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OFFICIAL SUMMARY Episode 12 "OH SHUT UP" and Where's Reverend Jim when you need him??
Our Final Four start out from Sri Lanka all wet from the gotta go through the pool, says Phil Team Cutie Pie gets to lea
22 messages
02-04-05 08:35 PM
Hawkeye 10 - Episode 12
Haven't seen one of these in a few weeks, so I thought I'd give it a shot... 1. Why did Adam take such exception to Rebecca calling
Cygnus X1
7 messages
02-04-05 09:21 PM
Survival of the fittest??
Ok,I am new to this board and new to the show so I can only comment on what I've seen. The first episode I saw of this season was the one where th
35 messages
02-07-05 06:01 PM
Booooooooooring Contestants
The producers of The Amazing Race must be dreading the fact that the four most boring teams all made it to the final four. The father/daughter team%
6 messages
02-08-05 11:47 PM
What is Wrong with Kendra?
Kendra should be made to apologise on National TV for disrespecting the African nation. Her comments on the December 15th episode of The Amazing Race
Bajan Queen
76 messages
02-09-05 01:33 PM
How do you end a series with 2 lame challenges
Come on now. Eating friggin pizza, parachuting out of an airplane what happened did they run out of challenge ideas or something? %
9 messages
02-09-05 06:28 PM
The Best Quote of Amazing Race
Classic idiotic Kendra - standing on the winner's platform - gushing about how great Freddy is and then she says it, "This is the man worthy of
3 messages
02-09-05 07:34 PM
OMG Kenda blamed the editing today on the CBS Morning show. Referring to her comments, she said that “we” didn’t see it the way it really hap
10 messages
02-09-05 11:24 PM
Okay, I guess Gus really is a DAW after all...
He was interviewed by the local CBS affiliate for a story coinciding with the end of TAR 6. Check out the last line. (Video available also.)%
Cygnus X1
3 messages
02-10-05 01:04 PM
Glad its OVER!!!
For the first time watching this brilliant series I am relieved to see it end.. a slow painful and unpleasant end that matched the tone of the series.
11 messages
02-10-05 02:57 PM
Be The Amazing Racer Finale- "Sweet Home Chicago"
All that travel, all those tasks, all that whining, and we end up back where we started! Congrats to Freddy and Kendra, who baby'd their
Draco Malfoy
9 messages
02-10-05 06:07 PM
The Ugly Americans
I hear the death knoll for the Amazing Race ringing in my ears (or was that the sounds of cheers as the Ugly Americans sprinted to the finish line%3
22 messages
02-10-05 10:04 PM
Kris and Jon were not that good
Sorry, but they were too nice and not great thinkers. Why did both teams not hold the cab in Chiagco or something, rather than waste ti
13 messages
02-14-05 11:58 AM
Official RTVW The Amazing Race 6 Finale Summary
[center][b][font size=4]Official RTVW Summary [i]The Amazing Race 6[/i] Finale “Freddy and Kendra Just Won’t Sto
47 messages
02-15-05 11:48 AM
An Unofficial, Abridged Finale Summary: "By Law, You Must Offer This Seat To Smoochers"
If you found Landru’s most respectable version of the finale a little lengthy, here’s a shorter one (last leg only): Kris
Cygnus X1
3 messages
02-15-05 12:21 PM
Giving Up - New Reality Trend?
So, 1. Hayden falls to pieces and quits the Roadblock. 2. Mary Adam falls to pieces and wants to go home. Right. Now. (but doesn't%2
27 messages
02-15-05 08:59 PM
Hawkeye 10 - Finale
It looks like no one signed up to do the hawkeye for the finale, so I am jumping in to fill the void: 1. Phil explained that the 3000 l
6 messages
02-16-05 01:05 AM
Unfair...not in Chicago
What I didn't like was that the first team to skydive had to wait for the second team. That stuff happened all season...If next year is a year of b
5 messages
02-16-05 03:29 PM
Aaron's Idea of a Good Time Differs From Mine Substantially
I cannot BELIEVE he committed to a lifetime of listening to Hayden screeching at him after his TAR experience. She better rush that boy to the alter
18 messages
02-18-05 04:43 PM
John & Victoria to be on Dr. Phil
I was just flicking past Entertainment Tonight and caught Johnathon. He was once again blaming the editing. Now Dr. Phil is going to figur
Cathy the Canadian
43 messages
02-20-05 07:28 PM
Fear Factor: Reality Stars summary posted in Other Shows
Just in case you always wanted to see Reichen get dumped into worm dirt. (And next year, Bluehair?)
0 messages
03-01-05 06:20 PM
Naked pics of Boston Rob
Has anyone seen or heard of these pics of Boston Rob naked? The pics I have seen would have been when Boston Rob was younger and slender. %
7 messages
02-21-05 07:41 PM
Hawkeye and BTAR for TAR 7?
Are there going to be signups for Hawkeye 10's and Be The Amazing Racer for TAR 7, or is the interest for putting them together not there?
Cygnus X1
5 messages
03-02-05 08:00 AM
Wonder Twins?!
That Megan and Heidi are a little weird. They almost seem like two separate parts of one individual. I can see them sucking energy force from each oth
9 messages
03-02-05 11:29 AM
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 02-09-05 AT 09:02 PM (EST)[/font] ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY Article Survivors Rejoin Reality %
24 messages
03-03-05 01:34 AM
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