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"DWTS#9 Dial Idol Predictions"
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09-22-09, 06:25 AM (EST)
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"DWTS#9 Dial Idol Predictions"
This sometimes amuses me so I'll do it again this season. I try to use the Dial Idol prediction number kinda like they do the percentage people voted for and then combine that percentage with the percentage of the judges scores.

It is only an approximation, do not expect perfect predictions each time. They don't do an even busy signal survey of the voting across the country or across the dancers so sometimes you get small anomalies that make a big difference

DWTS Dial Idol Prediction

Michael and Anna 58.32
Donny and Kym 33.46
Mark and Lacey 32.39
Aaron and Karina 31.39
Louie and Chelsie 13.64
Chuck and Anna 11.11
Tom and Cheryl 10.1
Ashley and Edyta 4.6

Judges score

Aaron and Karina 32
Donny and Kym 30
Mark and Lacey 29
Louie and Chelsie 27
Chuck and Anna 22
Tom and Cheryl 20
Ashley and Edyta 19
Michael and Anna 19


39.50% Michael and Anna
32.31% Donny and Kym
32.26% Aaron and Karina
31.26% Mark and Lacey
20.63% Louie and Chelsie
16.81% Chuck and Anna
15.28% Tom and Cheryl
11.95% Ashley and Edyta

The football guy may have gotten a good boost from the voters so it looks like it is between Tom and Ashley as to who goes home. Hmmmmmm, I coulda guessed that before the show, there's two hours I'll never get back.

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   Finale   Snidget     11-24-09     31  

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