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THE EARLY SHOW INTERVIEW aka Yeah more excuse for cheating.
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-24-02 AT 12:51 PM (EST)[/font] (CBS) It was an all-out sprint to
8 messages
10-29-02 05:56 PM
How long before Heather and Eve file a lawsuit?
How long will it be before legal eagles Heather and Eve file a lawsuit against CBS and the producers of AR citing wrongful elimination? %
6 messages
10-30-02 03:31 AM
STUPID CBS Camera Tricks
WOW... what a close battle between Ian and his slave and TnT. The way CBS showed it, they were neck and neck, trying to get to the pits
18 messages
10-30-02 10:51 AM
[font color=red size=4][b]TARGAY Journal, Week Four By Larry Johnson[/font][/b] [i]By popular request,
15 messages
10-30-02 08:33 PM
Flo is such a Whiny B%#CH
OMG- Could she have been any worse in this episode? She made Zach walk down that stupid cliff, even the old farts have always repelled
3 messages
10-31-02 01:06 PM
Official summary status
Hey all - Just wanted to let you all know that because of my work schedule and some travel I found out I have to do, the official summary probably w
2 messages
10-31-02 11:30 AM
Zach is a punk!!
Did anyone notice last nite when Zach refered to Derek and Drew as the "Evil Twins"?? What's up with that? He obviously has a major hate
15 messages
10-31-02 01:07 PM
Holy Drunken Give-Up fest!
Four teams said they were giving up or that the game was over tonight. If you happened to be playing any sort of TAR drinking game... you drank four b
Canada Girl
6 messages
10-31-02 06:05 PM
Zip it!
When Ian noticed that Teri's back pack was open while walking along the quay, Teri replied "Zip it." Oh, how I wanted Teri to do her best Dr
VA Slim
7 messages
10-31-02 07:39 PM
Early Show Interview aka A Night Without Vin Diesel
(CBS) Long-distance daters Michael Ilacqua and Kathy Perez were among several teams that mistakenly put gasoline into their diesel tanks during a
3 messages
10-31-02 10:09 PM
The BEST and the WORST
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-31-02 AT 10:37 AM (EST)[/font] The racing is definitely improving now - and I felt like we saw
13 messages
11-03-02 00:25 AM
AMAI-Cap TAR3 Ep5 - Cry Me A River & I'll Swim to the Clue
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 11-02-02 AT 05:04 PM (EST)[/font] TAR3 ep 5 “Cry Me A River. I May Be Able to Swim to the Clue%
5 messages
11-04-02 04:35 PM
Best Crying/Hissy Fit of All Time?
Flo's crying & hissy fit had to be the all time best break down in reality tv history. This was better than the various psycho chicks breaking do
mocha madness
5 messages
11-06-02 07:45 AM
13 messages
11-11-02 06:07 AM
TAR3 Ep4 Official Summary Smart Women, Foolish Choices
[font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON 10-27-02 AT 04:00 AM (EST)[/font] [i]Before I start the summary, here’s a brief editorial
18 messages
11-11-02 07:07 AM
TAR Cartoons!
Survivor has them....and now so does TAR (and BB3 as you can see on the site). No they're not mine. And yes they're pretty funny. %0
3 messages
11-12-02 11:21 AM
[font color=red size=4][b]TARGAY Journal, Week Five By Larry Johnson[/font][/b] [i]By popular request,
12 messages
11-12-02 11:37 AM
Why does Teri let Ian maker her his BlTCH?
As soon as she opened the clue he started ragging on her. "where are we going" she tells him but it is not specific enough so he goes "WHEREAREW
6 messages
11-14-02 02:52 AM
Stop berating Ian..only, Teri's no angel too.
When Teri and Ian the jerk reached the pit stop, i remembered hearing Teri said,' When push come to shove, we will shove together.'It gives
3 messages
11-18-02 04:48 AM
Car breakdown rules
I noticed in this weeks episode that when one of the cars broke down, they got a replacement car. Did the racers know this in advance? If so, di
11 messages
11-18-02 04:56 PM
Terri confesses...the charade is OVER!
We all have been DECEIVED by Terri! NO more Terri sympathizing treads! (although they should never appear here in the first place) It is of
16 messages
11-19-02 03:34 AM
Whose Turn To Officially Recap?
What happened to the list of official recappers for this board? It's very quiet in here. I have my recap ready to roll, but am waiting (as pro
2 messages
11-19-02 01:14 PM
[font color=red size=4][b]TARGAY Journal, Week Six By Larry Johnson[/font][/b] [i]By popular request,
10 messages
11-19-02 01:27 PM
Ian the jerk
Did anyone else notice his lack of help and compassion to his wife, Teri when they fell off the jet ski? I thought that was so rude not to help h
50 messages
11-20-02 01:54 AM
romantic bond
"Nov. 27 Meanwhile, at the last pit stop, two team members from different teams begin to form a romantic bond." Let's see. That
10 messages
11-20-02 03:54 PM
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