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Altho I really like Ryan, it's either him or Floyd. I was so shocked to see the judges give Ryan such high marks, I thought he was so stiff an
16 messages
12-04-15 02:04 PM
This season of DWTS
WHO KNEW that BINDI could really dance! Wow, what a season. And, Bindi was such a delight, boy, she really got her Dad's personality as w
0 messages
12-02-15 11:12 PM
New Reality Series
We are a new reality TV program that is putting its foot down and changing the unrealistic and unattainable standards of the fashion and beauty
0 messages
10-26-15 09:35 AM
Another humongous DWTS ripoff
WILLOW SHIELDS GOT SCREWED!!!!! And Rumer shouldn't have even been in jeopardy. Something is very, very wrong with this!
Round Robin
0 messages
04-28-15 03:58 AM
Prince Farming...
...will get the ax next. He was pretty awful this week, and IMO nobody else was as bad, not even the old women or Superboobs. I think he'll get
Round Robin
2 messages
04-10-15 01:26 AM
DWTS 20 Opening Night
Didn't get to see it live, but watched it today online. They don't have a lot of lemons on this cast. I think this cast is gonna fight it out la
Round Robin
2 messages
03-20-15 00:57 AM
DWTS 20 Cast
They announced all but one name this morning, and that one name has leaked out. I'll be back later with the complete list and my opinions when I h
Round Robin
6 messages
03-10-15 08:49 AM
Let's suggest some future "Stars"
I thought of this posting last night at the Baseball league championship, when Jonathan Papelbon (pitcher for Boston) was shown doing the Irish
10 messages
03-08-15 06:38 PM
DWTS 20 Pros announcement
The DWTS 20 Pros are to be announced on GMA this morning. The announcement of their partners will likely be in 2 weeks or so.
Round Robin
3 messages
02-19-15 07:25 PM
Tommy Chong
Tommy Chong is still on DWTS! Man, the weed vote must really be big, eh?
Round Robin
5 messages
01-27-15 11:43 AM
I wish...
...they had a triple elim next week, because some of these people, even ones I like, were just bloody awful last week. Jonathan, Michael and T
Round Robin
2 messages
10-21-14 10:08 AM
Pittsburgh broadcast of 10/20/14 episode
Any of you reading this from the Pittsburgh market probably know tonight's episode is preempted by the Steelers' MNF game with Houston tonight. In
Round Robin
0 messages
10-20-14 06:45 PM
Bye bye Tavis
Sorry to see him go after last week's performance; there were others I would rather have seen out of there, but this was understandable.
Sagebrush Dan
2 messages
10-02-14 02:55 AM
Hello East Coast?
I really miss the discussions, finding out who wins early, and stuff. Is anyone up to posting. West Coast here, so no can start.
Sagebrush Dan
0 messages
09-23-14 11:12 PM
Blew that one.
No way did I expect Lolo to get the ax first, but she did. Her performance was a butcher job and her attitude blew, and on this show that'll get
Round Robin
1 messages
09-23-14 08:05 PM
DWTS 19 Pairings
Antonio Sabato Jr. & Cheryl Burke-He's one of those soap opera dudes & she's a gorgeous, popular pro. They'll have fan support from both e
Round Robin
0 messages
09-04-14 09:27 PM
DWTS 19 Pros
As revealed on GMA this morning: Cheryl Burke Tony Dovolani Karina Smirnoff Val Chmerkovsky Mark Ballas Witney C
Round Robin
0 messages
08-13-14 08:49 AM
Season 18, Finale (Part II)
Who will win the Mirror Ball? (Probably not the one I voted for last night.) ds/Use
14 messages
05-21-14 09:49 PM
Season 18, Finale (Part I)
Two part finale. Last chance to vote. Mark shows up in a sling. Starting with Judges' Choice. Can barely hear Len. I think he said they%
14 messages
05-20-14 05:42 PM
Season 18, Ep 9 [View All]
American Icons night. Guest Judge is Kenny Ortega. He's sitting between Len & Bruno (third score). Each pair is dancing
29 messages
05-13-14 03:17 AM
Season 18, Ep 8
Guest Judge is queen b!tch from Dance Moms. I'll be skipping as much of her screentime as possible. Also, dance solos by the stars. S
14 messages
05-08-14 04:35 PM
Season 18, Ep 7
One of my kids turned off the power strip for the DVR, so I missed the first 34 minutes. I have no idea what's going on. http://c
14 messages
04-29-14 08:52 PM
Season 18, Ep 6 [View All]
Tonight's theme: Party Hits Intro: Party in the U.S.A. Guest Judge: Redfoo (IDEK) First set of results:
23 messages
04-23-14 04:44 PM
Season 18, Ep 4 [View All]
It's the partner switch and Julianne Hough is the guest judge. Another horrible intro dance. When does the new season of SYTYCD start?
22 messages
04-22-14 03:59 PM
Season 18, Ep 5
It's Disney night. Reunited with original partners. Guest judge is... Donny Osmond. My FF button is ready to go. First of the
12 messages
04-16-14 07:24 PM
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