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Worst behavior, Brandon and Nicole, Colin, or Chip?
1. Last week, Brandon and Nicole take a bus. The bus runs out of gas (or is it faked?) and makes it to the destination. Bradon and Nicole r
71 messages
08-31-04 10:40 PM
Not Colin's first altercation with the cops?
See excerpt below from ingthefield. Does anyone know if this is the same guy? (I don't see a
6 messages
09-01-04 02:07 AM
Must there be bunching EVERY episode??
[b]WTF???[/b] (sorry please excuse my language, I'm so annoyed!) I'm really getting annoyed with how EVERY epis
3 messages
09-01-04 10:27 AM
Worst Behavior (in order) 1) MIrna 2) Charla 3) Colin 4) Nicole
Now Colin took the place of Charla and Mirna as the most unbehaved racer...Nicole just adore money soooooooooooooo much it's ruining their team. But
0 messages
09-01-04 02:43 AM
Phil's Sweaters
All right...he is famous for them! Let's count how many different sweaters he wears. First episode he wore 1 white mock turtle neck swe
29 messages
09-01-04 04:08 PM
The Hawkeye 10, TAR 5 Episode 9
Oh, there's so much to be said about this race. But the jokes are YOUR job, not mine. So have at it: 1. Nicole commented that mos
2 messages
09-01-04 10:59 PM
SO- who was DEFENDING COLIN last week???!!!!!
Step right up- don't be shy! I need a memory refresher. Let's hear again about how misunderstood he actually is. And ho
103 messages
09-02-04 09:22 AM
Time Change Question and CBS rant
So, where exactly did everyone see that the air time had changed? Because I never knew it was happening until I turned it over just in time to se
Draco Malfoy
14 messages
09-02-04 03:21 PM
Kim Who?
Ok, I love team Chip as much as the next guy... but who's that black woman that follows him wherever he goes? If she's going to stalk him arou
27 messages
09-03-04 00:35 AM
Can teams buy clothes along hte way?
I hate to say it, but i agree with Brandon and Nicole on not shaving their heads. Before you lock my post, i say this because can teams
5 messages
09-03-04 02:37 AM
AMazing RAce Look alikes
have u noticed? Nicole and Christie are lookalikes...
0 messages
09-03-04 05:59 AM
Chip and Kim's Wild Taxi Ride
[h6][font color=green]OK, so the Chipster and KimbraLove don't read clues so good. Not the first team. Not the first time. But let's p
3 messages
09-03-04 03:50 PM
Colin and Christie's commercial!!!!
I just had to say something about it because every time I see the commercial and seeing how he treats Christie week after week makes me want to th
2 messages
09-03-04 04:41 PM
Official TAR 5 Episode 9 Summary Bald is Beautiful
Previously, Colin and Christy are dragged into a criminal dispute because of refusal to pay a cabbie. Pretty much everybody is arguing about money
14 messages
09-03-04 10:32 PM
Mosques R Starbucks
Did the commited good Christian Nicole actually say that in Dubai "those things, those Mosques are everywhere here, they are like their Starbuck
69 messages
09-04-04 12:08 PM
Irony department: as the editing finally pays off...
Now who would have thought that of all the remaining teams, Linda and Karen would have been the ones to get caught by a currency exchange problem?
10 messages
09-04-04 02:10 PM
Poll: Would you have shaved your head?
Ok, I'm curious. I thought Brandon and Nicole were major league weenies for not shaving their heads to win the fast forward. They knew they were
64 messages
09-05-04 03:33 PM
Brandon and Nicole have to go....Please
Oh my God! No pun intended, How hard it was to watch those two being so much in love with themselves tonight. They are so immature and need t
53 messages
09-05-04 03:34 PM
TAR5 Not So Move of the Week: Episode 9
Here are the choices: 1. Chip/Kim get their clue at Wild Wadi and immediately jump into a taxi. Unfornutately, they were supposed to
15 messages
09-05-04 05:56 PM
Was Christie Naked???
Went with the safe choice and put this on bashers, wasn't sure which thread it belonged on!! Someone pleeeeease go to the vid
8 messages
09-05-04 07:34 PM
Not so sure Fast Forwards and Non-eliminations should be in the same leg
What is your opinion? I was also surprised to see two non-elims back to back.
5 messages
09-05-04 11:14 PM
Unofficial TAR 5 Episode 7
Eggs, chairs and a bus from Hell First and foremost, I would like to announce that this is in no way shape or form the Official summary
Mr Canuck
6 messages
09-06-04 01:18 AM
TSI Episode 7: Egg Me On, Rip Me Off
[b][center]TSI Episode 7: Egg Me On, Rip Me Off[/b][/center] [i]Webby: Um, Bebo? Bebo: Hi,
5 messages
09-07-04 09:35 AM
Here's someone defending Colin
This is pretty amazing to me - in the Insider video on the CBS site Chip and Kim have some interesting things to say about the relationship between Co
10 messages
09-07-04 12:43 PM
TAR5 Not So Move of the Week: Episode 9 Results
#5 Kami/Karli get to the roadblock, where one of them has a lot of trouble making the bricks. They finish the leg in 4th place.
1 messages
09-07-04 03:50 PM
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