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"DWTS#9 Dial Idol Predictions"
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11-24-09, 07:45 AM (EST)
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31. "Finale"
So, I finally figured out what this DWTS DIAL score is compared to the regular one.

They take the regular DI score and do the same exact % of it and % of vote that I've been doing (so for those I've doubled the effect of the judges score.

Sometimes the DI score is really low so most everyone looks like a zero so anyway if you wanna know that is how it works.

DI score

Dial Idol Score

53.71 Kelly and Louis
44.26 Mya and Dmitry
41.43 Donny and Kym

Judges Score

87 Mya and Dmitry
85 Donny and Kym
76 Kelly and Louis

DWTS DI score

69.17 Kelly and Louis
66.83 Mya and Dmitry
63.99 Donny and Kym

Using % Busy instead of DI score
Busy %
42.42 Donny and Kym
40.58 Kelly and Louis
30.28 Mya and Dmitry

Busy % with Judges Score
71.72% Donny and Kym
66.47% Kelly and Louis
61.81% Mya and Dmitry

What it takes to win (Adding in some new judges scores, doing the DWTS DI method with DI score and Judges score %)

So Kelly ahead in this anaylsis

So if lets say

Mya is given another 30 and Donny gets 27 (both reasonable expectations
If Kelly scores a 19 or worse then Mya wins

Mya and Donny both get 27
If Kelly scores a 16 or worse Mya wins

Mya gets a 27 and Donny gets a 30
If Kelly scores a 16 or worse Mya wins

Same thing using the % Busies

Donny is ahead in this analysis

Mya gets a 30 and Kelly gets a 27
If Donny scores 12 or worse Kelly wins

Kelly gets a 30 and Mya gets a 27
If Donny scores a 15 or worse then Kelly wins

So basically right now it looks like Donny or Kelly wins (depending on which thing shows the real vote total better) unless one or both of them manage to make it through their dance with any sort of ability.

I suspect we may get a feel for the vote totals and who the judges want to win (whether they were given the real vote totals or just going on what they think they are based on whatever they think that way). I mean after all they want their favorite to win just like we do.

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