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TAR7 Hawkeye 10 Ep 5/6 Revenge of the bottomfeeders
[font color="blue" size="2" ]Oooookay. Everyone got snacks and a drink? Time to dig deep and contemplate your responses to this week
9 messages
04-01-05 01:19 AM
What if they're going ANOTHER way around the world?
It struck me tonight, that they're spending a lot of time working their way down the Americas...what if the race is not the way it usually is (l
6 messages
04-01-05 04:00 PM
Amber needs to be aware and watch Rob!
Rob will have no guilt about treating her the way he treats other people. I can't stand the way she follows him around like a puppy dog. Be your o
60 messages
04-02-05 11:16 AM
Phrases I would learn in various languages
If I were headed to the amazing race, I think I would learn some phrases in as many languages as possible; Please and thank you He
20 messages
04-02-05 11:30 AM
Ray and Deana Get Engaged
In the latest TV Guide article, Ray and Deana say they are engaged. Find out more here [ ip/tv
4 messages
04-02-05 05:50 PM
Be the Amazing Racer 7.5/6
Welcome to the Mazseirnetvawnflx Pans (thanks Lynn)! How do you all like that twist, huh? Sleeping outside with the bugs and car
31 messages
04-03-05 08:10 PM
Ray and Deana lost because........
Heck, Ray and Deana didn't loose because they bickered with each other. They didn't loose because they were too slow at the challenges. %0
11 messages
04-04-05 07:06 AM
Rob vs Omarosa
With all the controversy on the boards about Rob, I began thinking to myself that as good as this season is, what could make it better?
16 messages
04-04-05 08:20 PM
Congrats to R/D and R/A. They were the only teams smart enough NOT to give money to M/G. This is a competition, and you know
Cleveland Guy
36 messages
04-05-05 01:50 PM
Official RTVW Summary: The Amazing Race 7, Episode 5
[font size=5]The Amazing Race 7, Episode 5: It's Just a Flesh Wound![/font] Well, I decided that this week, I would
J Slice
21 messages
04-05-05 03:14 PM
Bash away....I wouldn't have stopped either...
[font color=navy blue] all of the wailing and gnashing of teeth by the "racers" last night about Romber not stopping at the scene of th
213 messages
04-05-05 10:57 PM
Lynn & Alex not having to change the flat tire
is up there with Tara and Will "remembering" what there lost clue said. Everytime I really get into the Amazing Race crap like last night happens
0 messages
04-06-05 09:32 AM
Am I the only one that thinks the roadblocks are STUPID this year??? Ugh, itís snore fest when it comes to these. Also, whatís wi
Misty Twist
1 messages
04-06-05 11:39 AM
Time to Serve Up Some Hater-Ade on Lynn and Alex!!
The Whiners. Can they please just get over Rob and Amber? Seriously, now that Susan and Patrick are gone they are the most annoying team to me.
129 messages
04-06-05 04:33 PM
Brian and Greg to appear on popular NBC sitcom
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 03-26-05 AT 10:48 AM (EST)[/font] In an upcoming epsiode of [i]Scrubs[/i], Dr. Elliot
7 messages
04-06-05 06:14 PM
Lynn and Alex are great!
---------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
6 messages
04-06-05 07:57 PM
PC TAR Summary
What a wonderful show last night! Rob and Amber came in first. Amber did the detour and Rob did the roadblock. Good teamwork! %
22 messages
04-06-05 08:29 PM
Oh, It's Team Romber, K Time for a Reward for 1st place...
Seems like every time there is a reward for first, lo and behold it is TEAM ROMBER that is the team that is in first. Is this a coincidence? I don
3 messages
04-07-05 06:17 AM
The Amazing Race 7, Episode 6 Official Summary
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 04-03-05 AT 01:46 AM (EST)[/font] [h3]The Amazing Race 7, Episode 6 Official Summary:[
23 messages
04-07-05 02:12 PM
Rednecks, White Trash, and Moral Superiority
Dearest Debutante Kelly, You are deplorable. You are dysfunctional woman in a dysfunctional relationship with a less-than-stellar but oth
35 messages
04-07-05 02:25 PM
The Happy Boys get help from the producers
The producers bent the rules for the Happy Boys. When their LandRover got a flat, becuase they ran over something, they should have had
40 messages
04-07-05 05:45 PM
I hope this isn't starting a duplicate thread. Forgive me, if so. I won't be offended with the lock! I noticed on the "extra
13 messages
04-07-05 06:04 PM
I really appreciated TAR Special last night.
I hadn't taped the crash episode so I couldn't be certain, but now I can. When Rob and Amber came upon the accident site, there was
2 messages
04-07-05 06:30 PM
Kelly Has Dyslexia
Hmm, I ran across this and thought it was sort of interesting: [i] "Kelly McCorkle is a 22-year old senior at North Greenvil
11 messages
04-07-05 07:27 PM
TV guide interview on 1 of Ray's botched plans - fair or unfair?
I was reading TV guide's insider section and there's an interview with Ray about TAR. Dear God, just when I think that Ray couldn't have been
36 messages
04-09-05 02:24 PM
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