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Colin and Christie. In LAST PLACE!!!!!
It was SO nice to see Team Arrogant stumble to the pit stop in LAST PLACE. Especially after we were treated to an extended look at them IN THEIR NATU
28 messages
09-18-04 12:53 PM
Episode 11 best quotes
C&C to taxi driver in manila leg: faster! faster! Taxi driver to C&C: It is illegal to drive over the speed limit. The only way
7 messages
09-20-04 02:05 AM
To Yield or Not to Yield, That is the Question
Noble or not, it's in the freaking rule book so someone needs to shoot Colon Blow with an elephant gun to calm him down. Honestly, I expect
15 messages
09-20-04 10:52 AM
TAR5 Not So Move of the Week: Episode 11 Results
#5 Chip/Kim are the first team to the jeeps but have trouble decorating it. They are passed by Brandon/Nicole and Linda/Karen. %
1 messages
09-20-04 12:12 PM
Is this a religious program?
I'm getting so sick of all the "God" inferences in this show. So far Brandon & Nicole seem to think it's "God's Will" for them to win
70 messages
09-22-04 07:37 AM
the Carabao is not an ox
i think Colin's constant yelling is quite scary for the animal (Carabao, not an Ox). See, its a farmers best friend, and they're not use
18 messages
09-20-04 03:54 PM
Enough With The Non-Elim Legs!
What brainiac decided we needed all the damned non-elim rounds? They're screwing up the race with all of those things. If you finish last in a l
2 messages
09-20-04 12:22 PM
The girls of the Amazing Race.
FHM and Maxim did some photo spreads on reality tv girls. Not spread spreads like in Playboy but in bikinis, lingerie or covered topless. They did
14 messages
09-22-04 06:27 PM
Hey Kim!
DO SOMETHING! She's not even trying to feign interest in doing Roadblocks anymore. She flat out told Chip, "It doesn't matter what it is%2
Draco Malfoy
20 messages
09-22-04 10:23 PM
I know its been discussed butI thought there was no yield in the last two legs of the race. This said, on the cbs website, it says that no team us
0 messages
09-23-04 02:27 AM
Leading teams have no advantage
I did not like the way the race was constructed. (not just for CC for all teams) Colin and Chrisite were first a lot of the time and ha
3 messages
09-23-04 06:34 AM
Non-Elimination, losing all your money
Not sure if this was covered, but here goes...... Why did it seem that the Bowling Moms couldn't (or didn't) start begging for mo
1 messages
09-23-04 12:14 PM
Brandon: The Biggest Wuss to Ever Enter TAR
Witness: -His girlfriend has been groped in public not once, not twice, but three times since this started without a stir from him.%0
38 messages
09-23-04 05:29 PM
Best Quotes of The Big Finale
[font color="green" face="arial"][b] Ya HAD to notice Christie's tearful, "convincing" speech on the raft while Colin got
1 messages
09-23-04 09:33 PM
TAR5 Hawkeye #10 (Finale Part #1): If you can't trust Chip, who can you trust?
Well, you can probably trust me to get my Hawkeye set in, but thanks to a rescheduled appointment (that was rescheduled when I arrived -- nice%2
6 messages
09-24-04 03:54 PM
CHIP and KIM won because of LUCK....
I'm disappointed with the ending, Chip and Kim won, its not beacuse they're the best, but they were just the luckiest couple on earth that
4 messages
09-24-04 07:16 PM
Finish Line Question
Question: My memory is very fuzzy on previous teams' hometowns, but has the finish line for any race ever been in the hometown of a team in tha
Draco Malfoy
3 messages
09-24-04 07:22 PM
Will the twins change religions now?
Well, apparently, God did NOT want them to win the Amazing Race 5. Because both Brandon and Nicole stated many times that it would be Gods will th
1 messages
09-24-04 09:13 PM
TAR 5, Episode 11 Official Summary
Forgive the delay, my livestock needed repair. Yes, its [h2]The Amazing Race, Season Five, Episode 11 Summary: [/h2
21 messages
09-24-04 09:56 PM
Colon proposed!
Colon just proposed to Polyp on the CBS Morning Show. She accepted. I wish them well. Hmmmmmmm maybe some anger management classes for Co
14 messages
09-25-04 04:02 PM
Opinions of the Race and the Finale
In my opinion when the race ended I was disappointed. First, off the best team didn't win. I was routing for Colin and Christie becaus
Wacko Jacko
47 messages
09-28-04 00:00 AM
Frelling Dallas Traffic...
I can't begin to tell you how weird it was watching Amazing Race and seeing them in places I go to regularly (the Stockyards). Not only that,
Draco Malfoy
6 messages
09-28-04 08:22 AM
TAR5 Not So Move of the Season
It's time now to decide the Not So Move of the Season for TAR5. You will decide which Not So Move from what we voted on was the worst of the whole
16 messages
10-04-04 00:30 AM
Nicole crying on the mountain bike: UGH!!!!!
Brandon should've grabbed her by the shoulders and yelled at her: ``STOP WHINING AND GET A HOLD OF YOURSELF!!!!``
12 messages
09-29-04 11:34 AM
Speed stitches
Did anyone else think it was a little too convenient that Jim was able to go from the terminal to the emergency area, get 25 stitches, and get bac
4 messages
10-04-04 09:42 AM
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