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I feel sorry for all the AA gate agents
When they deny people boarding when a flight is closed, they will get an ear full of people that have watched in disgust of U/J getting on the pla
0 messages
05-11-05 01:28 PM
How much did Romber
get paid to take the fall last night?? CBS wanted them there for the ratings but felt it would be bad PR for them to win another million. Very ske
0 messages
05-11-05 01:36 PM
Rob&Amber were Cheated
I was not pulling for Rob and Amber but the Amazing Race people cheated them and they should sue. I work for an Airline and I know that after an airc
0 messages
05-11-05 02:09 PM
The Amazing Race is aptly named....
I do not watch many of these reality shows and after watching the ending of this last Amazing Race, I know why. This had to be rigged for the two p
1 messages
05-11-05 02:51 PM
What a Dumb Roadblock
Limbo to leave at an earlier time? and then it will all be negated the next day after you reach Puerto Rico. These wasn%
Cleveland Guy
6 messages
05-11-05 03:18 PM
when does a pilot ever allow passenger to come on the plane when they are starting to pull away
I'm sorry, but I feel the Amazing Race manipulated the results last night.
8 messages
05-11-05 04:02 PM
Romber--sorry but you cant win em all!! hahahahaha
Okay.... So everyone here is whining and complaining that the game was altered for U/J's benefit. Big possibility. Im not sure how it c
35 messages
05-11-05 05:14 PM
favoritism on the amazing race 7?
i have been watching the amazing race for the past 6 seasons and I have never had the feeling that the game is kinda being "manipulated" until ton
132 messages
05-11-05 06:45 PM
The Fix Was In
One piece of bad luck I can buy. But come on CBS really shafted Ron and Amber. Who believes that the pilot of the 10:00 am flight to Miami just happ
0 messages
05-11-05 10:49 PM
I was wondering, TAR was showing U/J having trouble begging to get money. I was just recently in Jamaica and know that $100 jam is worth about
3 messages
05-11-05 11:01 PM
The Butterfly Effect
Have you ever heard of it? The principle is simply this: [i]Change one thing, change everything.[/i] So what if
12 messages
05-11-05 11:02 PM
Let's look at the facts about Rob and Amber. 1. Rob and Amber work as a team. None of this emotional crap. ("I don't love you. You
57 messages
05-12-05 01:24 AM
Can we stop this nonsense?
To the Romber lovers and the Romber haters, to the U/J lovers and the U/J haters.... ENOUGH! Race is over!
J Slice
21 messages
05-12-05 01:09 PM
It always comes down to something small
The reason Uchenda and Joyce won is because their cab driver asked another guy IN SPANISH where to find the king of havana. When he said it to him in
9 messages
05-12-05 02:22 PM
The Race was fixed for Ron and Kelly to win!
Am I the only one here who can see things clearly? Look at those last two legs! Clearly, the entire Race was just building up to the point whe
25 messages
05-12-05 03:35 PM
Rob as Johnny Fairplay
Did anybody notice, when Rob and Amber were trying to get on the earlier flight in Jamaica he was about to use his mother as the reason he needed to
10 messages
05-12-05 07:16 PM
An Interview With Ron...
Hello folks, my name is Joan Journalist and I am here to interview Ron from Th Amazing Race. Ron, thank you for coming! Ron: Than
12 messages
05-12-05 09:43 PM
r & a didn't deserve to win.....he's undeducated
They didn't deserve to win. They already won enough stuff. He said: "we're livin' the American dream"... I don't follow.
5 messages
05-13-05 05:50 AM
F*CK You Amazing race and F*ck you Uchenna and Joyce!
I love the amazing race, but i was so pissed off and disappointed and angry about this amazing race. Uchenna and joyce were inferior racers and the
118 messages
05-13-05 10:11 AM
Regarding the Plane with Uchenna and Joyce in Tv Guide.
TVG: It's amazing you were able to get on that plane bound for Miami. Be honest now the producers didn't provide any help with that?
4 messages
05-13-05 12:16 PM
Ron look alike
Is it just me or Ron looks a lot like RonStoppable from Kim Possible cartoons? They even have the same name.
7 messages
05-13-05 01:57 PM
Oh well, their luck just ran out!!
Rob and Amber said many times that luck was a big part of the race. Unfortunately, their luck ran out at the wrong time! All of the cr
68 messages
05-13-05 04:36 PM
Lynn and Alex to get married in Ottawa
Check it out - News/2005/05/11/pf-1034518.html I live in Ottawa. I
Cathy the Canadian
2 messages
05-13-05 08:28 PM
Clues to the Winners!
I know who WINS! I can PROVE it! I've been over to the spoilers place, and they got it ALL WRONG! I! The GREAT and Powerfu
Drive My Car
96 messages
05-13-05 09:02 PM
The TAR Wedding is Coming!
No, not Romber's; that already happened. I'm referring to [ ews/2005/05/11/1034518-su
Cygnus X1
16 messages
05-14-05 01:37 PM
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