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DWTS 10 Episode 7 ECST [View All]
Red Light Special is hungry again, and we'll find out the sacrifice now.
39 messages
04-14-10 09:18 AM
DWTS 10 Episode 6 ECST [View All]
Tonight's special situation is that the judges will be giving out two sets of scores for the dances. Much like figure skating, one set of scores
67 messages
04-13-10 08:36 AM
DWTS 10 Episode 5 ECST [View All]
It's time again to feed the Red Light Special, and hopefully this time it will get one of those that are the svck instead of the 'meh'. %
45 messages
04-07-10 05:39 PM
Erin Andrews cannot catch a break.
First the peep hole video stalker guy and now death threats. For some reason the poor girl sure seems to attract the crazy. http://w
4 messages
04-06-10 04:04 PM
DWTS 10 Episode 4 ECST [View All]
Gather round everyone, it's Story Time! Or at least that's what the judges want from our couples tonight........ Fair warning, t
92 messages
04-06-10 08:31 AM
Stupid voters.
Aiden. Kate. Buzz. Pick two. It's not always guaranteed for the worst dancer to go home in the first wee
18 messages
04-05-10 03:36 PM
Weekly Dances
Does anyone know what the dances are for next week (4/5)? Or, for that matter, any of the upcoming episodes?
0 messages
04-01-10 09:53 AM
DWTS 10 Episode 2 ECST [View All]
Please keep all details of the second performance round before we finally get to see a Red Light Special tomorrow night here until midnight, or unti
93 messages
03-31-10 05:20 PM
DWTS 10 Episode 3 ECST [View All]
[font color=red]Feed me![/font] Ruh-roh. The Red Light Special is hungry again! It's looking to take one of the Stars o
31 messages
03-31-10 02:17 PM
DWTS 10 Episode 1 ECST [View All]
Please keep all details of tonight's opening night carnage here until midnight, at least. Also, I've created a general contestant%2
104 messages
03-29-10 03:16 AM
DWTS Love/Loathe List V10.1
You know the routine, and you know it a lot better than last night's newbies knew theirs. Rank them while ranking on them, from most tolerated
3 messages
03-23-10 08:04 PM
Premier date for Seson 10
Premier date will be March 22. This time around there will be fewer couples. Contestants have not yet been named. Can't wait! The winter hiatus
8 messages
03-09-10 07:26 PM
DWTS Season 10 Contestant Spoilers [View All]
The cast announcement is less than a month away, so lets start see who spills the beans early, or who everyone just thinks much be on the show.
49 messages
03-08-10 04:18 PM
Live Chat with Laura Saltman TV expert and Hollywood Access Correspondent
Come chat live with Laura Saltman of “Dish of Salt.” Discuss popular shows such as American Idol and Dancing with the Stars with the ultimate tele
0 messages
01-29-10 04:34 PM
Lacey opens up about battle with anorexia od/091217/entertainment/dancings_lacey_schwimmer_opens_up_about_conquering_anorexia %0
5 messages
12-25-09 01:18 AM
Maks and Kym on Broadway
Maks and Kym from Dancing With the Stars will be hosting a talkback after tonight's performance of Burn The Floor on Broadway! Also joining them w
0 messages
12-22-09 01:09 PM
Wrong Winner
Mya should have won. Kelly should have been 2nd. Donny was not as good as they were. He should not have won at all.....
6 messages
12-07-09 05:06 PM
DWTS#9, Finale Performance ECST [View All]
We are finally here at the Finale! Tonight our Stars will dance (most of) their Final Dances one of which will be the infamous Freestyle Dance%
66 messages
12-07-09 00:47 AM
DWTS#9, Finale Results ECST [View All]
Please keep the details of the massive filler, Whitney Houston numbers, new dances from some of the wildchild alums, parade of losers, special
58 messages
11-26-09 01:48 AM
Will Win/Should Win Finale DWTS#9
We haven't been doing this all the way along, but I thought it might be fun. So who do you think will win based on how you think the ju
8 messages
11-24-09 06:08 PM
DWTS#9 Dial Idol Predictions [View All]
This sometimes amuses me so I'll do it again this season. I try to use the Dial Idol prediction number kinda like they do the percentage people vot
31 messages
11-24-09 07:45 AM
DWTS#9, Episode 19 ECST [View All]
We have 3 musical guests tonight. Alisha Keys is one, the Brothers Gibb is another, and there is a third one who's name I didn't get last nig
34 messages
11-23-09 06:50 PM
Worst Yet
We will not be watching the finals of Dancing With The Stars..more than ever, this season sunk into a popularity contest,not a dance contest. Nei
2 messages
11-19-09 10:27 AM
DWTS#9, Episode 18 ECST [View All]
We're now in the Semi-Finals, and tonight the couples will have to dance 3 different dances for our enjoyment........ Hopefully that wi
77 messages
11-17-09 02:57 AM
DWTS#9, Episode 17 ECST [View All]
We're heading to the Semi-Finals after tonight. Tonight we'll observe the carnage of the Interactive Design a Dance carnage, which will festure
31 messages
11-11-09 06:15 PM
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