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What exactly are the rules with the yield? Could Freddy and Kendra have yielded Jon & Victoria, or is there only one yield allowed?
Cathy the Canadian
1 messages
01-18-05 11:25 PM
Where is Phil's Diary?
His latest comments haven't been posted on the site. Anyone else see it?
4 messages
01-18-05 11:49 PM
Official Summary TAR Episode broadcast on 1-11-05
[font size = 3][b]Tell Mom Not To Watch![/font][/b] Last time on TAR Lori drank a goblet of warm blood, lost her
27 messages
01-19-05 01:03 AM
Begging for money?
As the result of last episode's non-Philimination, Aaron and the Wonder Twins (aka Left and Right) are still in the race but don't have any
10 messages
01-19-05 01:08 AM
Is it illegal if you attack your own teammate?
So you're not allowed to attack another team physically in any way. However, it really looks like Jonathan is going to actually HIT Victoria in an
Canada Girl
71 messages
01-19-05 01:34 AM
NY Post Article re: Jonathan....
This article was in the NY Post this it appears Jon cannot speak to the press any longer he has gotten "friends" to do the dirty work
37 messages
01-19-05 10:16 AM
Exactly how dumb were J/V?
'Just' COLLOSALLY (sp?) for not reading the clue? Or the DUMBEST PEOPLE IN THE HISTORY OF MANKIND for ALSO not noticing that F/K had tw
1 messages
01-19-05 04:38 PM
Johnathon and Victoria
I am so relieved that Johnathon and Victoria are eliminated!! Watching him treat her that way was very distracting and it bothered me to watch it
1 messages
01-19-05 08:30 AM
QUESTION: Why did J/V not notice 2 donkeys of F/K?
(I tried to post this question earlier (Please see 'exactly how dumb are J/V?) This is a legit question regarding why even though they ma
1 messages
01-19-05 05:35 PM
Adam is a weenie but Rebecca is plain mean.
I am sick of Rebecca's attitude of constantly putting adam down. He is at least making an effort. When he said he can book the tickets and do someth
17 messages
01-19-05 08:52 PM
Model alliance breakdown
It seems that the model alliance is no longer working that well. Didn't Kendra tell them they had only $120 for that leg and could not spare
0 messages
01-19-05 09:03 PM
Where's Adam now?
A report states J/V and Rebecca were at the Golden Globes? Where's Adam?
11 messages
01-20-05 11:43 AM
Kendra: "It's a different kind of poverty ....."
O Kendra!!!! Just when I thought that you couldn't debase yourself more after your comments in Senegal (or Synagogue, depending on the r
25 messages
01-20-05 06:32 PM
Just wondering if anyone can tell if this is Kendra? chow/d_1850.jpg
16 messages
01-20-05 06:42 PM
Oh Happy Day!!!!!!!
My dreams have come true!!!The Schmuck and his hag are eliminated!!!!! [font size=5] YES!!!![%2
3 messages
01-20-05 08:39 PM
Hawkeye 10 - Corsica-Nice-Ethiopia Episode
1. Jonathan, Victoria and one donkey arrived to pick up their next clue did this meet the minimum requirement that there be a minimum of two as
7 messages
01-21-05 10:03 AM
Kedra's stupid statements
Is it me or did it seem like someone, maybe the camera man, prompted Kendra to say "this is a different kind of poverty. Like they choose to be
Misty Twist
2 messages
01-21-05 03:55 PM
Gloat Thread - J/V are gone!
I see no thread exclusively for gloating! Is the snow preventing people from getting to their computers? They're gone!!!!!
24 messages
01-21-05 04:33 PM
Gay contestants: Open to closet!!
The earlier season had gay contestants on the show who were totally open about it. Now, we have closeted ones. This is not gay bashing ju
16 messages
01-21-05 04:44 PM
WOW!!! Looks like they got their foot (whole ash) in the door. An article on Sirlinksalot states not only did Romber do Survivor, they ARE
3 messages
01-22-05 11:17 AM
New Series
It's called the ROMBER REALITY SERIES. Romber does everything... Survivor - twice!, Reality Millionares, The Amazing Race (maybe twice if th
1 messages
01-22-05 09:07 PM
Summary forthcoming this weekend sometime....
I just wanna make sure I can do the most important episode of TAR ever justice. ds/User_f
Draco Malfoy
19 messages
01-23-05 10:56 PM
Apologies for earlier post
I apologise if I have offended anyone on the earlier post on the situation of gays in the show. It was not my intention to brand Jonathon a paedophile
2 messages
01-24-05 04:46 PM
Letter to the Producers
Of all the reality shows, I like The Amazing Race the most .. or at least I used to. Where I work and among my friends, we all agree that, like
15 messages
01-24-05 10:10 PM
Change Name of "Amazing Race" to "Master Race"?
The host of Talk Soup on E made this joke last week after showing the clip of Kendra and her "look at the happy poor people speech". Apparently A
mocha madness
0 messages
01-25-05 06:23 PM
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