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Blew that one.
No way did I expect Lolo to get the ax first, but she did. Her performance was a butcher job and her attitude blew, and on this show that'll get
Round Robin
0 messages
09-17-14 01:29 AM
DWTS 19 Pairings
Antonio Sabato Jr. & Cheryl Burke-He's one of those soap opera dudes & she's a gorgeous, popular pro. They'll have fan support from both e
Round Robin
0 messages
09-04-14 09:27 PM
DWTS 19 Pros
As revealed on GMA this morning: Cheryl Burke Tony Dovolani Karina Smirnoff Val Chmerkovsky Mark Ballas Witney C
Round Robin
0 messages
08-13-14 08:49 AM
Season 18, Finale (Part II)
Who will win the Mirror Ball? (Probably not the one I voted for last night.) ds/Use
14 messages
05-21-14 09:49 PM
Season 18, Finale (Part I)
Two part finale. Last chance to vote. Mark shows up in a sling. Starting with Judges' Choice. Can barely hear Len. I think he said they%
14 messages
05-20-14 05:42 PM
Season 18, Ep 9 [View All]
American Icons night. Guest Judge is Kenny Ortega. He's sitting between Len & Bruno (third score). Each pair is dancing
29 messages
05-13-14 03:17 AM
Season 18, Ep 8
Guest Judge is queen b!tch from Dance Moms. I'll be skipping as much of her screentime as possible. Also, dance solos by the stars. S
14 messages
05-08-14 04:35 PM
Season 18, Ep 7
One of my kids turned off the power strip for the DVR, so I missed the first 34 minutes. I have no idea what's going on. http://c
14 messages
04-29-14 08:52 PM
Season 18, Ep 6 [View All]
Tonight's theme: Party Hits Intro: Party in the U.S.A. Guest Judge: Redfoo (IDEK) First set of results:
23 messages
04-23-14 04:44 PM
Season 18, Ep 4 [View All]
It's the partner switch and Julianne Hough is the guest judge. Another horrible intro dance. When does the new season of SYTYCD start?
22 messages
04-22-14 03:59 PM
Season 18, Ep 5
It's Disney night. Reunited with original partners. Guest judge is... Donny Osmond. My FF button is ready to go. First of the
12 messages
04-16-14 07:24 PM
Season 18, Ep 3
Guest Judge: Robin Roberts from GMA. Theme: Most important time in stars' lives. Either there wasn't an intro dance or I
11 messages
04-01-14 03:37 AM
Season 18, Ep 2 [View All]
Hype: A shocking change surprises everyone. Or something. Intro dance is annoying. Watched half, not FF. http://commun
22 messages
03-25-14 02:50 AM
Episode 1 Thread [View All]
I DVR and skip the filler, but here goes. ds/User_files/4dd9eb96806ed99e.gif [
22 messages
03-18-14 03:30 PM
Rumors about the next season.
It's always fun to speculate on the gossip. I heard Bruce Jenner the other day. Of course, I would hate this for lots of reasons, but especial
13 messages
03-13-14 00:49 AM
DWTS 17 Ep. 11 ECST
Pickler sings, the finalists dance, tomorrow we have something called a results show, whatever that is. I've got stuff to do, and
18 messages
11-28-13 07:39 AM
Max is judging tonight.
17 messages
11-20-13 12:59 PM
DWTS 17 Ep. 9 ECST [View All]
I'm just can't handle watching DWTS tonight, I'll put a header for each couple for commentary.
26 messages
11-14-13 03:16 AM
DWTS 17 Ep. 8 ECST
So what fresh heck will this week bring. I've got a lot of stuff to get done around the house so I'll get each segment started with the right cou
20 messages
11-06-13 07:53 AM
Gleb Shevchenko
Where is he? He was such a hottie last season, I was sure they'd bring him back.
1 messages
11-05-13 12:17 PM
Edyta and Alec...
...are gonna have a young'un! Lots of tweets on my Twitter feed, and a piece or 2 on the news pages of this site, are saying that Edyta and Al
Round Robin
3 messages
11-03-13 03:50 PM
DWTS 17 Ep. 7 ECST
Who will be the next DWTS judge or former pro will wear a wildly inappropriate Halloween costume? What will they scare us with tonight as the theme
15 messages
10-29-13 04:35 PM
DWTS 17 Ep. 6 ECST [View All]
Which theme will we grow to loathe by the beginning of hour two? What will they try to shove into the performance show because they lack the 59 min
24 messages
10-22-13 01:35 AM
DWTS 17 Ep. 5 ECST [View All]
Who will go, who will stay, will Len be crankier than ever for missing a week? Keep the answers to those questions and many more here until the
30 messages
10-16-13 06:32 PM
DWTS 17 Ep. 4 ECST [View All]
Is it too soon to say I miss Len already? Guest Judge Julianne Hough tonight.
33 messages
10-10-13 00:14 AM
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