09 03:48 PM
Yes, they get paid for this --
-- but some get a lot more than others. According to this week's [b]TV Guide[/b], our professional dancers get $5000 a week, rental
1 messages
04-10-09 05:05 PM
DWTS#8, Episode 9, ECST [View All]
I imagine that the pillows will be needed for the Encore Dance again, and we'll probably say good-bye to the other Steve tonight....... We'll s
26 messages
04-10-09 12:20 PM
Gilles Marini on Etonline
Hey did you see Gilles Marini on ETonline? He looked really good…as usual! I just love how much of a family man he is. Even Jen and B
0 messages
04-09-09 01:11 PM
DWTS#8, Episode 8, ECST [View All]
Another night of extremes on the dance floor await us tonight, as the dances are the Viennese Waltz and the Paso Doble. Extra pillows are
71 messages
04-08-09 07:47 AM
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