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"Be the Amazing Racer"- Episode 19,079
Everyone sing it with me now! NA NA NA NA NA NA NA NA HEY HE-EY GOOD BYE! http://community.realitytvwor
Draco Malfoy
18 messages
01-25-05 08:09 PM
Headline: Amazing Race History in the Making
Last season, the Bowling Moms became the first all-female team to make it to the final four. Viewers may see this record tied in the coming episdes
15 messages
01-26-05 08:40 AM
Best Quote of the Night!!
"hayden, quit your b***ching! Be quiet." Oh, that was too funny. I was so glad that I taped it just to hear Aaron say it a few more ti
2 messages
01-26-05 11:54 AM
Please, please let Rebecca and MaryAdam win
I was rooting for Lori and Bolo, just because they weren't models (F/K, H/A), completely invisible (K/J), or utterly obnoxious
1 messages
01-26-05 02:28 PM
Calmer teams will shine through
Lori and Bolo, Adam and Rebecca, Hayden and Aaron, examples of teams that now need to calm down and think about the race. Well not Lori and Bolo
0 messages
01-26-05 09:38 PM
Is it me or do all the players call their significant other "baby" good going baby....your doing great I hear one
7 messages
01-26-05 11:04 PM
To honor Bolo and Lori...
...let's quietly count off a minute of silence. (One -- two -- four -- sixteen -- seventeen -- fifty -- seventy-two...) There's ju
19 messages
01-27-05 08:14 AM
Failure to Read Clue the Ultimate Eliminator - Once Again
The failure of Laurie and Bolo to thoroughly read the clue cost them the Race. They are the third team this season to be eliminated because of the fa
mocha madness
6 messages
01-27-05 10:54 AM
A Plea for TAR 7
Can we please have no more than 1 Bunching per episode, and not in the 2nd half of the show? I think we all agree that to an extent bun
Cleveland Guy
1 messages
01-27-05 04:31 PM
Why did I get locked?
I thought my topic was different enough. The current topic is talking about how much bunching sucks during this season (TAR6) %
Cleveland Guy
4 messages
01-27-05 09:09 PM
TAR Episode 10 Official Summary- "Best. Episode. Ever."
Yes, yes, I know the weekendís over and Iím just now getting this up, but since a good portion of the US hasnít made it to work, itís
Draco Malfoy
31 messages
01-27-05 09:11 PM
Phil interfered with the race - saved teams from a penalty
I'm not really impressed that - when the three teams reached the pool at the same time - Phil was shouting the instructions "You have to swim, y
14 messages
01-29-05 07:34 AM
TAR7 episode titles, Pit Stop locations, and finish line revealed.
Episode #1: England. 'Bunch Together, Right Now, Over Tea.' Episode #2: Ireland. 'When Irish Legs Are Bunching.' Epi
16 messages
01-29-05 07:18 PM
Jonathon & Victoria on Dr. Phil prime time special
I saw an advertisement for a Dr. Phil prime time special that included Dr. Phil chastising Jonathon & Victoria about their behavior on TAR. I think
2 messages
01-30-05 11:25 PM
Bunching is destroying the credibility of the show
Bunching rendered the first 3/4 of the show immaterial. The entire outcome of the show was based on how well the roadblock was executed. Running e
32 messages
01-31-05 01:15 PM
TV Times gets it wrong again
Somebody needs to get to the kind folks over at [i]TV Times[/i] (LA Times Sunday TV guide insert) I believe they are also responsible fo
0 messages
01-31-05 10:02 PM
"Be the Amazing Racer"- Episode Q
Ok, I admit it, I just wanted to see the girls in a wet t-shirt. Except Mary Adam. Can I just say how quiet it is with Jonathon gone%3
Draco Malfoy
17 messages
02-01-05 02:36 AM
Kendra and the uncalled for racial remarks
What is wrong with this season's contestants. Do we have to continue to put up with with the uncalled for racial remarks made frequently. Kendra%2
24 messages
02-02-05 08:29 PM
Top #10 Reasons Not To Pick Up A Team In Your Taxi (Shanghai Edition)
10. 'Sorry, he-who-has-horns, but the regulations clearly say 'no Oni'. 9. 'The ones who took them from the airport already g
7 messages
02-02-05 09:14 PM
Yielded! The race is over for us.
Oh, wait. No it isn't 'cause this is another pre-determined NON-ELIMINATION ROUND. aaauuggghhhh! What is the point of having a yield and a
15 messages
02-02-05 09:17 PM
My imagination, or was there
a Teddy Bear Chia Pet on the dashboard of one of the busses? Did anyone else see that????
2 messages
02-03-05 10:24 AM
Official TAR Mine-Goes-Up-to-Episode-11 Summary: Panties in a Bunch, or Hooked on Phonics
Pity me this summary. Not only is any episode following the Demise of Jonathan and Victimia bound to be anticlimactic, but this installment takes p
39 messages
02-03-05 02:36 PM
Hayden, Aarons right - PLEASE BE QUIET!
Oh my god, would someone shut Hayden up for 1 minute please. I know they finished first but she is the most annoying and whiny bayatch in the show.
5 messages
02-03-05 02:52 PM
Freddie The He-Man
[b]Now that Johnathan The Drama Queen is toast, I think the most annoying MALE in the race is Freddie Boy. His endless "encouragement" to Ke
19 messages
02-03-05 09:59 PM
The next to last "Be The Amazing Racer"
Sorry I'm late getting this started, but I had to take a taxi and just now arrived ds%2
Draco Malfoy
7 messages
02-04-05 02:36 PM
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